Masterbrain PM Review: Sleep Better And Stay Sharp Throughout The Day

Masterbrain PM by 1st Phorm
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Review Summary:

Masterbrain PM is designed to help you sleep well, give your brain the ideal amount of rest and recovery it needs as well as keep your mental acuity, concentration, focus and memory at 100% the next day. A powerful brain function enhancer, Masterbrain PM is another masterpiece by 1st Phorm.

Are you looking to get in on the finer details of 1st Phorm's Masterbrain PM? You've definitely come to the right place. Make sure you read on to find out all you need to know about this brain booster.

It isn't only our bodies that get affected when we're constantly exposed to high amounts of stress, wrong diet choices, lack of rest and exercise as well as a whole host of unhealthy stuff. The brain is also vulnerable to possible health issues that can get in the picture in the long run.

Keeping your brain deprived of nutrients, rest and exercise won't just disrupt its overall wellness and functionality, but will also make your prone to anxiety, lack of concentration, inability to remember things and confusion. And if you're anything like most people, chances are you'd like to keep clear from these issues.

This is the biggest reason why 1st Phorm came up with Masterbrain PM, a product designed with one goal in mind: to keep our brain well nourished, giving it the ability to function faster and better.

Why don't we give this product a meticulous rundown in a bit and find out if it's worth having in your arsenal of supplements anytime soon?

What’s In Masterbrain PM?

The contents of Masterbrain PM are split into two matrices:

Brain Fuel Blend: GABA, Ashwagandha Root Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Mucuna Puriens 98% L-DOPA, 5 HTP, Alpha GPC

Sleep Blend: Valerian Root, Mugwort Extract, Melatonin

As the name suggests, the Brain Fuel Blend is designed to help your brain function better, increase mental acuity, memory and concentration.  On the other hand, Sleep Blend is designed to help you get the ideal amount of shuteye each time you go to bed, allowing your brain to rest, recover and stay in tiptop shape.

The ingredients in Masterbrain PM are all-natural and many of them are used in other dietary supplements. They are also clinically proven to help with certain aspects of mental health.

Here is the complete supplement label:

Masterbrain PM Supplement Facts
Masterbrain PM Supplement Facts

How Do I Take It?

Take 3 capsules of Masterbrain PM at least 45 minutes before you go to bed. Consume with 16 ounces of water. It is important to take note that you should have 8 hours set aside for sleep as the ingredients in Masterbrain PM will help you get more shuteye than usual, allowing your brain to get the ideal rest it needs to stay in the pink.

Warnings And Side Effects

There are no dangerous compounds in Masterbrain PM. However, the product is only designed for persons over the age of 18. It is also not to be used if you are pregnant or nursing. It is recommended that you consult your doctor first if you're suffering from medical issues before using this product as well.

Does It Work?

Masterbrain PM is a relatively new supplement on the market and it is very early to say conclusively if this product works or not. But the thing is we tried it ourselves and we can say it did show solid results. Apart from helping boost the amount of sleep we got, we also felt more rested and alert the next day.

The ingredients in this product are all well-known and have been already used in many similar products in the past. However, we noticed that the exact dosages of each component used in its formulation are not listed, which means we can’t say with certainty how well dosed some of them are.

With that said, we believe that this product is effective as our own testing confirmed it to some degree. Moreover, 1st Phorm also tends to create top notch products all the time, thus we have little reason to believe it is any different this time.

1st Phorm Products: Reliable and Safe

Perhaps the biggest upside of Masterbrain PM – and its key selling point – is the fact that it's made by 1st Phorm, a company that has been known for many years to produce some of the finest products on the market. From weight loss formulas to pre-workouts as well as various general health products, 1st Phorm always shines.

We have reviewed dozens of 1st Phorm products since first starting our business and this company has gathered consistent positive results from us.
If we were asked whether you should buy Masterbrain PM before even testing it, we would have probably had to say yes because it is a 1st Phorm product.

Final Verdict

Coming at $49.99 for 60 capsules, Masterbrain PM may not be the cheapest choice to get your hands on, but it sure is one of the best brain enhancement formulas out there. The product uses a number of well-tested ingredients to increase concentration, mental acuity as well as memory. And from our experience of using Masterbrain PM, it really does just that.

If you're experiencing feelings of unrest, anxiousness and other side effects of mental fatigue, it's high time you take Masterbrain PM before sleep. You should go through the next day with a much more positive attitude and higher mental energy levels.

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