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Review Summary:

If you are looking for a true bar mate then I'm sure you can find it in the product called Bar mate. This is not your typical hangover supplement. Nope - it is an all natural ingredient mixture that can help your liver to get back up to its normal shape. Additionally, it also works as a potent alcohol metabolizer for those crazy Saturday mornings. But is it really that good? Want to learn more about Bar Mate? Then check out our full review featured below.

Being new in anything is not easy and the same is also in the supplement market. ZENWISE LABS has proved that by doing few unfinished product in our opinion. Although they may seem good at first, a second look makes it clear there is still a lot of room for improvement. Before even going into the review, we recommend also checking out 1st Phorm's Remedy, which is at the very top when it comes to hangover prevention.

Bar Mate is the latest product by Zenwise Labs designed for liver support supplementation and hangover relief. Being vitamin-rich makes it suitable for use for a broad range of people. Moreover, it has the all-natural-ingredient formula. Being at price of what you have probably drunk the last night, it is drinker's best friend as it relieves hangover by enhancing the metabolism of alcohol and restoring electrolytes. In this review we shall analyze if this product carries only benefits and will satisfy even the most hardcore drinkers, or will they stay disappointed the day after.

What about Bar Mate Ingredients? They're good, right?

At first look ingredients found within the formula look pretty solid. However, a closer look reveals few imperfections. It could be dosed with a bit more care, for your body to truly be able to recover every time when you need to.

Bar Mate Ingredients

Vitamin C

The ingredient which can be found in many fruits and vegetables, like oranges, cabbage, etc. Not only it is regarded to make our immunity system better and cure us of, e.g. cold, but also it is able to prevent some cardiovascular and eye diseases, or, unbelievably, prevent skin wrinkling.

Vitamin B Blend

It is a complex of eight vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12.

B1: Helps body to regenerate itself, i.e. make new cells

B2: It is involved in production of red blood cells and fighting free radicals

B3: Good to nervous and digestive systems and participates in conversion of food to energy

B5: Breaks down fats and carbohydrates for energy and the production of hormones is its regard

B6: Similar to B3 – it helps body to turn food into energy and fights infections

B7: This one is also regarded for production of hormones

B9: Helps to prevent the risk of birth defects, maintains DNA and promotes red blood cells production

B12: Also involved in nervous system and in production of red blood cells


The element most known for building the bones is also helpful to the cardiovascular system: it protects cardiac muscles and helps in blood pressure control. Furthermore, it is useful by reducing colon risk and kidney stones, as is in maintaining the optimal body weight


Liver Support Blend

The main ingredient in this mixture is N-Acetyl  L-Cysteine which is used in the reduction of death rate and prevention of poisoning by acetaminophen. It is also helpful in treating collapsed lungs by mucus blockage or preparing people for diagnostic lung tests.

Does it present a risk to your health?

Despite being all-natural, there are risks. To start up, magnesium overdose can slow blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders and can cause kidney problems. Furthermore, vitamin C overdose can increase blood sugar, so it is not recommended to people who suffer from diabetes and it can cause kidney stones.

“Unfortunately, this supplement did not work for me. I think it actually made it worse. I took Bar Mate on 2 separate occasions and both times I drank no more than any other night out. Both times I couldn't even make it through the night without vomiting. I'm talking punch in the face, out of nowhere, massive wave of nausea followed by vomiting. To make it even better, my hangovers the next morning were worse than ever before.”

Bar Mate Reviews – What's the word of the masses?

Although it is recognized by the most as a great product, judging by majority of online comments, we wouldn't rate it as high knowing there are few far better alternatives.

“Would say it takes about 25% off a hangover. I have used all 90 pills in varying ways (with other vitamins) and you will still get a hangover if you drink a ton, but you will know that it could have been worse. That said, I am still looking for a miracle anti hangover cure.  “

“This product is great if you know that you'll be doing a lot of drinking. The only bad thing is that you have to take the pills before drinking so you need to know in advance if you plan on getting drunk. It doesn't help you if you wake up with an awful hangover & need relief. ”

“After taking this product three times, I have come to the conclusion that with the right precautions (drinking water, eating right and not getting hammered off your ass) then this will take quite an edge of the hangover. No you will not wake up the next morning feeling 100%, but you will not have a head pounding headache, or not be able to hold down food. ”

It can be pretty tricky to test products like this one on special occasions and hope for the best:

Bar Mate Review


  • Provides enough to have some positive impact
  • Customers seem to like it
  • Good capsule size


  • Could be more efficient
  • Smells weird
  • Can cause some side effects

Final thoughts on Bar mate

Although cheap, this product is sadly among those low-quality ones on the market. Made for hangover relief and liver regeneration, it doesn't do what it's meant for. Involving too many risks, it is not safe enough to use despite its all-natural formula.

To conclude, stop searching for some other hangover prevention product as we recommend 1st PHORM's REMEDY which has significantly fewer side-effects and actually does its work as you won't even know you were wasted the night before after taking it.

Check out Remedy instead for much better results!

Why choose Remedy instead of Bar Mate?

If you're wondering why Remedy is better than Bar Mate, well you've come to the right place. First of all, I don't think it's logical to compare these 2 supplements as they are incredibly different. While they do have somewhat similar formulas, their supporting ingredients make all the difference. As a matter of fact, they are what makes Remedy double the money… and quite frankly, double the effectiveness.


Magnesium Chelate

Alongside N-Acetyl one of the most popular additions to hangover relief formulas.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

What makes magnesium so appreciated for people that love to consume alcohol is the fact it supports dehydrohenase enzyme which is responsible for eliminating alcohol from the body by breaking it down. People realized this even before the first scientific studies, and have been using it for a long time for this purpose.

Clinical Research

There have been various scientific studies regarding connection between successful hangover treatment and magnesium. [1] [2]


An amino acid that has found its use in the treatment of many medical conditions.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Besides being taken to alleviate symptoms from a fun-filled evening with a couple of glasses of wine too many, it has been a popular solution for a variety of different treatments. It reduces inflammation and can support antioxidant replenishing in the body, being great for overall health and longevity.

Clinical Research

Due to its huge popularity, it is no wonder there have been some clinical studies on this topic. [3]

Side Effects


A condition in which you are experiencing pain in the head without any external force causing it in that particular moment. 

What Causes Headache?

More than few compounds on the list can have such an impact on the customer.


A frequent movement of the bowels in the liquid form.

What Causes Diarrhea?

Besides this one, Magnesium overdose is capable of causing few other unwanted side effects.



How much does Bar Mate cost?

In Bar Mate's defense, it is one of the cheapest hangover support supplements on the market. It will set you back for just $17.07 which is probably less expensive than your drinks from last night.

Does it really work?

Even though it sports somewhat of a decent formula, it doesn't really do that much for the majority of people. Sure, some of its reviews are actually pretty good… but that could as well be just a mere placebo effect. That's why, if you want a good anti-hangover product, I recommend a different product.

What product do I recommend instead of Bar Mate?

The one I have already mentioned a couple of times throughout this review. Of course, I am referring to Remedy by 1st Phorm. It is an absolute beast packed with high-quality ingredients proven to kick that nasty hangover right out of your system. Check out Remedy here.

User Tips

“Having one of these hangover support supplements can really make a difference during the first few Saturday hours after waking up” – Robbie

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