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Alphamine is an interesting new fat burner made by PEScience. It promises great effects with its powerful ingredients. Does it work? Find out here!





Fat burners are among the fastest growing supplements on the bodybuilding market, and for a good reason – they are becoming more effective with each passing month. New technological advances have improved their quality and nowadays they are able to effectively burn fat quicker than ever. That’s exactly what can be said about Alphamine by PEScience. It is a brand new product on the market that already has lots of positive praise from its users.

This is actually not surprising considering the sheer power (and dosage amounts) of its ingredients. And that’s just what we are going to examine today. In addition to its ingredients, we will also check out how exactly does it work and what benefits can you expect from it. So without further adue, let’s start with the Alphamine review!

Alphamine Benefits

Alphamine can be considered as a special type of fat burning product. Why? Well, because it selectively burns fat from particular body parts (the ones which you exercise the most during the usage period) while preserving all of your muscle mass. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman – Alphamine will do the trick for you and burn the fat from places you want the most. The greatest virtue of Alphamin is not its powerful fat burning capability but its potent muscle hardening agent that will sculpt your body to its ideal style. Combined with demanding cardio excercises will put your body in an extreme fat burning state that will definitely produce the wanted results.

Alphamine Ingredients

Alphamine Supplement Facts

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant. It has powerful characteristics that separate it from the competition by a mile. Anhydrous represents the purest chemical structure of caffeine known to mankind. It is extremely powerful in providing its users with a massive spike of energy and enhancing their cognitive functions as well as determination.

Choline Bitartate

Choline Bitartate is a wonder medicine used for a variety of health issues ranging from depression, memory loss, dementia, and even during pregnancy for prevention of neural tube defects. In bodybuilding supplements, Choline Bitartate is used because of its cholesterol-lowering effects. In addition to that, it is also known to delay fatigue which is always helpful during demanding workout sessions.

Yohimbe Bark

Yohimbe is a popular ingredient commonly found across a wide variety of different supplements on the market. It is there due to several of its beneficial abilities including the promotion of weight loss and improvement of athletic performance.

As you can see, Alphamine is packed with well-known ingredients that are bound to do the trick. But, good ingredients aren’t the only factor in a quality product. The key is in all of them working synergically together, which is exactly what folks at PEScience managed to do with Alphamine.

Alphamine Side Effects

Unfortunately, Alphamine does have several mild side effects. They are not dangerous but can be disturbing if they last longer than a couple of days. Side effects include anxiety (Yohimbe), sweating (choline) and headaches (caffeine).

Alphamine Reviews

As I have already mentioned in the beginning of this review, there are plenty of people praising Alphamine for its effects. Still, despite that, I found a lack of reviews available online. These are all I could find, but they still prove my point of how good this fat burner is.

“This is amazing! Not only did I lose weight but I also got way better energy than before. I don’t know is it because of Alphamine or is it just my natural reaction to weight loss. All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the results and I will definitely but another bottle!”

“So far so good! I’ve been using Alphamine for the last 2 weeks, following the dosage instruction carefully (as always). I’ve lost 3 pounds (not a lot, I know, but it’s still something, right?) but what’s even more awesome is the fact that I am feeling amazing. It boosted my confidence and it seems as though it improved my overall mood as well. Great stuff!!!”

Alphamine Conclusion

All things considered, I believe it is pretty clear that folks over at PEScience did a fairly good job with Alphamine. It is an excellent weight loss product consisting of powerful ingredients that will definitely do the job. Still, you need to stick to your diet plan and workout as hard as you can otherwise you won’t get decent results. What I am basically trying to say is that you should not consider Alphamine as a magical fat burner. It PROMOTES weight loss and fat burning but it cannot do all the job by itself (not a single supplement product in the world can do that).

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