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  1. Hello,

    I work with the Shredz Supplements quality team and want to discuss our product description on your webpage. From my review, it seems that there is some information that is incorrect on your page. We are fully open to reviews of our products, but want to ensure that proper information is being conveyed regarding the products as our team works diligently to ensure that products are safe for consumption.

    Please let me know who I can discuss the information with. I am happy to provide you with our products or hop on a call with someone from your team if that is the easiest way to address the mis-information.

  2. Samuel Richard

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Im look your website and I want to buy your product.
    Please give me information, You can shipp out to my Location California with UPS Next Day Air?
    Im waiting for your next response today.Thanks and have a nice day.

    Samuel Richard.

  3. Iinda S. Ransom

    I have heard a lot about your product. I would like to try it. However I am a breast cancer survivor. I can have nothing with hormones in it. Does your weight loss bliss pack contain hormones or just regulates them.

  4. Hello, I have a fat burner that I would love for you guys to review! It is called Thermogenesis by Vitalize Supplements.

    Below is my email I would love to speak with you.

  5. A friend of mine started me on Plexus products and I’ve been on them for almost a year with NO success. I have ADD (not ADHD), OCD (repetitive thoughts only – not repetitive actions), PTSD, anxiety, and depression (issues from childhood). I know I sound like a mess but honestly everything is under control and I’m “normal.” I’m only on one medication for anxiety and I’m doing well; however, about 9 years ago I suddenly gained 20lbs. I have struggled to loose the weight since then but have had no luck. I started eating right, exercising at least 6 times a week, and drinking half of my body weight in water a day every day. Still, no success, not even one pound. The Plexus products have made me jittery, anxious, caused breast tendernous, and have caused sleeplessness. I assume the sleeplessness is from the B6. I stopped taking the products with B6 and I started sleeping better and my anxiety and OCD calmed back down. My question is, how are your products different from Plexus? Are they formulated differently? I truly think, even though it hasn’t been diagnosed, that my hormones and thyroid are out of whack. Do you think your products could help me without making me jittery or sending my OCD thoughts into overdrive? Green Tea and B6 might be a problem for me as they have been with the Plexus products but you may not put as much in your products as they do. Truly need guidance… I’m so tired ALL the time and I’m tired of trying so darn hard to loose weight with NO results no matter what I do. I truly need guidance and would appreciate feedback on how your products might be different from others and actually help me. Thank you, in advance, for reading this long email and for answering and providing your thoughts.

  6. Nathan Vandergraff

    Looking at the deal for blackstone labs glycolog, says I can get it for 29.99 but when I click on the link it shows me 49.99, can you fix this for me?

  7. how can i place an order for osta elite

  8. If I place an order for Osta Elite by focused Nutrition, how long does it take to ship to Verona NJ? where is your warehouse.

  9. yeah i would like to some of SUP3R-1 and SUP3R-4 as a kit how much will be???