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Review Summary:

I give AlphaSurge DRV a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It has some great ingredients and is clearly very effective.

The idea is simple: greater pumps lead to increased muscle volume which leads to increased leverage and overall strength.

With AlphaSurge DRV the application of this concept is even simpler, so you can achieve skin-splitting pumps which are far more than just for show.

What is AlphaSurge DRV?

AlphaSurge DRV offers a selection of ingredients such as B vitamins, Glycerol Monostearate, and Arginine Malate which work synergistically to increase the blood volume in your muscles while also ensuring your blood is rich with oxygen.

This causes the muscle cells to become saturated with nutrient-rich blood and fluid, and combining this with intense training makes the cells swell up.

For years many athletes and researchers have scoffed at gymgoers chasing the pump, claiming that it did little to increase strength or hypertrophy.

Now we see more and more research coming out which directly indicates that this swelling of muscle cells actually causes signaling within the body which causes it to shuttle more and more blood and glycogen into the muscles, thus further promoting anabolism.

What this basically translates into is more progress for you!

Used alone, you should very quickly start surprising yourself as you start flinging iron around as if it was nothing; when combined with other supplements like BCAA and fast-digesting carbohydrates, there’s really no way you’re not going to be bringing the roof down!

What’s more, Alpha GPC is a form of choline that occurs naturally within the brain. Choline and its derivatives act as nootropics in humans, which provide a potent way of increasing your focus and concentration without the unnecessary jitters that often come from excessive caffeine consumption.

AlphaSurge DRV is a caffeine-free product so in the inclusion of nootropics is a great idea and you should still have no problem drinking your pre-workout black coffee if you still want that extra boost.

Another interesting ingredient is Rutaecarpine. This natural plant extract acts in a similar manner to beta alanine to help the body more rapidly and effectively flush metabolic waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide from the muscles.

This ultimately leads to increased muscular endurance during grueling high-rep sets, and more rapid recovery as your body is better equipped to deal with the nasty intracellular byproducts resulting from hard training.

How to Use AlphaSurge DRV

One thing that initially put me off of this pre-workout supplement is that it comes in capsule form rather than as a free-flowing powder.

One serving of AlphaSurge DRV consists of 10 capsules and is to be taken roughly 30 minutes prior to training with 16 – 20oz of water; this is hardly the most convenient thing in the world, but it should help to ensure you are adequately hydrated from the moment you set foot in the gym.

Side effects

Side effects are one of the biggest reasons why people opt for or steer away from a certain bodybuilding supplement. Luckily, AlphaSurge DRV has no problems with side effects meaning that it will most likely attract a whole bunch of people solely because of it. Still, I feel obliged to report that I have been feeling light headaches since I started taking this supplement. It's nothing scary, far from that actually. They usually go away on their own after a couple of minutes. If not, I just ignore them since they are not really that painful.

What do AlphaSurge DRV users have to say about its effects? Are they satisfied with their results?

Here are two testimonials that prove AlphaSurge DRV is a great pre-workout supplement:

“This is probably the best vasodilator on the market. After just 2 days of using it I've already noticed extreme improvements in my vascularity which later on led to bigger and better pumps. It also made me feel more determined to follow my goals which is always a plus from these sorts of products. All in all, if great pre-workout is what you are looking for, then this sucker is all you need!”

“This shit is awesome! I remember watching a review on Youtube for this product and I just had to buy it afterward. Fast forward 1 month and here I am bigger and bulkier than ever. I'm absolutely crazy down at the gym and it's all thanks to this awesome little fella!!!”


I’m not keen on having to take a fistful of pills before training but it’s well worth it because the pump effects are pretty noticeable before you even start lifting!

I give AlphaSurge DRV a rating of 4.5 out of 5; it has some great ingredients and is clearly very effective.

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  1. Let me just say that I get the best pump ever when I take this product. It is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Let me just say that I get the best pump ever when I take this product. It is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

  3. Awesome pre workout if your looking for amazing energy and focus!! Would recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade there pre workout.

  4. I wanna leave a review for all 1st Phorm Products! I use to use MHP and BPI products and did the same routine I do now. The top left photo shows the results I got from those products. I have been using 1st Phorm since May of this year after I seen a posting from Rob Bailey on Facebook. As soon as I got my first order of CTC I was hooked! It tasted amazing! How you guys got the flavors spot on is incredible. The other 3 photos were from a photo shoot this past weekend and the results are shown. In just a little over 4 months I transformed my body to what I have been working so hard for. I wish I would have known about 1st Phorm sooner!I am not done changing and working hard, I will continue to take 1st Phorm for life!! True Results!!

  5. Love this product! I have never felt so pumped up in my life. Alpha Surge and MegaWatt provide me with the energy and focus I need to kick my workouts ass while dieting! No jitters or crash either!

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