S4 Elite Review: Your Solution For A Cutting SARM Cycle

S4 Elite by Focused Nutrition
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  • S4 Elite by Focused Nutrition
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Review Summary:

S-4 is a well-known cutting prohormone and S4 Elite by Focused Nutrition offers a potent and reasonably affordable option in one smooth package. If it's a reliable cutting SARM you're looking for, this one is something you should check out.

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out Mass GH instead

Still finding it tricky to get the lowdown on S4 Elite? Well, you've come to the right place. Make sure you read on to get the key details on this product.

If you're anything like most bodybuilders, chances are you've probably encountered some issues trying to get that ultimate shredded look you've always wanted. See, achieving your dream physique isn't just about how rigorous your workout routine is. The supplements in your arsenal also play a key role in pulling the whole thing off.

The product we are checking out today is S4 Elite by Focused Nutrition. It is a SARM designed to help you on your way to realizing your ideal ripped physique by making your muscles as lean and hard as they can be. As its name suggests, this product is based on S-4 or Andarine SARM, which is quite known for its cutting potency.

How about we start the ball rolling right now?

What’s in S4 Elite?

A capsule of S4 Elite contains 25 mg of the S-4 SARM also known as Andarine. The benefits of Andarine are the following:

  • Improved strength
  • Dry muscle gains
  • Harder muscles
  • Better vascularity
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Joint support and healing

At its simplest, S-4 is a great cutting SARM and is quite popular for its potency in terms of blasting away excess fat while making muscler leaner and harder at the same time. Now while the product does not contain any other compounds, here is the complete label for your review:

S-4 Elite Supplement Facts
S-4 Elite Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

Andarine is not something new on the market. It's already proven to be very potent when it comes to cutting. Although this compound will not really help you gain tremendous amounts of new muscle mass, S4 Elite will absolutely help you make your muscles harder, take your pumps up a notch and pick up the pace your body is getting rid of unwanted flab.

Moreover, S-4 is a fairly mild SARM and does not come with many side effects to speak of. This makes it an excellent pick for the less experienced SARM users as well as seasoned ones with many cycles under their belts. No matter how long you may have been bodybuilding, S4 Elite will be fantastic for your cutting process.

We highly recommend this product not just because it is manufactured by Focused Nutrition, which is one of the industry leaders, but also for the proven potency of its primary inrgedient. Focused Nutrition has always brought us top-notch products and you can bet that S4 Elite won't disappoint.

How Do I Cycle It?

Depending on your previous SARM use and your tolerance, you will want to increase the dosage of Andarine as your cycle advances. We recommend starting off with 2 capsules of S4 Elite per day and increasing your dosage by one capsule every two weeks or so. Keep in mind not to exceed 5 capsules daily. You'll need to cycle the product for about 6 weeks, after which you should start having your post cycle therapy.


Here is what some people who have tried it have to say about S4 Elite:

Fantastic cutter, been running for about 3 weeks and I can literally see my muscles getting harder and leaner, will keep running and will use again.

The best SARM I have ever used for sure, helped me burn fat, maintain my muscles and I really felt the strength go up lots. Can’t wait to see what more this can do for me, will run another cycle asap.

Final Verdict

When reviewing products like S4 Elite, we already know what we can expect, being based from a known SARM that we have already encountered in the past. And the formulation isn't sloppy either. If you are looking to run a cutting cycle using a SARM, we surely recommend S4 Elite. It's not just proven to work, but manufactured by a reputable company.

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out Mass GH instead

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  1. Christian Ball

    S4 definitely works, but I don’t like the vision sides. I get dryer and fuller on it though. Reliably. I’ve been through 4 bottles from elvbio.com

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