Testinate 250: An Effective Testosterone Booster or A Sham?

Testinate 250
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Review Summary:

I think Testinate 250 is one of the most versatile testosterone boosters you can get your hands on these days. if you want a more enhanced and even better results, HT Rush is the same product worth checking out.

Want to bulk up and get an athlete’s body? If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your diet and workouts, Testinate 250 may give you that extra help you need. It’s an elite muscle building supplement that can turn you into a Spartan.

But can men really get that coveted “ripped” body as promised? Find out in this review!

How Testinate 250 Works

Testinate 250 is a testosterone booster (men’s testosterone levels starts declining in their 20’s and 30’s) developed for over 3 years. It’s a natural formula loaded with 100% natural and effective ingredients that increases your testosterone levels to make your muscles fit and strong. It also acts as a fat burner so you can erase that extra fat from your body while boosting your ability to build more muscles. Because you’re able to push yourself further in your trainings, you get optimal results to accelerate your bodybuilding goals.

Testinate 250 can also help boost your libido. It’s is available in an easy-to-take daily formula and is creatine and sodium free.

Editor’s Tip: Check out Night T for an even better option.

Testinate 250 Ingredients

The makers of Testinate 250 gives no indication of what the ingredients are, making it a major reason why many have reservations about using this supplement. But it does boast of a lineup of an all-natural, pure and safe ingredients which are beneficial for human health.

Benefits of Testinate 250

The following benefits have been claimed on the Testinate 250 website:


Recommended Dosage

Take 1 pill a day after meals.

Possible Side Effects

Testinate 250 consists of natural and pure ingredients making it free from dangerous side effects.

How Much Does Testinate 250 Cost?

Unfortunately, the price of Testinate 250 remains a mystery. They do offer a 14-day free trial, but you’ll be charged immediately once the free trial has elapsed. Cancel in those 14 days like most people and you get to keep the product at no cost at all.

Testinate 250 Testimonials

Here are just some of the positive feedback from users who have already tried taking Testinate 250:

“When I saw many boys in college with beautiful and stronger bodies than mine, my desire increased to make my body more muscular. I joined the gym and trained hard but got very minimal results. My friend encouraged me to use Testinate 250. This supplement fulfills my desire and makes my body according to my desire!”

“I ordered Testinate 250, which was actually on a manufacturer’s special offer. Within just two months my body had transformed completely. I would honestly recommend this product to EVERYONE.”

Final Review

Now here's my final take on Testinate 250

I think Testinate 250 is one of the most versatile testosterone boosters you can get your hands on these days. Apart from earning quite a lot of positive feedback from people who already gave this one a go, I also think the awesome product deal it's got makes trying this T-booster an absolute win-win situation.

Come to think of it. You won't just find it easier to achieve the physique that you've always wanted with this T-booster, but you'll also be able to take your sexual performance up a notch while at it. Isn't that a combo you'll find really difficult walking away from?

This product truly works, but if you want a more enhanced and even better results, HT Rush is the same product worth checking out.


Have you tried Testinate 250? Let us know how it worked for you by leaving your own review below.

  1. It’s a scam,you get charged £99.99 not £4. And then every 90 days £99.99.
    Your bank statement will read £99.99 for hairstyling.
    Don’t be fooled the capsules do not work not fda approved,you will lose your money

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I bought this product thinking that is was going to be a legit supplement and was going to enhance my training. This company is nothing but a MASSIVE SCAM! Please don’t purchase the Testinate 250 or the Elite Gain 350.

    When I was researching the item, the deal they had was that you only had to pay for shipping charges. After I purchased the items and realised they actually took $103.99 AUD out of my account for each product, I emailed them STRAIGHT away asking for a refund because I didn’t want the product anymore. Most companies would understand but these bastards decided they were going to still send me the items when I didn’t want them. They gave me $50.00 off each item which was better than nothing but I still didn’t want it! I was under the impression that you only had to pay for shipping. I was very careful before purchasing if it said anything about paying extra but I didn’t see anything. Apparently in the very fine print in their privacy policy it says something. Extremely shifty!

    I tried sending them tonnes of emails and they always reply back with generic emails which really pissed me off after a while. They asked me to send back the item to an address in the Netherlands even though I hadn’t received the items yet. It took 3 months for them to arrive at my house! In their terms and conditions, it states that you can send back the items within 10 days of purchase but that’s impossible if you receive it after 3 months.

    So when I finally received it, I opened it considering to try it. When I looked at the packaging, there was NO WAY I was going to put that garbage in my body. The packaging looks terrible and there are no ingredients listed on it.

    I’ve considered sending it back to them and trying to get a refund but it will cost me $40.00 to send back to the Netherlands. I decided that I would rather let everyone else know that it’s a MASSIVE SCAM!

    This company is trying to look like a successful American company who supply their products to big celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). This company is definitely not American judging by their return address. Also, I just found this video made by them and it’s actually quite entertaining. Clearly they don’t have American accents so they’ve used a programmed voice. It sounds ridiculous!


    Please don’t be as stupid as I was to buy this garbage. Save your money! I watched ‘A Current Affair’ a few weeks ago and they strongly advise you to not by supplements internationally. The reason is because your country will have its own set of food regulations that will be followed by National food providers. There was some guy on this episode who actually died from using a product like this. Please don’t use it!

    I hope this helps your decision. Please buy another product that’s from your country. I’m sure there’s plenty of great supplements out there!

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