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SR Elite by Focused Nutrition
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  • SR Elite by Focused Nutrition
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SR Elite is a SARM that works to increase the concentration of growth hormones in your body, increasing your body's metabolism and making you burn off the excess fat and build muscle while feeling energized.

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out SRar1ne instead

What is SR Elite, you ask? Those of us suffering from low endurance or diseases that inhibit their ability to work out and train hard are always looking for something extra to give us a push in the right direction. This is where SR-9099 excels as this powerful SARM affects your body to increase the levels of growth hormones which serves to increase your stamina as well as help build muscle mass and lose fat.

SR Elite is a product based on SR-9099 which binds to Rev-erba molecules in our body influencing glucose and lipid metabolism in our liver, thus improving overall metabolic function. The better metabolism leads to the variety of positive effects that come from using this SARM.

What’s in SR Elite?

As usual with Focused Nutrition SARMs, the capsules of SR Elite hold nothing but the SARM itself, with 12.5 mg of SR-9099 per capsule. The dosage is not further supplemented with anything, making sure that the only effects you get from using the product come from the SARM itself.

Here is the complete SR Elite label:

SR Elite Supplement Facts
SR Elite Supplement Facts

Main Benefits Of SR Elite

SR Elite SARM will help you:

  • Speed up fat loss
  • Have more endurance
  • Improve your post workout recovery
  • Control your Cholesterol and Cortisol levels
  • Quickly build lean muscle mass

How Do I Take It?

Like most Focused Nutrition SARMs the product is dosed so that two daily doses of one capsule should do the trick. It is not advisable to go past this dose, or take this product if you are under the age of 21 or experiencing any serious medical issues.

How Does It Work?

SR-9099 works to increase the metabolic activity in your skeletal muscle tissue. This effect is achieved by the SARM binding to Rev-erba molecules which influence lipins, glucose and fat cells, which in combination works to increase the metabolic activity.

Higher metabolic activity in the skeletal muscle tissue has been proven in mice when using SR-9099 and the product has proven its worth in humans as well. The product also increases the amount of the growth hormone in your body which naturally leads to development of new lean muscle, but also better sleep quality and overall metabolism.

SR-9099 has also shown as a great solution for fat loss and post workout muscle recovery and for those suffering from obesity or diabetes, it has shown not only to help reduce the fat storages but also help alleviate effects of diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.

The one thing that is certain is that using SR Elite will increase your endurance during workouts and improve your overall metabolism, making it easier for you to work out but also perform any other activities.

Should I Buy It?

Absolutely. Especially if you are suffering from obesity or any other condition that inhibits your endurance, SR Elite will be the exact product you need to get you working out hard and growing fast in the right direction. The product will help you burn off fat and quickly build lean muscles while also feeling great.

Unlike many steroids or prohormones, SR Elite comes with no side effects whatsoever, and you will not have your hair falling off, your breasts growing or any of the other nasty stuff that happens to people when they try to grow on steroids. This product works like a charm and it will not disappoint.

EDITOR'S TIP: This product has been discontinued. Check out SRar1ne instead

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