Quad Elite: A 4-In-1 SARM Formula For The Ultimate Cycle

Quad Elite by Focused Nutrition
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  • Quad Elite by Focused Nutrition
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Review Summary:

Quad Elite is basically an all-in-one SARM stack that will help you in a variety of aspects when it comes to building the physique you've always wanted. Flaunting four of the most potent SARMs on the market, namely LDG 4033, MK677, S-4 and Arimistane, this is definitely a must try on your next cycle.

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out Ghar1ne instead

Have you had the chance to check out Quad Elite yet? If not, make sure you follow along since we're going to give this product a careful once-over shortly.

Experienced SARM and prohormone users are always on the lookout for new, more potent formulas. There are quite a lot of products on the market today that promise to help you build your physique more quickly, but most of them come up short when it comes to potency.

Quad Elite by Focused Nutrition is a brand new SARM formula that combines four of the most powerful prohormones out there, namely LDG-4033, S4, MK-677 and Arimistane in a single product.

How about we take a closer look at Quad Elite and find out if it's something that you should consider the next time you're shopping for a SARM?

What’s in Quad Elite?

Quad Elite contains four powerful SARMs in its formulation, which are explained in detail below:

LDG-4033: One of the most potent bulking and recomping SARMs whose potency almost matches that of anabolic steroids. Coming with almost no visible side effects, LDG-4033 is a versatile SARM that's not just known to help build up mass and prevent fat buildups, but improve recovery times significantly as well.

S-4: Also known as Andarine, this SARM enhances vascularity, optimizes your strength and endurance levels, does miracles for your joints and makes you harder and leaner in every sense. S-4 is another great addition to Quad Elite.

MK-677: Designed to increase the amounts of lean muscle gains on your body while preventing fat from accumulating in the process, MK-677 is one of the finest lean mass builders out there. This potent SARM is also known to help tighten up the loose skin and heal injuries of all sorts faster.

Arimistane: Formulated to increase the testosterone in your body while reducing estrogen, this compound will significantly increase your libido as well as reduce your body fat content and cortisol levels. Excellent SARM to keep you in shape and stop you from wasting away.

For the detailed look at the dosages, take a look at the label below:

Quad Elite Supplement Facts
Quad Elite Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

Whether you are looking to bulk up fast, define your muscles, improve your recovery speed, enhance your libido or control your hormone levels, Quad Elite is a product you should look into. As most of us want to achieve all of those things, it is very common to see people stacking various SARMs and prohormones, but with Quad Elite you won’t have to.

The product mixes four of the most potent SARMs on the market today and you can expect amazing results from this combo. Although it is still crucial that you run some on-cycle support and get a post cycle therapy going to make sure your organs are kept safe and your hormones back to normal, you should not experience too many side effects from using Quad Elite.

The general consensus among the bodybuilding community is that Quad Elite is an effective product and we simply have to agree to these opinions given its ingredient lineup. We absolutely recommend this product especially to those who are looking for a bulking or recomping SARM that really gets the job done.

How Do I Take It?

Take two (2) capsules of Quad Elite per day and cycle for 6 to 8 weeks. Remember to take the necessary on-cycle support and PCT supplements while you're at it, too. Do not use Quad Elite if you are under legal age, pregnant, nursing or taking any medication.


Here are some positive comments about Quad Elite from users who have already tried it:

Have seen some size increase, stamina is better also. I seem to be a more tired at first but adjusting now. Will probably reorder this stack.

Been taking quad elite with Slin Max and cycle support for just over 3 weeks, being an MMA fighter and a weight training this stack is the bomb, my strength has increased my recovery and definition also. Looking into the future I can see myself being a life member to jw supplements

Final Verdict

Quad Elite is no doubt one of the finest SARMs on the market – or rather SARM stacks – that you can get your hands on these days. Besides being very useful during your bulking and recomp phases, it will also help you build and keep lots of lean mass, improve recovery times and practically get you on your way to your dream body.

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out Ghar1ne instead


  1. People talk about pill form Sarm being fake, All I know is I am 40 years old, have not trained for 2 year properly, I have just finished one of there products (elite Sarms stack) Now trying quad elite, and have never had gains like this (i have never taken steroids though)
    My strength went up 15% first week easy – seems legit to me

  2. Good evening, could you help me informing me how many grams weighs the bottle of 90 capsules, is to know how much I pay for international shipping

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