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If you’re looking to add some quick lean pounds to your physique, Alpha Bulk by Forerunner Labs claims using it is one of the quickest and safest ways of getting the job done. How about we give it a closer look to find out if it’s worth giving a shot?

Alpha Bulk




When looking to get ripped fast, you will want to get your body into the most anabolic state possible. The problem with this is that using steroids to do so can cause some insanely nasty side effects and other compounds may not be potent enough. Prohormones are the more natural and less damaging solution and today we will be introducing a powerful yet fairly safe prohormone called Alpha Bulk.

Alpha Bulk by Forerunner Labs is based on a well-known prohormone 4-DHEA (4-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one) which, once introduced to your body’s skeletal muscle tissue turns into Testosterone, one of the most anabolic hormones possible and the one that basically makes men what they are.

Alpha Bulk Ingredients

As we already mentioned the main active ingredient of Alpha Bulk is 4-DHEA, one of the more common prohormones out there, known to turn into Testosterone and give powerful boosts to your physique while not causing severe side effects. However, 4-DHEA is not the only ingredient of Alpha Bulk and there are several other things in it that make it more potent than many other prohormones.

The DHB found in Alpha Bulk is a compound you can usually find in grapefruit juice, which serves as a powerful inhibitor of DHEA metabolization, which gives 4-DHEA longer half-life and increases its bioavailability in your body, allowing you to have more benefits from the compound.

The Agmatine Sulfate found in Alpha Bulk is another compound that will help you on your way to a better physique as it helps you increase the amounts of nitric oxide in your body as well as allowing you to maintain it longer. This compound also makes you release more natural growth hormones and has powerful anti-oxidant properties which are all great additions to the product’s overall potency.

Here is the full product label:

Alpha Bulk Supplement Facts
Alpha Bulk Supplement Facts

Alpha Bulk Dosage

A can of Alpha Bulk contains 168 liquid capsules of the compound. Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening, 1 per hour each, making sure you eat something along with each capsule. As usual, this product should not be taken by anyone with medical issues or persons under the age of 18. Athletes should always consult their sport’s governing body before using any prohormones.

Alpha Bulk Benefits

Alpha Bulk cycles seem to work like a charm for most users, allowing them to quickly add more lean muscle weight without using steroids and giving strength, energy and generally improving all anabolic effects.

Feedback on Alpha Bulk as well as other Forerunner Labs products has always been nothing short of spectacular and people really seem to love all their products. There is little negative to be said about Alpha Bulk and all we can really recommend is running a cycle and seeing how you do on it yourself.

Alpha Bulk Side Effects?

Alpha Bulk certainly seems to be one of the safer prohormones on the market. The compound is not liver toxic, which means on cycle support is not absolutely necessary, although we always recommend it with any prohormones.

While slight negative effects may happen due to aromatization of Testosterone to Estrogen, these have not been reported in too many cases either and it seems that Alpha Bulk does a really good job suppressing any of the usual side effects such as gynecomastia.

Alpha Bulk Reviews

Here is what a few of the Alpha Bulk users had to say about the product:

I stacked the mass with the bulk gain 10 to 15 pounds and my strength was very impressive! Well worth the money.

This is a great product for men…..It helps control you weight and it helps with your sex drive and testo levels increase…After the first month taking this product I could feel the difference…I will continue to use and order this product every month. Also, I like the great price and fast shipping…..Thank you from a very satisfied customer….

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Alpha Bulk is one of the most potent and well-known 4-DHEA supplements, with additional compounds that make the prohormone more bioavailable. If you are looking to bulk up, using Alpha Bulk, possibly stacked with Alpha Mass will do miracles for you as numerous customers have reported significant gains in size and lean muscle mass.

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