Andro Quad

Andro Quad claims that its innovative combination of different prohormones will give you the difference you’re looking for. Let’s give it a closer look in this review.

Andro Quad





  • Increase Muscle Growth
  • Improve Strength
  • Increase Protein Synthesis
  • Increase Performance
  • Promote Fat Loss

Protein synthesis and testosterone levels are crucial to any bodybuilder out there. By mixing multiple prohormones in one single capsule, Primeval Labs have created Andro Quad, a powerful prohormone product that promises to give you more muscles and strength, less body fat and a body of a titan.

Unlike many other prohormones that use only one compound, Andro Quad utilizes the combined power of four different compounds that each have their unique role and give the product a distinct amount of potency.

Andro Quad Ingredients

Andro Quad uses a mixture of 4 different compounds to reach its full potency. Here is how they work:

  • Laxogenin is a steroidal sapinogen which, according to research, promotes protein synthesis in your muscle. Using Laxogenin for just a few days has proven to greatly increase strength and using it over a full cycle has in almost all instances increased body mass significantly. This happens because Laxogenin increases the natural protein synthesis by up to amazing 200%.
  • Andro-1 is the second compound in Andro Quad, and is one of the most powerful prohormones that converts to 1-Testosterone. This prohormone has been well known to increase strength, endurance, as well as give you powerful pumps and noticeable increases in vascularity on a regular basis.
  • Another Testosterone metabolite, 4-Andro stacks extremely well with 1-Andro and allows for even more muscle gains, strength increases and increases the male libido by a great amount.
  • The final ingredient in the compound is SARM Ostarine, a compound exerting anabolic effects unknown to any other selective androgen receptor modulator. This compound binds to the receptors, promoting protein synthesis. This of course results in greatly improved recovery time and quality.
Andro Quad Supplement Facts
Andro Quad Supplement Facts

Andro Quad Benefits

As far as how the product measures up to the claims, I have to give it a thumbs up. The product has repetedly done marvels for its consumers, who all swear that Andro Quad gave them pounds and pounds of lean muscle mass, while also burning off the excess fat from the belly and other regions.

What is more, I could hardly find any complaints of side effects out there, which is kind of rare for a prohormone, as they often come with various minor or major side effects and some people really tend to be influenced in a bad way. But not Andro Quad. This product seems to be as safe as a prohormone can be. The only sides I saw people report were minor headaches and lethargy, but these don’t even have to be related to the product and are very minor either way.

The product shows noticeable increases in strength and eventually significant muscle gains for its users. The gains are clean and smooth, and the product also seems to really help burn off the excess fat, so you can expect between 6 and 12 pounds of fresh lean muscle on your body after one proper cycle of using it.

Andro Quad Dosage

The product is fairly simple to use. Simply take one capsule three times a day, best done with 6 hours apart. Do not take more than 3 capsules in one day and do not take for longer than 8 weeks. Make sure to take an 8 week break between cycles. Make sure to use proper on cycle support and post cycle therapy.

Andro Quad Reviews

Here is what the users had to say about this product:

“Ran for 2 caps for 30 days. I felt that my strength and stamina went up well. As far as weight gained was around 6 pounds. That’s just with my normal intake. Not a bad product but it is a bit pricy for what it is.”

“It does what it says. I’ve noticed excellent strenght and fuller rounder muscle bellies. I have been able to recover a bit faster as well.”

“For the most part this was side effect free, I did have a little lethargy on a couple days but I wasn’t too bad at all.”

Andro Quad Conclusion

If the above wasn’t clear enough let me make it, Andro Quad is a truly great prohormone. Without any illegal or dangerous compounds and with minimum side effects, this product delivers huge strength and muscle gains and is sure to help you in your quest for perfect physique.


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