Finally…Here Are 5 Ways to Conquering a Hangover

Athlete or not, we have all been there. The perfect night out with friends, girls, music and dancing. Beer and shooters endlessly coming to your table or too much wine being poured at a dinner party, all leading up to the inevitable hangover the next day.

The perfect night turns into a horrible day after and all you want to do is lay in your bed and sleep, or as we often have a tendency to say in such situations “just die”.

The big problem with this can be that we leave our obligations unattended to and workouts can often be the first ones to go in such situations. Who has the will to work out the morning after getting hammered?! Well, you should not really skip your well planned workouts and here are some ways that you can help yourself not do that. We will discuss some methods of getting over a hangover and putting yourself back on track for the day.

Here is a fun video on what happens in our body after drinking lots of alcohol:


5. Use Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a common vitamin found in a whole host of foods we eat on a daily basis. One of its roles is to protect our liver from different toxins. When we drink alcohol, our liver experiences oxidation stress, which Vitamin C can help alleviate. Enough dietary Vitamin C before and after drinking can greatly help with the symptoms of a hangover.


4. Eat Lots of Magnesium Rich Foods

This is a mineral many of us may be very deficient in to start with. Add the fact that alcohol further depletes this nutrient, the day after drinking you may be left completely depleted of magnesium. Eating a lot of Magnesium rich food is generally advised and even more so if you are planning to have a wild party this weekend. It will be sure to decrease the effects of a hangover.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! And Pain Pills Are Your Friend

Drink water may seem like a ridiculous advice to an amateur who is hugging the toilette, but rehydrating your organism will be one of the most important things you can do to relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

Alcohol influences your kidneys to make you extract more water than you take in and causes dehydration. Dehydration is the cause of many of the common problems people have with hangovers, including headaches, dry mouth and nausea. Make sure to drink about 10 glasses of water spread through the morning after. Taking a pain reliever or two with your water will also help with some of the symptoms, mainly the headache. This is a good short term solution for the first hours.

2. Eat Nutritious Foods

It is a well-known fact that alcohol depletes our nutrients in a big way. Eating a banana to help you recover your potassium levels, some eggs for their amino acid cysteine that helps counter the effects of acetaldehyde or some tomatoes to pick up your metabolism will all greatly help you with the symptoms of a hangover. A bowl of bullion broth will help rehydrate you with water and electrolytes. Eat up!

1. Take Remedy by 1st Phorm

1st Phorm is a famous nutrition company, producing various dietary supplements that help with all kinds of dietary issues. Remedy is probably the best hangover “cure” out there. The product is extremely with all the nutrients that typically get depleted by alcohol. Nutrients such as Vitamin C, Potassium and Magnesium are all present in great amounts in this fantastic product and the ReVitalize Matrix contains a number of other extremely important nutrients that will surely help you get back on your feet, hit the gym and be back to your 100% again. Remedy GUARANTEES to make your hangover go away and allow you to get on with your life once more.

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