Follidrone 2.0 Review: A Safe Product to Take Your Wourkouts To A Whole New Level!

Follidrone 2.0 by Black Lion Research
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Review Summary:

While there are quite a few products that try to elevate your gym performance, strength and endurance by inhibiting the production of Myostatin, quite a few of them seem to come with serious side effects. Follidrone 2.0 seems to be different, so keep reading if you are interested in a safe and powerful Myostatin Inhibitor.

Going to the gym has many advantages and we all know about the benefits it brings; not necessarily only related to the physical shape of your body and health but also mental and emotional aspects. The exercise also makes you feel much better and normally you can only win by visiting gym on different aspects. However, your psychological state can be challenged when you see all the big guys with huge muscles and super shaped bodies, and you will be frustrated to see how the rest of the guys are improving doing the same work as you do.

The product we are looking at today may have the answers to some of the questions you have been asking yourself. This Myostatin inhibitor and is advertised as a product that can help you increase your strength, boost endurance and recovery times and improve the body fat burning process. Does it really do all that? We try and find out in this Follidrone 2.0 Review!

What’s In It?

Below you can find the ingredients Follidrone 2.0 uses to help you increase strength, energy and endurance by suppressing Myostatin. The two key ingredients in this formula are:

Ecklonia Cava – The main characteristic of EC is its safety which will be the most important factor for everyone, as millions of dollars spent on researching the ingredient discovered the welfare the product has to human’s health. EC operates in a dual way. It boosts follistatin (protein encoded by the FST gene) effect while at the same time preventing Myostatin development.

It also reduces the ACE effect increasing the insulin sensitivity which immediately brings lower comprehensive body fat levels. As such, EC plays a significant role in increasing muscle mass and losing weight which is at the end of the day the ultimate goal for all people who go to the gym. Apart from this, EC is a great antioxidant, and it will help your body process sugars much faster than it normally would have.

Epitatechin – Another ingredient with the main function of reducing Myostatin which will allow you to see your muscles grow much faster than before, giving actual purpose to your gym visit. Most of you probably were not aware of Myostatin’s effect which actually limits muscle growth. It is very important to note that Epitatechin improves your heart health as well and is a strong antioxidant, and just like EC, it promotes AMPK.

Here is the full supplement label, detailing the ingredients and their dosage:

Follidrone 2.0 Supplement Facts
Follidrone 2.0 Supplement Facts

Does it Work?

Black Lion Research released a product which is one of the rare of its kind that promises 100% safety for your health. All professional athletes and natural competitors are completely free to use it as it will test negative on any non-allowed ingredient which again tells enough about the safety Follidrone 2.0 guarantees.

There are numerous confirmed testimonials of the product increasing the lifespan, reducing the cholesterol, and significantly improving skeletal muscle output. By using Follidrone 2.0, you will be able to have much longer and more effective workouts and the results will surely be noticeable in no time.

From the info we could gather, we believe that this product is in fact quite a powerful Myostatin inhibitor that comes with very few or rather no known side effects and that will help you see some real gains in the area of strength, endurance and energy, all of which are important factors when trying to build that perfect physique.

How do I Take It?

Most of the fitness trainers will advise you that more is not better with products such as as Follidrone 2.0. I would definitely say that two pills some 30-45 minutes before your workout will do the job for you and be more than enough to help you see the results you want. In non-workout days, three pills a day are optimal, as suggested by Black Lion Research.

Some people tried increasing the dose and take four pills for three days, but it did not make such a big difference at all. You should obviously consult your physician before consuming Follidrone 2.0 pills if you are being treated for anything or if you have already been using special therapy and medications.


People are in general very happy with the results and the ways in which Follidrone 2.0 helped them. You can find some of the testimonials from the users themselves:

Love this stuff. I have been taking it for months. I wont stop taking it. Awesome endurance even after working a physical job outside. The endurance helped my numbers increase for lifting. No side affects. Overall Great product.\

I've used the product off and on since I purchased it. I do feel as though I have greater stamina while exercising. I would recommend this to anyone looking. I have not experienced any negative effects from this product.

Final Verdict

In the sea of similar products for mass gaining and stamina and endurance boosters, Black Lion Research’s Follidrone 2.0 seems to have the huge advantage of not causing any harm to your health, which is confirmed after serious research. When we look at all the benefits the product seems to bring and add the proven safety into the mix, it quickly becomes clear that Follidrone 2.0 is a very potent and useful formula.

Based on the testimonials, and on our personal testing, we would recommend giving it at least a one-month trial. If you do end up using Follidrone 2.0, please don't be shy about leaving us with a written review of the product in the comments section, as we always appreciate user input.

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  1. I have been using Black Lion Research products for a long time because they work exceptionally well and Follidrone 2.0 is no different. I have used Follidrone 2.0 for 10 weeks now and I can say that it has made a huge difference in my physique and my training! I suggest taking it with some food or it can make your blood sugar drop and you can feel a bit lethargic. Instead take 1 cap 3 times a day just before a meal. It works wonders for fat loss and keeps blood sugar even. Over the last 10 weeks I have seen a significant increase in muscle while losing 7% bodyfat. My training has improved as well. Endurance is up and my strength is up in spite of fat dropping. This is likely the best overall product I have ever used. Im now planning on adding Letrone and Viron for the next 10 weeks. I have used them both before. Combined with Follidrone it will be epic. If your considering trying Follidrone dont hesitate. This is the top tier of all supplements.

  2. Follidrone 2.0 is literally my favorite supplement. Ive used over 10 bottles and all the guys at my gym also use it. Its really good for gaining lean muscle and it also make you feel like you have more power in the gym.
    Love this stufdd.

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