Tespo: The Keurig of Multi Vitamins? The Future is Here!


In 2015, supplement sales were between $37-39 billion. Experts believe that this number will continue to grow, at least until 2019. There’s a good chance that it will continue to grow beyond that.

It’s a huge market and there are no shortage of people looking to take advantage. In such a crowded market, it’s critical to offer something that differentiates yourself from the competition. Many a supplement company has been washed out in the noise because they were just like everybody else.

As supplements have increased in popularity, their scrutiny has increased as well. New research is constantly coming out and stating that vitamins and minerals aren’t as effective as they are leading on to be. There are various reasons as to why these supplements aren’t effective. Many companies utilize cheap ingredients and poor production methods to maximize profits.

Tespo, A Critical Look


Trust. Effective. Safe. Pure. Organized.


Determining what Tespo actually was took a little digging. The acronym doesn’t exactly scream supplement company or multi-vitamin. This may be a bad market play, but that’s a whole different can of worms. However, people will be able to respect Tespo's core values, illustrated above.

Tespo is a supplement company who is utilizing new technology in an attempt to deliver the necessary nutrients our body’s need. What sets Tespo apart from other companies, is the unique delivery system that allows the supplements to be more absorbable by the body.

Many people agree that liquid forms are more readily available by the body. However, many nutrients are unstable in liquid and by the time it reaches the consumer's hand, the nutrients aren't useful. Tespo brings a Keurig-like device into your kitchen and dissolves your vitamins and supplements into a single serving drink.


What Tespo Offers:

Tespo’s products start in powder form and dissolve into a single serving liquid beverage. With Tespo’s unique delivery method, they can provide supplements free of artificial dyes, colors, and flavors. Tespo also avoids the use of chemical fillers and binding glues. Tespo prides themselves on no “mega-dosing” of vitamins and follows suite of the Recommended Daily Standards.


Men’s Essential Multi-Vitamin

The men's essential multi-vitamin contains three key ingredients that separates it from other vitamins on the market.

CoQ10 – plays many roles in support of heart health

Lutein – a big player in eye health, thought to function as a filter, protecting the eyes’ tissues from ultraviolet rays

Zeaxanthanin – when combined with lutein, aids in protection of eyes and overall health

Women’s Essential Multi-Vitamin

Like the men’s multi, the women’s essential multi-vitamin contains CoQ10, Lutein, and Zeaxanthanin. Additionally, for the women, biotin is included to help promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Biotin – promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails

In a university, peer-reviewed study, 72 out of 72 subjects reported no upset stomach upon consuming the women’s essential multi-vitamin. The participates also enjoyed the taste with an overal rating of 9.5 out of 10. And, 64 out of 72 reported feeling better focus and energy.

Children’s Essential Multi-Vitamin

Tespo’s children’s essential multi-vitamin also includes Lutein and Zeaxanthanin. In many children’s vitamins, these nutrients are absent. With the increasing use of computers, smart phones, and tablets, it’s imperative to take action in protecting children’s eyes from pro-longed screen contact. Nutrients such as Lutein and Zeaxanthanin can help protect children’s developing eyes.

Tespo Energy

The price point of Tespo Energy is incredibly competitive with the other energy supplements on the market. Tespo energy’s cost is right around $1 per serving. Compare that to many of the energy drinks in your local convenient store and you’re saving quite a bit of money.

Here’s what Tespo offers in its energy blend:

Caffeine – each serving contains 100mg… it is not recommended to take more than 4 servings in one day

Guarana Extract – acts as a stimulant (as does caffeine) to help reduce mental and physical fatigue

Tespo Focus

A decaffeinated blend of mental energy, the Tespo Focus offers you the slight edge you may need to power through your day. Here are the ingredients that highlight Tespo’s Focus formula:

Ginseng – helps the body better cope with mental and physical stress and provides immune system support

Vitamin B12 – supports brain and energy production

Lutein – a big player in eye health, thought to function as a filter, protecting the eyes’ tissues from ultraviolet rays

Zeaxanthanin – when combined with lutein, aids in protection of eyes and overall health

Tespo is constantly looking to expand their product line and the aforementioned offerings is far from an extensive list. Like many other companies, Tespo is trying to reach the abundant supplement market from all angles.

Why Choose Tespo? 

While price isn’t everything, Tespo definitely is competitive in the pricing category. It’s very rare to see a company take such pride in their supplements and in the quality of their supplements and price them so low.

It begs the question: are other companies just ripping us off or is Tespo not being 100% honest about their quality?

It’s a difficult question to answer.

What separates Tespo from other vitamin/supplement companies is it’s delivery system. Yes, you must pay for the Keurig-like machine and as with most things, the start up costs is a bit higher than the monthly cost.

While Tespo has created a new and innovated supplement delivery system, they are still missing out on a big piece of the future of supplements: customization.

It’s not enough to simply offer a new delivery system and claim that the vitamins and minerals will absorb better. That’s fine and good, but there needs to be something to provide peace of mind to the consumer, that they are getting the best.

How do you convince the customer they are getting the best? Customize it!

Customized nutrition is where the industry is going and it will be what the market will want when it understands exactly what it is and why it’s important.

Several reasons for customized nutrition:

  • Varying nutrient need for individuals
    • Variables at Play:
      • Activity level
      • Dietary flaws
      • Genetic Pre-disposition

There are companies out there already demonstrating the capacity for customized dietary supplementation. It’s a growing science and will evolve significantly over the next few years. Companies that do not adapt will more than likely be left behind.

People are starting to understand that quality matters and are willing to pay a little higher price for a better quality product. Prove to the customers that your product can be molded to their exact needs, and you’ll have a product everybody will want!

Like all things, it may take a little time for the market to understand that they need it but eventually, they will discover that fact and be willing to pay for it.

Tespo has done a good job of differentiating themselves and offering a quality product. If the company can expand it's horizons and get where the market is going, they'll be very successful, not only from a money-making standpoint but in delivering the consumer a high-quality product.

Concluding Thoughts:

Tespo has proven it’s an innovated company that strives to offer it’s customers the best products possible. The price range is abnormally low for such an advertised high-quality product. That certainly is of quite the concern.

However, if they are able to fulfill their promise and deliver on top notch nutrient delivery system, at that price point, it’s one heck of a bargain. If Tespo decides to make their products more customizable, you’ll be looking at one, top-notch supplement company.

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