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Review Summary:

1st Phorm is one of those companies that become a giant what looks like overnight. Click below to visit their officiate website and entire product line.

Who is 1st Phorm

1st Phorm is a new supplement company that recently grew from a small brand into a global movement.

Led by Andy Frisella, 1st Phorm grew to a 100 million dollar company thanks to their loyal audience and customer base.

This got Andy Frisella national attention in Forbes magazine as one of the year's most influential people.

About the Owner

Andy Frisella started off making supplements in his tub. Hard to imagine when you look at how far the company is gone.

This speaks volumes about the company's CEO and his drive and work ethic.

He recently went on to found the MFCEO (mother fucking CEO) Project in which he is growing a brand on the more motivational side of things.

Annual 1st Phorm “Summer Smash”

1st Phorm has such a big community that every year they put together an event called Summer Smash that makes up everyone from Legionnaires (their sales force) to loyal customers and others who are just fitness junkies and want to have a good time.

The event takes place at the 1st Phorm headquarters in Green Park, MO every year sometime in the middle of summer.

It seems to get bigger and bigger every year, with people such as Dana Linn Bailey showing up, to motivational speakers as well as tons of crazy events and contests.

The Transphormation Challenge

One of things that make 1st Phorm so popular are their continuous Transformation Challenges they have, where they regularly give out 10k, 20k, and 50k to people who have changed their lives through fitness.

Their idea is that real people who work hard should get the recognition, unlike other supplement companies who feature models with superficial standards, photoshop, and misleading claims.

In fact, they currently have a challenge going on right now if you weren't aware (it is February 2018).

You can click here to check it out and enter.

Product Range

1st Phorm has some of the best products we've seen to date, but that also comes at a higher cost.

Their most famous products include Phormula 1, their signature protein powder, the original Bliss Go Pack, and their newer product the Royal 21 Queen.

You can see the full list of products and read our review of each one below:

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Final Review

All in all, I can say 1st Phorm is one of the best companies I have reviewed so far in the supplement industry. I should mention that I am a legionnaire in the company, but it's only after a lot of time and research and settling on what I believe to be the best one.

Their community alone makes it worth being not just a customer, but someone part of a larger fitness movement and making a difference.

Promo Codes & Discounts

If you're currently looking for a promo code or discount for your next 1st Phorm order, you can use the link below to get free shipping.

Click here to get free shipping from 1st Phorm!

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  1. Chelsey Jones

    Made an order on line, but my shipping address was incorrect. I didn’t notice until after the order had been made. I called the customer service and they were fantastic. Answered right away and I was not placed on hold. Great service. I look forward making future orders with this company.

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