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Chaos and Pain

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When it comes to supplements available in stores around the world, many times it seems like it’s one and the same thing going in circles, getting re branded and produced by some new company with an occasional new ingredient. Whether a new stim based pre-workout or a hormone precursor, it’s …

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HYPNOS – Chaos and Pain

Hypnos claims that it’s formulated to give you the right amount of sleep each and every time you climb into bed so you won’t just be always geared up to take your workouts off the charts when you hit the gym, but also promote massive muscle gains while at it.

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HELIOS – Chaos and Pain

Lifting heavy weights is what lets our muscles get torn apart in order to be repaired bigger and stronger, but it is not only the muscles that get affected when you lift big heavy weights. The joints and tendons of your arms and legs are bound to get sore and …

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