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1st Phorm’s Anabolic Bridge is a specially-formulated blend of the amino acids and vitamins essential to the optimal synthesis of muscle protein.

Anyone working to get in shape – really great shape – and the gain in strength and energy that come with it, first needs to know and understand two words: “anabolic” and “catabolic”.

So let’s start from there, if we’re looking to get a grasp on what’s so special about Anabolic Bridge, the latest product to hit the shelves from 1st Phorm Nutrition – and which seems so accurately named for what it aims to be.

Anabolic and catabolic are two distinct and opposite processes that take place in the human body, specifically in relation to muscle and tissue growth.

When your body is said to be in an anabolic state, tissue and muscle growth, build up and maintenance take place. This process requires energy, naturally provided by food and occasionally augmented by nutrition and energy supplements.

The opposite of anabolic is the catabolic state, which requires no energy but in fact, releases or provides energy from the digestion and breakdown of food that has been taken in. This energy is what is needed to put the anabolic state in motion for tissue and muscle buildup.

Simply put, during the catabolic state, food and nutrition being taken in is broken up for the production of energy. And, in the anabolic state, the body is using this energy for the dynamic process of muscle and tissue build up, maintenance or repair.

Bridging the catabolic gap and staying anabolic

For the average health buff or even ordinary person, what this means is that the human body goes through cycles of energy production (catabolic) and energy utilization for muscle production (anabolic).

But what this means to one who’s into real workout exercises and serious about body-building and fat loss is that keeping the body in an anabolic state hastens the growth, build up and repair of muscles, especially after a strenuous workout.

Scientific and medical research back the bodybuilding workout principle that if you're aiming to achieve muscle growth or improved body composition, your body will need constant infusion of essential amino acids during the day to sustain a continuous anabolic state and guarantee muscle protein synthesis.

As mentioned before, these essential amino acids are present in a high-protein meal or, for serious athletes and gym buffs, in protein supplements. And they boost the blood’s amino acid levels, which in turn stimulate protein synthesis[ in the muscles.

However, this takes place for only about two hours after a protein-load meal or supplement intake. Which means that after a couple of hours, amino acid levels return to normal and the body goes from an anabolic state of muscle-building, to a catabolic state which breaks it down.

This understanding has led to the search for an anabolic bridge – a product that will fill the gap between the catabolic state or process to ensure that muscles are kept in constant and steady state of growth. Especially, and this is crucial, when you've skipped a meal or have to take it late (longer than two hours), because food intake is what triggers the catabolic process that releases the energy needed for anabolism.

On the right anabolic track

So, how else do you call a product that actually bridges the gaps when you’ve missed a meal or are taking it late, when you need the essential amino acids for your body needs to stay anabolic? Anabolic Bridge!

1st Phorm’s Anabolic Bridge is a specially-formulated blend of the amino acids and vitamins essential to the optimal synthesis of muscle protein. Taken between meals and protein supplements that you may sometimes miss out on because of a busy day, Anabolic Bridge keeps you in an anabolic state so your body can maximize its potential to develop tissues and grow muscles.

It’s important though, if you want to get the most from it, to know when and how to use Anabolic Bridge.

First off, it’s not a product meant to be used on a daily basis. Other products that claim to achieve the same purpose may be marketed and pushed as a daily supplement, as additional amino acids on top of your protein intake. And you can see why that would be important to them in terms of bottom line sales figures.

On the other hand, the 1st Phorm researchers and producers of Anabolic Bridge designed it for use when your body really needs it – specifically, when you’ve gone more than a couple of hours without a dose or meal of protein. Then Anabolic Bridge would be the boost to get your body through the gap and keep your body in an anabolic state for muscle protein synthesis.

So clearly, that wouldn't mean everyday. And it’s a plus point for me that Anabolic Bridge isn’t being pushed as a product I would have to lean on as a daily diet supplement crutch – and that the 1st Phorm guys are honest about it.

Anabolic Bridge Testimonials

Check out some of these user reviews I came across online:

Definitely been waiting for such a revolutionary product. Any and everyone can and WILL benefit from this!

This will aid in maximizing the protein synthesis during your morning workout. Taking Anabolic Bridge before going to bed helps keep your body in this state for a few more hours as you sleep, giving you a virtually 24/7 anabolic state.

When to take Anabolic Bridge

Knowing how it works and when to get the most benefit from it, I’d say aside from taking it to bridge late or skipped meals, the best time for Anabolic Bridge is in the morning just before a workout or cardio/weights or (yes, I've tried it too and have experienced no negative effects) the night before gym time.

Here’s the technical details on that: Taking Anabolic Bridge upon awakening in the morning, or some 30 to 45 minutes before a meal, will bring the body back to the anabolic state first thing in the morning. Expectedly because your body slipped into the catabolic state while it was sleeping and at rest. This early morning dose will maximize protein synthesis during your morning workout.

In the evening, just before bedtime, Anabolic Bridge will keep your body in an anabolic, muscle-building state for a few more hours as you sleep.

The rest of the day, your body should be getting its essential amino acids boost from well-planned meals. And if it’s not because of a heavy or altered schedule, then you have Anabolic Bridge to take up the slack.

This way, you’ll be on anabolic drive 24 hours a day!

But you really don’t have to take anybody’s word for it though. You can get Anabolic Bridge delivered to you today, at free shipment when you click on this link

*All 1st Phorm products have a 110% money back guarantee.


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