Agmatine Sulfate is touted to be quite useful when it comes to building muscles. Let’s give it a closer look in this review to find out if it’s really worth having in your supplement lineup.






  • Increase Growth Hormone Output
  • Increase IGF-1 Output, Antioxidant
  • Increased Luetenizing hormone Output, Builds Muscle
  • Better Insulin Sensitivity, Burns Fat
  • Increase Nitric Oxide, May reduce pain

iForce Nutrition did a great job with its last line of products and continues in the same fashion with their newest one called Agmatine Sulfate.

It is marketed as an extremely potent preworkout supplement that drastically increases your performance and vascularity, although it can be stacked with other pre workout supplements as well. The key benefits of Agmatine Sulfate are godlike pumps, improved endurance, increased vascularity and better overall athletic performance.

This is why I am going to do my best to explain to you what exactly this product can do.

Agmatine Sulfate Benefits

Agmatine Sulfate is well known for its effects on a wide variety of things, but it is still not a commonly used ingredient among bodybuilding products manufacturers. iForce Nutrition plans on changing that with their newest product called Agmatine Sulfate, which plans on making quite a stir when it hits the market.

After getting into your body, it will slowly start providing your body with large amounts of growth hormone, which will do a chain reaction giving you amazing pumps, increased strength and endurance, in addition to giving you significant vascularity enhancement as well. This is a MUST HAVE if you are serious about your bodybuilding plans.

Agmatine Sulfate Ingredients

If you want to know the full list of ingredients that are inside of this product, you should take a look at its label:

Agmatine Sulfate Supplement Facts

Agmatine Sulfate

This ingredient is derived from L-arginine through a process called decarboxylation. It is basically stored in neurons and is released throughout neuronal activation. Agmatine is considered to be a neurotransmitter and  a neuromodulator. Preliminary research suggests agmatine has potential use in the treatment of neuropathic pain as well as drug addiction.

Agmatine Sulfate Reviews

If you want to know what are other users saying about Agmatine Sulfate, you should definitely take a closer look at some of there reviews that I managed to find online:

“Very promising supplement but way overpriced, it does give you a pretty decent pump without any stimulants and you only require 1g. Definitely recommend if you can get a decent price.”

“I’ve bee very happy with this product. I take it mixed with glutamine and BCAA capsules pre-work out. What I can’t believe is the recovery times. I’m 39 years old and my body does not recover like it did when I was 19 :). I used to only be able to work any give body part only once a week because of sever muscle pain and stiffness after workout. Now I have mild stiffness and within a few days am ready to work the same muscle group again. It’s made lifting enjoyable again and the results were almost immediate”

“Leaves a little bit of an aftertaste, but that’s nothing since it makes you feel great! Seems to speed up recovery time like crazy and gives more power in the lift. I myself am not very strong, but this stuff is helping me get there.”

“This stuff is the real deal! If you guys can afford it also buy some citruline malate add both of them to your pwo and you have a recipe for discusting vasculerty and blood goreging pumps WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO BEGINNERS”

If you are still not convinced that this is a top class product, maybe this short video review will change your mind:

Agmatine Sulfate Conclusion

iForce Nutrition created a really interesting product. As you could have noticed from the text above, it is called Agmatine Sulfate and it is based on the said ingredient which has proven to be quite useful when it comes to building muscles. If you are looking for a great pump pre workout product that will not only increase your performance but give you greater growth hormone output and increase your vascularity level, then you should seriously consider opting for iForce Nutrition’s Agmatine Sulfate. It is a great product, and what is even better, you can get it for just under $40 in most retail stores.

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