Sobur Review: Can These Pills Help You Get Rid Of Your Hangovers?

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Review Summary:

Sobur Pills is a relatively new hangover support product. The biggest thing with it is definitely its price tag which jumps higher than most other similar products on the market. But, is its price the reflection of its positive effects? Well, there's only one way to find out and that's by reading the full review down below!

The latest addition to the supplement market is a company called SOBUR, which has proven to be capable of making innovative products of extraordinary quality as can be seen in mostly positive reviews. That is nothing but excellent reason to give a try to their hangover cure which probably will not disappoint you. The product called just like the company, Sobur, is the newest member in anti-hangover pills category.

With vitamin-rich formula, it is suitable for use for lots of people. Being at a price of what you have drunk the night before, in the morning after it will surely be your best friend together with liters of water. Furthermore, along with everything written above, the formula is rounded with dihydromyricetin which will make your head almost instantly clear.

Last but not least, all ingredients have been scientifically proven to be helpful in getting rid of a hangover and to support liver function, all that them being natural. In this review we shall analyze if it carries only benefits, or will you be disappointed the morning after and return to bed with a terrifying headache and fatigue.

Sobur Supplement Facts

With Sobur pills you are getting almost everything you'd expect from a hangover relief supplement. However, a closer look reveals a couple of imperfections and disadvantages compared to some more reliable formulas.

Sobur Supplement Facts

Vitamin C

The ingredient found in many fruits and vegetables, e.g. oranges and cabbage. It improves our immunity system and cures us of cold and similar sicknesses. Moreover, it is able to prevent some cardiovascular and eye diseases and, unbelievably, prevent skin wrinkling.


Also known as Vitamin B2, riboflavin plays a significant role in the production of energy as it converts carbohydrates into sugar. It can be found in various sources, such as mushrooms, eggs, rice, sunflower seeds, etc. There are lots of benefits of riboflavin, as it boosts energy, increases blood circulation because it is essential in red blood cells growth, regulates thyroid activity, improves vision and immune system and protects the nervous system.


N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

Vitamin B6

Food with whole grains is very rich with this ingredient, such as cereals, green beans, walnuts, carrots, spinach, etc. It is an unavoidable vitamin in everyday life, as it strengthens the immune system, boosts metabolism, treats emotional disorders, balances hormones, maintains good skin condition and prevents cardiac diseases.



Vitamin B12

Found in fish, meat, and eggs, this nutrient was thought to be the leading one in deficiency among people. It increases your mood, energy level, memory, enhances heart function and digestion. Also, it has a good impact on skin and hair.



We pretty much summed up the quality of the build in this sections intro, and all things considered wouldn't include it to our list of best anti-hangover supplements. Pieces are there, but the dose and versatility of the formula could have been done better. One thing we definitely like about it is the warning printed on the label. With a bit of comedy and harsh truth, Sobur manages to get customers attention and indicate usage problems you could experience if using it irresponsibly.

Sobur Side Effects – Anything You Should Know About?

Like every supplement, this one also has its bad sides. Firstly, vitamin B12 mustn't be used by people with Leber's disease because it can seriously harm your optic nerve and cause blindness nor by those ones that are sensitive to cobalt and with some blood diseases, such as polycythemia vera and megaloblastic anemia because it can worsen symptoms. Moreover, people with hepatitis, cirrhosis and biliary obstruction should avoid riboflavin as they can absorb it like healthy people can.

“Seemed to add some volume to my hangover, instead of actually lowering it. Disappointed!”

Sobur Reviews – What Are other users thinking of this hangover support product?

There haven't been many customer reviews, but the ones we found were mostly positive. Here are some of their thoughts:

“I was very sceptical when buying and trying this for the first time, and perhaps even more surprised when I tried it for the second time and it worked again, confirming that it was having an effect. This product is less of what of what I would call a ‘hangover' cure, but more of a feeling drunk cure.”

“Seems to take the edge off a bit. Still hungover but not as bad.”

“Pretty good, but you really need to know yourself and whether you drank enough to expect a reasonable hangover to know if it really helped you or not…worked well for me…a dull headache on waking gone after a shower and a cup of coffee, normally would have been quite wrecked the next day.”


However, there are many issues with this supplements and customers are showing their disapproval. This review below is the perfect example of why you should steer away from Sobur:

Sobur Review


  • Comes for a great price
  • Provides body protection after drinking alcohol
  • Protects the brain
  • Supports liver function


  • There are more efficient alternatives
  • Not as tested as other formulas
  • Possible side effects


Considering this is manufacturer's first product, it managed to be very good as it offers scientifically proven, all-natural formula and is surely a way to go towards mornings with no nausea, fatigue or dizziness after being smashed the night before. All that at an acceptable price, it is recommended to a broad range of party maniacs.

Unfortunately, if we take in mind that it offers too many bad side-effects, this might not be suitable for some people and that is the reason why we recommend 1st  PHORM's REMEDY as it has significantly fewer side-effects at a similar price. To sum up, this is definitely a good product for everyone that is not in the risky group of those who can experience bad sides of this anti-hangover and liver regeneration product.

Are there any better alternatives?

If you don't like what you're seeing with Sobur, then I strongly suggest giving Remedy a go. It's slightly less expensive and provides roughly the same effects. One thing is for sure – you can expect great consistency of quality with Remedy which is obviously not the case with Sobur.



Alongside minerals, vitamins are known for their wide array of critical roles to serve.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Their main function is to enable your body to function and develop properly. However, scientists recently discovered their beneficial properties when it comes to hangover treatment and protection of organs.

Clinical Research

This topic may be considered relatively new, but the connection between vitamins and alcohol-related side effects has already been clinically proven by more than few scientific studies. [1]

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

One of the giants in this field of supplementation.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

If you don't run across this one while reading the ingredient list on any hangover pill, make sure to pass on it and check for some other alternative. Besides being able to treat various medical condition it has been shown to have huge positive impact on your hangover condition.

Clinical Research

Although not as specific as the previous one, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine has been a part of a couple of hangover-related studies. [2]

Side Effects


Pain in the head and upper neck area, that is often indicator that there is something wrong going on currently in your system.

What Causes Headache?

More than one compound on the list is capable of having such an impact on the customer.


A feeling of sickness in the stomach area often resulting in an urge to vomit.

What Causes Nausea

Such a side effect is most likely caused by arguably the best anti-hangover ingredient, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine.


How much does Sobur cost?

Sobur falls slightly into the pricer category of hangover support products. We're used to seeing them range from $20 to $30 at max. However, Sobur goes for roughly $35 to even $40 on some webshops. 

Does it work?

Thrutfully, Sobur has a solid formula that can get your body right back into shape after drinking too much alcohol. However, there are plenty of users conecenred with the product quality control since they've received broken capsules inside. Whether this is a shipping or quality control mischeif, one thing is for sure – if you buy Sobur you're practically gambling with your money.

What should I buy instead?

I already said that, for people not wanting a mediocre product such as Sobur, 1st Phorm Remedy seems like a much better solution. Not only does it help with hangovers but normalizes your body's nutrients and gets you back in shape right after a rough night out drinking.

User Tips

“Higher price doesn't always mean higher quality. The perfect example is Sobur…” – Leonard

“Having a hangover support product comes as a miracle if you're a 30+ party animal…” – Tom

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