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Andro Elite by Focused Nutrition claims it’s a prohormone supplement that you shouldn’t miss out on. Why don’t we subject this one to a review to see if it can really get the job done?

Andro Elite





  • It boosts testosterone level in the body providing excellent performance in athletes.
  • It pumps up the body within a short time span which leads to bulky muscles.
  • It helps the users recover quickly after the exhaustion and this is a big plus point for performers.
  • It helps keep R.B.C count healthy, It provides instant strength which is very helpful for athletes.
  • It is believed to help in sexual arousal in males, It helps in regaining sex drive in women.

Prohormone supplements are among the most used supplements and are probably the hardest ones to properly manufacture due to the fact that many things can go wrong if the dosages are not appropriately set. When it comes to Focused Nutrition, you know that you do not have to worry about any of that because they carefully manufacture every supplement they make, and nothing different can be said about their newest one called Andro Elite.

After a series of top quality supplements such as Epi Andro Elite, Epi Andro and Tudca Elite, Focused Nutrition decided to step up a notch yet again and is presenting us with their newest prohormone supplement called Andro Elite. It is marketed as an extremely potent male prohormone supplement that aims to maximize your aggression, muscle gains, potency, and strength.

It utilizes an innovative formula which is bound to do the magic, which is exactly why we are going to do a thorough review on it just to see how good it really is! With this in mind, let’s jump straight to business.

Andro Elite Benefits

Andro Elite is marketed as a potent prohormone supplement that aims to give you an edge down at the gym. With its carefully dosed formula, it has the ability to promote bulking of your muscles, give you a significant increase in both strength and endurance, and last but not least – it will also increase your aggression which will surely make you the alpha male in your pack!

Andro Elite Ingredients

If you want to know the ingredients of this product you should definitely take a look at its label:

Andro Elite Supplement Facts

Now that you have seen the label of this product, it is time to check out its main ingredient, the one that makes the magic happen:

Androsterone is an anabolic steroid, a weak androgen, and a scheduled H drug. It can be considered as a precursor of the male hormone testosterone and female hormone estrogen. Androsterone has the ability to enhance the testosterone levels which ultimately boost your body, hence providing excellent output. This helps bodybuilders to pump up their body within a short span of time.

Andro Elite Reviews

Yes! There are lots of informative testimonials for Andro Elite. Why don’t we take a look at some of them to see what do other users have to say about its effects:

“I ordered this 2 weeks ago and got it within a week (not too bad considering it’s a fairly new product). Even though I expected A LOT from it, because it was so expensive (at least for my wallet), I have to admit that I was not dissappointed at all. Within the first couple of days I already started noticing significant improvements around my biceps, which is the first area in which I bulk after using similar products. After a week of usage my phisique underwent drastical changes. In other words, I’m gonna buy this thing again, for sure!”

“Andro Elite is the best prohormone that I have tried so far. It gave me everything: potency, strength, size, endurance. . . Litterally everything it claims ti can do – it did for me. I was so amazed by its effects that I already ordered another bottle!”

“This shit works like a charm. 10 days in and I already feel it throughout my entire body whenever I’m down at the gym. I warmly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a shitload of prohormone action in their cycle! 10 / 10 !!”

Andro Elite Conclusion

When we look at all the facts stated in the text above, it is safe to say that Focused Nutrition did a great job with their newest PH supplement. Andro Elite has everything you need from a PH product, and will make sure you get all the gains you’re working so hard for. With this being said, it is pretty clear that I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to drastically shape up their physique. Go get it and see for yourself, it can really make a difference!

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I just got this and was wondering if I could run it at100mgs a day for 6-8 weeks combined with ostarine? The past 5 days I was running it at150 mgs but I was getting pretty annoying joint pains.
I know that is common with dry compounds like this. Would it even be worth running at100mgs or should I just wait for another time to run it?

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