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  • GW Elite by Focused Nutrition
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Based on Cardarine, a powerful SARM, GW Elite is a potent and affordable solution to burning fat and increasing lean mass gains steadily. Great product at a great price!

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out Cardar1ne instead

Another in a brand new series of SARMs by Focused Nutrition, GW Elite is a GW 501516 or Cardarine based compound designed to help you shed away fat, build pounds of lean muscle fast and increase your strength and endurance to levels you could never have dreamed of.

Cardarine has been one of the most popular SARMs for many years and has featured in may excellent products. The new GW Elite by Focused Nutrition is another one in a line of such products and we decided to take a look at it and find out how effective it is exactly and how it works, so you could know what you are buying before even making the order.

GW Elite Ingredients And Dosage

The ingredients label on GW Elite is very straightforward. Each capsule contains 10 mg of pure Cardarine. The recommended starting dosage is 10 mg per day, taken at once half an hour before a workout or split into two. Once you build up some tolerance, you can increase your dosage up to 20 mg per day but greater dose is not recommended.

GW Elite Supplement Facts
GW Elite Supplement Facts

Since GW Elite is not liver toxic and also does not mess up the hormone levels in your body, this product is extremely safe to use and requires no on cycle support or post cycle therapy. Cycles up to 12 weeks can be run at one time, making for some of the longest possible cycles out there.

How Does Cardarine Work?

When taken at right dosage, Cardarine will stimulate your glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation as well as your skeletal muscle tissue. In combination these stimulations will make you start shedding fat at extremely fast rates, while keeping all your lean muscle mass intact.

Due to its incredible effects on fat burning, Cardarine has often been referred to as a cure to obesity. While this may be a slight exaggeration, as Cardarine cycle will still require regular workouts and the right diet, this compound does indeed help incredibly with fat loss. Cardarine will also:

  • Increase your endurance to unprecedented levels.
  • Increase your energy levels during workout to allow longer and more intense workouts.
  • Melt fat fast but with no catabolic effects.
  • Provide clean energy with no jitters, anxiety or crashes.
  • Help with either cutting or bulking with no discrimination.
  • Leave no side effects, not hurt your liver and not require any post cycle therapy.
  • Turn fat stores into energy and help dealing with obesity.

The impressive list of effects has actually shown to be absolutely true time and time again with various Cardarine based products and GW Elite promises to follow in the same footsteps.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The advantage of SARMs over prohormones are numerous. For starters, SARMs don’t affect your hormone levels in the same way prohormones do which means that all of the hormone related side effects like hair loss, loss of libido or acne are not present with SARMs.

What is more SARMs are not liver toxic, so using GW Elite will not require any post cycle therapy nor will it harm your liver. GW can’t convert to estrogen or cause any estrogenic effects and it is not catabolic. The short answer to the question is no, there are basically no side effects with using GW Elite or any other Cardarine based product.


The early reviews of GW Elite are already in, and Cardarine in general has been used for many years. Here are some of the testimonials on the product and the compound:

Been using it for a couple of weeks now. It produces a great sense of wellbeing, strength is up on all my lifts and I feel like I don't want my workouts to stop. I have to keep from adding more work sets and overdoing it. Great product, highly recommend!

I loved my run with Cardarine and I believe it's an awesome compound if you have the goal of fat loss and recomp in mind.

I have used this and what a difference it made on the very first time using it. i took it around 30 mins before i hit the gym and the energy I had was unreal, and this is after the first dose.


A side effect free, non-liver toxic and extremely effective compound, Cardarine found in GW Elite is one of the best solutions you could come up with for both bulking and cutting cycles. What is more, 90 capsules of GW Elite will only cost you $57.99 and with no post cycle therapy needed and no additional expenses, you will be able to run the product for at least 45 days at this price.

This is certainly one of the best value products out there in terms of gains/cost and the gains showed in Cardarine cycles have been more than substantial. We absolutely recommend running a cycle of this super powerful SARM and possibly using it as a replacement for prohormones.

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out Cardar1ne instead

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