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Touted as a potent and extremely bioavailable 1-DHEA product, Alpha Mass is highly recommended to anyone looking to build dry and lean muscle. Let’s find out what it really brings to the table in this review.

Alpha Mass




Stacking 1-DHEA and 4-DHEA is one of the safest ways of knowing your cycle will give you great results, and Forerunner Labs created two products for this exact purpose. Today we present the other half of the cycle in Alpha Mass, a prohormone product based on 1-DHEA, which works great on its own and even better in combination with Alpha Bulk, the 4-DHEA product by the same company.

Alpha Mass Ingredients

The active compound in Alpha Mass is 1-DHEA or 1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, a powerful prohormone that turns into 1-Testosterone when introduced to the skeletal muscle tissue. In order to help this conversion, Forerunner Labs use DHB, a compound found in grapefruit juice that inhibits metabolization of DHEA and extends its half-life, making it more bioavailable.

Additionally, the product also features Agmatine Sulfate, a compound that enhances the creation of Nitric Oxide and its maintenance, which further helps give you strength and energy at the gym.

Here is the full product label with all the doses and ingredients:

Alpha Mass Supplement Facts
Alpha Mass Supplement Facts

Alpha Mass Benefits

Alpha Mass is a prohormone, meaning it does not have any powerful anabolic properties in itself. However, once introduced to your body, it will turn into 1-Testosterone, which is a powerful hormone, which many bodybuilders used to use in a pure form, shooting it straight into the veins.

The problem with shooting up with steroids is it causes lots of side effects, while prohormones usually tend not to be as bad with the side effects and provide you with much of the same positives.

1-Testosterone is a very powerful hormone that will see you growing significantly within a matter of just weeks as many customers have reported gaining many pounds (over 10) of dry and lean muscle within a single cycle.

Alpha Mass Dosage

Alpha Mass comes in a container of 168 bio tablets, to be used 6 per day. Consume 3 tablets in the morning and three in the evening, with an hour between single tablets. Make sure you consume with small but fatty meals.

How To Use Alpha Mass

While Alpha Mass in itself is a truly great product, the best way to run a cycle of it is stacked with Alpha Bulk, the other DHEA prohormone made by Forerunner Labs. Ingesting both 1-DHEA and 4-DHEA at the same time will give you even more gains and will balance out the wet gains from 4-DHEA with dry gains from 1-DHEA, giving you optimal physique.

Running these two products side by side is guaranteed to give the best results and there is pretty much not much more you can do to build up past using these two products and hitting the gym hard with a proper diet.

Alpha Mass Side Effects?

One major upside of 1-DHEA is that, unlike many other prohormones, it is not liver-toxic. The lack of any liver toxicity is a great feature as it means you don’t have to worry much about on cycle support and generally about having liver issues.

The most common side effects on 1-DHEA is lethargy, which can certainly be fought off with other supplements and good diet. Another problem, while minor, that some people have reported is that running a cycle of Alpha Mass and Alpha Bulk will mean taking a large amount of pills but this is certainly not something to worry about too much, only a little inconvenient.

Other common prohormone side effects have not been reported with Alpha Mass.

Alpha Mass Reviews

Here are the testimonials of some Alpha Mass customers:

“Overall, this is a solid product. according to many it is a mild compound. Sides were low. Gains in strength were amazing. Still taking it but it’s a good solid choice. FRL has a new formula out now.”

“At the doses I’m running Alpha mass + 1-andro RD right now, the results are amazing. It is no doubt a contender with the methylated PHs like Hdrol in terms of strength. The best part is that the side effects are not there like they are for me with Hdrol, except for the lethargy.”

Alpha Mass Conclusion

Alpha Mass is a prohormone you will want to try at least once, and if you stack it with Alpha Bulk it is extremely likely you will not want to stop as the gains will be insane. The side effects with Alpha Mass are minor and only lethargy seems to be a major issue, which can be battled by using other products.

In conclusion, we have to give Alpha Mass a good grade and we recommend you to try running a cycle and letting us know how you did in the reviews section.

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