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  • Amino-Tren
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  • Last modified: April 6, 2018

Review Summary:

Amino-Tren is a pre and post workout formula with a variety of useful compounds that will improve your strength, energy, endurance and muscle recovery to give you better results at the gym, guaranteed.

Amino–Tren made by ProMera Sports, is a new amino acid mix, in Tangerine and Blue Raspberry flavored powder. This product can be used as a pre or post workout supplement. You can use it as a muscles support product during the exercise or to speed up recovery and escape from fatigue. This two-in-one supplement, a mix of Free Form Amino Acids and Beta-Alanine, also includes forms of electrolytes, magnesium, sodium and potassium and coconut powder. This formula provides nutrients, minimizes electrolytes, improves muscle protein synthesis, saves you from mental and physical fatigue, so you can do more each day, you will not believe how easy it can be!

How does it work?

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine) helps body to convert food into energy. Together with the Vitamin B12 helps the body to make the neurotransmitter that carries signals from one nerve cell to another. Body needs Vitamin B6 so it can absorb Vitamin B12 and make red blood cells and immune system cells. They keep health of nerves, blood cells and metabolism. Vitamin B12 also controls levels of homocysteine in the blood.

Magnesium (As Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine Chelate) is the building block for protein, really necessary in the body. Potassium (As Amino Acid Complex And Raw Coconut Water Concentrate) is vital for muscle activity, it regulates nerve signals from brain and spinal column to muscles, so it provides proper fluid balance in the body and attract nutrients into cells. It keeps muscle hydration and initiates the replacement of electrolytes. Sodium (As Sodium Citrate And Sodium Glycerophosphate) is the sodium salt of citric acid, so it can act as an alkaline source in the body. It is usually used as acidity regulator. Sodium can maintain water balance.

How Do I Take It?

One serving(one scoop) mixed  with 4-6 ounces of water shaked or stired, should be consumed 15-20 minutes before training. Before increasing dose, be sure tolerance on product is established.  In 24 hours do not use more than 4 servings.  On the non-training days we recommend only one serving in between meals, on an empty stomach. Avoid product 4-6 hours before sleep, if you want to escape insomnia. If you suspect or  have any medical condition, or you notice unusual changes caused by product, consult your doctor. Every serving has 100mg of caffeine, so it is necesary to avoid other products with caffeine while consuming this one. Keep out of reach of children, do not use if pregnant or nursing. Effects can vary from one person to another, specific results cant be guaranteed.

Here is the full product Label:

Amino-Tren Supplement Facts

Amino-Tren Supplement Facts


Here is what some of the customers had to say about Amino-Tren:

I've become a big fan of ProMera Sports products and Amino-Tren has been part of my pre-workout regimen for over a year now. As with the other ProMera products I use, the taste is great and the benefits in muscle gain appears to be as expected. I stack this with Con-Cret and Peak 400 (ATP) and I'm getting great results. I'm a regular user of this product and actually have some arriving today.

Without a doubt the best tasting BCAA product I have ever tried. I love this stuff so much. I have been having one during my workout which also helps keep me going as it has a small amount of caffeine in it. Also have one during the day to keep my electrolytes up. Good value for money too with 80 serves per tub.

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Why should you buy it?

Consumers highly recommend Amino-Tren if you are looking for the product that will give you extra energy throughout training and get you ready for the next one. Amino-Tren is recommended for anyone preparing for competition, doing weights or just cardio.   You are just going to love it!

Order Amino-Tren Now For $27.99.


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