Super DMZ 2.0


This is the second time I’ve cycled any prohormone so I thought I’d share my review of Super DMZ 2.0 since I have personal experience with it.

With Super DMZ 2.0, you will immediately notice an increase in strength and muscle hardness. This is from the 10mg methylstenbolone that it includes.

The 10mg of dimethazine will cause huge size gains, without losing your definition. You will be shredded, strong, lean, and not only that, but you’ll be huge on Super DMZ 2.0. People will ask you what you’re on.

On Super DMZ 2.0 I gained a total of 12lbs and added 50 lbs to my bench. It was insane.

Super DMZ 2.0 worked wonders. I am truly amazed by this product.

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Check out this Super DMZ 2.0 review as this guy gets ready for the IFBB pro contest in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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