Sobrenix Review: Can This Enable You To Drink Alcohol Without Those Nasty Hangovers Afterward?

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Review Summary:

Sobrenix is a brand new supplement coming from Rejuvica Health. With a powerful detoxification formula and pretty solid online reviews, it seems to be a proper hit from the day of its release. But, are there any other supplements that can do the job of revitalizing you after a hard night out better than Sobrenix? Well, you can find out by reading the full Sobrenix review down below.

Rejuvica Health is a brand you may have heard of if you are into health and beauty supplementation. We got our hands on one of their products that are designed for people that love to party but hate everything that comes the day after. Sobrenix is all natural liquid formula that is designed to help you wake up without feeling that nasty hangover. It is packed with few highest graded ingredients capable of doing some great stuff for your body.

One thing that differentiates it from most of the other hangover formulas we reviewed is the liquid content for faster and more efficient absorption. However, despite these facts, it didn't really separate itself from the rest. Although it is solid, it definitely comes nowhere near some of the best anti-hangover supplements such as 1st Phorms Remedy, which is for us the absolute king of this category.

Sobrenix Ingredients – How good is the formula inside?

Like we already mentioned, one of its biggest virtues is the fact it is all natural and has some of the finest ingredients implemented to its core. The great thing about it is its ability to provide those compound to your system in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Sobrenix Ingredients


Kudzu is a plant that has been entirely used to make all sorts of medicine. It is most famous for the way it affects alcoholism and hangover effects. This is something people have been familiar with for more than a thousand years and have been using it ever since.

Milk Thistle

Although we don't see it very often in products such as this one, milk thistle is actually extremely beneficial. The main reason for its high value is its ability to promote liver health and detoxification. Besides this, it is also known for having plenty of anti-aging effects on the body, especially on the skin.



Yet another helpful, but not so popular choice for products of this kind. Folks from Rejuvica Health decided to implement it to their formula due to its positive impact on a wide array of critical roles. Some of them include improved heart and liver health, better circulation, and treats high blood pressure.

Chanca Piedra


Artichoke is an antioxidant bomb and is capable of doing some amazing things for you. They are considered to be a super-food for a reason, treating both your mind and body with a lot of care. It significantly lowers lipids and cholesterol levels in the liver, improves bone health, increases cognitive function and brain health, protects you from free radicals, and much much more.


All things considered, Sobrenix definitely has the potential to treat your body the way it deserves. Ingredients found within seem to be well dosed for it to work the way it is supposed to. Although it gets into your system very shortly after consumption and uses its compounds at a high usage rate, it still doesn't perform as well as some other formulas in this price range.

Are there any nasty side effects that can be caused by Sobrenix?

It is one of the safest options when it comes to a hangover and anti-alcohol supplementation, but not by much. It is built out of highest quality ingredients that shouldn't do you any harm. In some rare cases, you could experience some side effects such as headaches or sleepiness.

“Every time I used it I did feel better waking up and not experiencing as hard alcohol effects as usual, but the experience was different too. Don't know if it is just me, but I didn't feel as energetic, but actually a bit tired and sleepy after consuming it.”

What do other users have to say about Sobrenix effects?

Unfortunately, you won't find many verified customer reviews online. There has been only a few, and Sobrenix already received some negative comments and efficiency complaints. Hopefully, it will gain a bit more popularity, and more people will share their thoughts for you to see.

“I bought this for another person that had a major problem with drinking an excessive amount of wine for many years. He said it has reduced his desire to drink.
I have noticed that he has hardly had any wine since he started taking it a couple of weeks ago. He also made a decision to cut down. However, in the past, this wasn't enough.”

“I haven't had a drink on two months but don't think this had anything to do with it. Maybe a placebo affect at best.”

“I've been using the product for a week and can feel the difference. I'm surprised that it helps me sleep too, not to mention the reason I purchased it was to curb my alcohol cravings during the week. I've reordered it and plan to make it part of my daily supplements.”

However, there are those who found the lack of effects alarming and are sharing their thoughts loud and clear:

Sobrenix Reviews


  • Helps you stay away from alcohol
  • Lowers effects of hangover
  • Gets in your body very fast
  • Supports liver function


  • There are more efficient alternatives
  • Not yet tested by large amount of customers
  • Costs too much all things considered

The final verdict on Sobrenix

Sobrenix is definitely worth checking out if you don't like traditional pill or powder form of supplementation. It is a different alternative which can if done properly provide all the usual and expected benefits from the ingredients found within. It also enters the system faster and starts working almost immediately.

However, compared to some of the worlds best anti-hangover products, such as 1st Phorm's Remedy, Sobrenix ranks lower but costs a bit higher. Rejuvica Health did a great job with this one but didn't justify the price tag behind it.

Is it all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to Sobrenix?

Does it work like it should? Well, yes… for the most part. There will always be people who don't feel any effects and think it's a placebo. But, that means that there are better supplements than Sobrenix when it comes to hangover support? Well, honestly… there are. Take Remedy by 1st Phorm as the perfect example! It has a very similar ingredients mixture but seems to provide better results. The prices are roughly the same so it's your choice to choose between the two.




One of the best compounds for any form of daily supplementation.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Artichoke is considered a super food for everything it has to offer. It promotes liver health, bone density, and strength, fights free radicals, provides antioxidant support, and much more.

Clinical Research

Antioxidative and protective effects of artichoke have already been discussed in many clinical studies. [1]

Milk Thistle

Yet another natural ingredient carrying a lot of positive benefits.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Besides improving its overall health, milk thistle also detoxifies the liver, making it a great choice for any anti-alcohol supplement.

Clinical Research

Milk Thistle has been scientifically proven to have a life-saving property on your liver's health. [2][3]

Vitamin B6

One of the most important vitamins when it comes to alcohol and hangover related problems.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Taking vitamin B6 before consuming alcohol can make a lot of the hangover effects next day go away, or not appear at all.

Clinical Research

Due to its high popularity, it has been a part of many alcohol-related scientific studies. [4]

Side Effects


Pain in the head and upper neck area, that is often indicator that there is something wrong going on in your system.

What Causes Headache?

A headache can be caused by more than one ingredient found in the mixture.


A feeling of lack of energy, and need to rest or sleep.

What Causes Sleepiness?

If you experience such a side effect it is most likely caused by Vitamin B6.


How much does Sobrenix cost?

If you're interested in buying Sobrenix, then you must be wondering about the price it goes for. Luckily, it's not that expensive, sitting at roughly $30 (give or take) which is considered the standard for a high-quality hangover support.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does! With a complex multivitamin formulas finely poised with milk thistle, kudzu and angelica (among others), its effectiveness does not come into question. 

Is Sobrenix the best hangover support supplement out there?

Is it among the best hangover supports out there? Sure is! Is it the best hangover support out there? I doubt it… There are several others that could take the spot but I believe Remedy by 1st Phorm is the one you should go for!

User Tips

“If you want to survive a nasty hangover after hitting 30 years of age, there's no other way of doing it but with a powerful hangover support product…” – Freddie

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