The History & Background of L-Leucine

Type:Amino Acid

Potency: 8/10

Leucine has a bitter taste that needs addition of flavouring; it is a singular amino acid and known as the “anti-kryptonite”. It is essential on melding muscular health. It is also a component of protein and whey that increase muscle growth. Leucine is known to be one of the three branches chains of amino acids. It activates the protein mTOR.

When leucine is added to the test meal, it enables on increasing muscle protein synthesis. It mainly stimulates muscle growth and the ability to modulate insulin sensitivity. By taking supplements with leucine it can assist weight loss, helps on leaning muscle well, and helps you recover from post-injury. Consuming Leucine helps and supports muscle tissue, lowers catabolism and produces glucose of energy.

Use in Supplements

Leucine functions on hormonal control, establishing blood glucose levels, and preventing muscle breakdown. Maintaining lean muscle is one of the primary secret on weight management, increase in performance and in health and wellness. It builds muscle protein development and facilitates growth by observing proper signals.

During endurance exercises, Leucine may serve as an energy source for the muscles. Leucein is not just an essential substance for your health but also for bodybuilders. It is important that everyone should take it for human health because of its properties and amino acids.

Common Dosing

Leucine must be taken I a fasted state or with proper meals with a 2,000-5,000mg range for acute usage. It has a tendency to be taken either in a fasted state or nearby dinners with an inherently low protein substance (or protein sources that are low in leucine).

Products Containing L-Leucine

#3: Source Naturals L-Leucine
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Fundamental amino acid for vitality bolster Stimulates protein union. Significant wellspring of fuel for anabolic responses. Backings quality for muscle heads and athletes.l-Leucine is a fundamental amino corrosive, particularly named a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA). BCAAs, particularly leucine,stimulate muscle protein union and might be the major fuel involved in anabolic responses.
#2: NutraBio 100% Pure L-Leucine
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L-Leucine is a basic amino acid, which means it can't be made by the body, and should be procured through nourishment or dietary supplements. Leucine is named a "fanned chain amino acid" (BCAA). It includes around 8% of the aggregate amino acid tally in your body's protein structures and is the fourth most gathered amino acid in skeletal muscle tissue.
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The INTRA-FORMANCE is specifically formulated with a unique blend of amino acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes to provide the user with all the necessary nutrients for their body especially those lacking prior to intense endurance training. With the INTRA-FORMANCE in your system one can ensure optimal endurance for any athletic activity.

Potential Side Effects of L-Leucine

Leucine overdose may lead to coma and death. When you already have a liver problem it is not best to take leucine for it will worsen the situation. Same as the kidney malfunctioning, taking leucine will burden and might induce ammonia in the blood that will dramatically address to liver and kidney failure. Allergic reactions such as swelling, itchy, rashes and loss of awareness and consciousness and insomnia are some of the side effects of over dosage of leucine. It is still best to ask for medical advice before taking anything.


What is L Leucine?

Leucine is largely considered the prime amino acid responsible for protein synthesis (muscle growth) and can be used directly by the body for energy when under stress. Leucine can also assist regulating blood sugar levels so can be beneficial when dieting.

How much L leucine per day?

When single doses have been studied, intake of as little as 2.5 grams of leucinestimulated protein synthesis. In long-term studies, leucine intakes equivalent to 8 or more grams per day are recommended in divided doses so that at least 2.5 grams of leucine are consumed at each meal.

Can Leucine Prevent Muscle Breakdown?

Similar studies also showed that disuse atrophy (as seen during injury or with bed rest) can also be attenuated by leucine supplementation (24-25); as could age related muscle loss (sarcopenia) (26-29).It is postulated that sufficient concentrations of leucine in normal circumstances may saturate the centres of protein degradation in the muscle cells to slow down muscle wasting (30-31).


Rodent researchers approved the benefit of leucine on losing weight faster. In these studies, rats were feed with a high fat diet and was supplemented with leucine, after taking the dosage up to 30% of fat were loss while the lean mass remained as it was.

Another study implemented focusing on the effect of leucine on muscle growth during the process of healing tissue. The study showed that it helps lessen unnecessary protein and more protein available for synthesis. This results to a conclusion that leucine does not only help on health muscle but also aids rehabilitation.

Final Review of L-Leucine

Leucine is an amino used primarily used for building muscle and provide energy to the body and is use to improve muscle strength during exercise. Only leucine increases protein up to 25% by itself, proteins are the building blocks of our muscle with this by the help of leucine muscle build is faster and recovery fastens also.

If you want to gain muscle mass more, remain your lean body mass and improve your performance and endurance during exercise, to supplement your diet you have to think on taking leucine supplements. But first you must make sure that your protein is sufficient enough to provide protein.







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