The History & Background of S-23

To those of you that use Andarine or are interesting in purchasing it, S-23 will feel right at home. Both of these SARMs are relatively similar, albeit the S-23 is a new one developed by GTX, Inc. S-23 comes as a ‘still under trial and investigation’ SARM but if we are to believe user reports and comments, it will soon be completely approved. This SARM has been created as a male hormonal contraceptive.

S-23 Chemical Structure for Post

What’s the main difference between S-23 and Andarine? Well, for starters, S-23 links to the AR (Androgen Receptor) more efficiently and more intensely (Ki is around 1.7nM). This is mainly due to the fact that S-23 is newer and more refined.

GTX, Inc. are still doing their best to make S-23 even better, so once all the trials and investigations are over, it’ll be even better than now.


How Does it Work?

As mentioned before, S-23 is a SARM. Some of you reading this article have just found out about SARMs but don’t understand them completely (those that do know – apologies, but we must help the newcomers).

To put it in the simplest terms possible: SARMs are modulators that are much better and safer than steroids. See, when you use steroids to boost your muscle mass, you inadvertently cause changes to different parts of your body as well (there can be a lot of side effects).

SARMs, on the other hand, bind themselves selectively; they won’t cause you any issues that steroids do.

S-23 is an amazing SARM that, during animal research, displayed a pretty good ratio of androgenic and anabolic effects. It also shows a certain amount of dose-dependent restraint regarding spermatogenesis.

Spermatogenesis is sperm cell development. If sperm cell development is impaired, the sperm cell count will be lower (plus, the possibility of low-quality sperm cells will be increased). Steroids can negatively impact sperm cell development whilst SARMs (in this case S-23) are much better options as they don’t influence spermatogenesis.

Animal research isn’t always representative of what will happen when people start using it, but in this instance, it’s the same with people as it is with animals.

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S-23 Benefits

There are a couple of noteworthy benefits that come with S-23, with most of them being quite similar to Andarine. This is understandable as S-23 is basically an improved version of Andarine, so most of the benefits are quite similar.

  • Boosts Lean Muscle Mass

As with all SARMs, S-23 helps promote building muscle mass. Now, if we compare it to Andarine (which managed to achieve a great 3.3lbs increase in muscle mass in just under 90 days, we come to the conclusion that S-23 is even better and quicker.

  • Highly Selective

Although this is true for all SARMs, it’s still worth mentioning as some people are new to the entire world of SARMs.

  • Lack of Female Characteristics

Steroids often cause certain issues with males in the form of breast lactation, increase in breast size, aromatization, and other similar problems. This is why SARMs are a much better choice than steroids; they don’t cause any of these things. S-23 also doesn’t come with these characteristics, so if you’re looking to buff yourself up, give it a try without worrying about nasty side effects!

  • Almost No Impact on Prostate

Secondary sex organs can oftentimes be increased in size due to steroid use. S-23, along with other SARMs, doesn’t cause this effect.


Where Can I Buy S-23?

This is most likely the question you’re asking yourself right now. If it is, then you surely like what you’ve read and have garnered an interest in this SARM. We’re here to help you out with your search so you don’t have to waste hours upon hours of your precious time to find it. Even though it’s still being tested, you may be able to find it in certain shops, but there’s no guarantee since it’s mostly available through online stores. Until it starts being sold in shops, you’ll be able to buy S-23 via SARMS4YOU!


Side Effects

You might be wondering if S-23 has any side effects. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough research into this SARM to find out if there are any side effects. However, a small number of people have reported that they’ve experienced hair loss. There’s still no definite answer if this was caused by S-23 or something else but the best thing you can do to make sure you don’t expose yourself to any potential side effects is to follow the dosage instructions.

As long as you’re careful about the dosage, and respect it each day, you will avoid all possible side effects that could arise.


S-23 Dosage

This SARM can be purchased in capsule form, each of which contains 15grams of S-23. It’s recommended you take a smaller dose if you’re just starting out because you’ll want to avoid taking too much, but you can go for higher doses if you want the effects to be faster and more potent. However, this might cause some side effects so it’s our recommendation to start smaller. Three 15g doses per day should be enough.


User Reviews For S-23

The user reviews for this SARM are positive. There aren’t a lot of customers yet (mainly because it’s still under trials and investigation) but those that did manage to get their hands on it have reported positive results all across the board. Here are a couple of their reviews:

“I’ve been using Ostarine for quite some time but decided to give S23 a try. All I can say is that S23 blows Ostarine away!”

S23 reviews

“I’ve just found out about this SARM and it managed to help me far more than some other outdated ones. A positive surprise, for sure”


SARMs, in general, are much better alternatives to steroids and similar products that cause unwanted side effects so it’s only natural to say that S-23 is a great addition to the family. Andarine and S-23 are quite similar, yet S-23 takes the lead simply through sheer effectiveness and speed. Andarine is amazing in its own right, but S-23 is something special. This can all be seen by reading user reports on this SARM.

Personally? I say go for it and you’ll see just how unique and powerful it really is!

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