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Gaspari PlasmaJet


“Gaspari has just released their newest bodybuilding supplement called PlasmaJet. It comes in pill form which is usual for nitric oxide enhancers and could prove to be quite a good competitor on the market. It claims that it is able to give you extreme muscle pumps combined with huge gains …

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Antaeus Labs Hydra Head 6


One of the biggest fears of bodybuilders all around the world is surely the fear of losing their hard earned gains. Whenever I get my shape back up, the very next thing on my mind is: “What if I start losing my body after awhile?” If you are like me, then …

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Redcon1 Double Tap – Is it worth it?


In recent weeks Aaron Singerman’s RedCon1 brand has published lots of information about their newest line of products which includes a couple of big names –  a potent pre-workout supplement  Total war, hyped pump formula Big Noise and, of course, their brand new fat burner Double Tap. RedCon1 has not …

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Redcon1 SOMAL-1 Review: Dry And Safe Muscle Gains?


Dry lean muscle gains are the dream of every bodybuilder and we know very well how hard they can be to achieve without the use of some potent supplements. Prohormones are one of the safest ways to achieve such gains and this is why their popularity in recent decade or …

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