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Bodybuilding supplements...there are literally 1000s of products being released all the time. If you want a real look into the science, and most of all the facts behind one of your favorite brands, Supp Reviewers has you covered. We take all the most important info that you'll need when it comes to finding the right product: from the science of it's ingredients, the side effects, and the opinions of real people. Our reviews are all user generated, by people just like you who want results!

If you're ready, let's skip all of the supplement hype and ignore all those before and after pics. It's all advertising used to make them money, and most of the time leave you big promises that never fulfill their true claims. Below are some of our most popular supplement reviews, from our top 5 ratings of fat burners to the newest test boosters and what we think of them.

Testosterone Booster Reviews

Test Booster Reviews

Do testosterone boosters really work? Are they proven by science to actually increase your test levels, or is this again just marketing hype? Test boosters are known to be one of the most popular product types to be used in scams that rip people off. However, some products and naturally occuring compounds DO work to boost testosterone levels, and we'll go into a few of the most popular ones we've found.

Nootropic Supplement Reviews

Nootropic Reviews

Nootropics, basically cognitive enhancing supplements, help to improve memory, concentration and focus. Nootropics have recently become extremely popular, especially ever since the movie Limitless came out. Companies everywhere are producing nootropic supplements that all claim to give you superhuman like mental abilities that make you a genius. But how true is that really? Some of these products work, and some of them are all marketing. Don't be fooled by these companies that just want to make a quick buck off of a hot new trend. We already did the research for you and found the nootropics that really stood out to us. Take a look at some of our review articles below on Nootropics:

Fat Burner Reviews

Fat Burner Reviews

Here is where we will take a long, hard look at fat burners. They've been around forever, each one claiming to be the best and strongest fat burner out there. Why are there so many products that offer so much hope but deliver on results? The truth is, fat burners are no magic pill. In order to lose weight, you still have to diet and exercise to see the abs come through. Fat burners are meant to amplify the effects you get from a healthy lifestyle, not guarantee them all on their own. There are still good and bad fat burners out there, and then some that really stand out as being exceptional fat burners in our opinion. Below you can see some of our most recommended links to check out when it comes to fat burners: