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Androbolic 250




As we age, the activity level of Testosterone decreases and it is harder to add on high quality pounds. APS Nutrition has found the solution, a supplement which helps you to keep on training and maintain the chiseled physique, no matter how old you are. Even if you are doing heavy lifting your joints will be satisfied. It is everything that serious athlete needs! Androbolic 250 by APS Nutrition uses a unique system called “Controlled Release Technology” that has 5 anabolic compounds that do magic to muscles and stay active for 6-8 hours.

Androbolic 250 Ingredients

Androbolic 250 is a fairly complex formula that contains the following main ingredients:

Proprietary Prohormone & Anabolic Blend (250mg)

Androstenolone Acetate or DHEA Acetate Ester:  Is a hormone and precursor to many important hormones such as Testosterone. That is why is very useful for persons with low Testosterone levels and catabolic wasting. It helps  creating new muscle cells for  muscle growth and allowing your body to retain more nutrients, which leads to lean weight gain.

1-Androstene-3b-ol,17-one Caproate: DHEA derivate, which becomes 1-AD after double conversion process ( also known as 1-Testosterone), a compound 7 times more anabolic than Testosterone. It is proponent of 1-Andro ( AKA 1-Andro with a Caproate ester- popyl hexanate ester) as a greate prohormone which is the strongest legal prohormone on the market today. With this compound cant come to conversion to estrogene so water retantion wont be a problem. Additionaly, even during  and after PCT gains are easy to maintain.

3b-Hydroxy-Etiallocholan-17-one: Is asepiandrotestosterone (or Epi-Andro) that converts into DHT . In high doses in combination with other ingredients improves strength, water retention, sex life, muscle mass and mood. Best for overall hardening and energy increase.

4-Androstenolon (4-Andro): Is a precursor to Testosterone that is better than DHEA. It is Testosterone that can convert to other androgens and restores hormonal ratio of androgens to Estrogen. It maintains libido, provides water retention that increases strength and energy levels.

Proprietary Plant Androgenic & Anabolic Blend (500mg)

Diosterol™ Brand Dioscorea Nipponica Makino 50-67:1 Extract: Is the extract of Dioscorea Nipponica Makino plant. It has bioactive fractions, rich with steroidal furostanolic saponins and glycosides: Protodioscin, Progenin II, Irodoid Glycosides, Diosgenin and very popular 5 Hydroksy Laxogenin.

Proprietary Adaptogen and Protein Synthesis Extract (500mg)

Mesobolin™ Brand Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract: Extract of Rhaponticum Carthamoides plant (known as Maral Root or Russian Leuzea)  is natural anabolic and andopategen which includes ecdysterones. It stimulates muscle protein synthesis, so it is good for growth of muscles without affecting hormones. Besides, it can mimic insulin function, increase blood flow, glucose uptake and stabilize glycogen levels.

Androbolic 250 Supplement Facts

Androbolic 250 Dosage

Once or twice a day, take two tablets before meals, with 8-12 hours in between. Never take more than 4 tablets in a 24 hour period. For beginners we advise that you start with 2 tablets daily for first 4 weeks(one bottle) and for experienced users to turn this into 5-8 weeks (two bottles). After the recommended  cycle, it is necessary to start PCT (post cycle therapy) and to start an anti-estrogen/aromatize inhibitor (AL) as 4-andro has the tendency to convert to Estrogen.

Androbolic 250 is made for intermediate to advanced athletes, not for the beginners. Not for woman or man younger than 21 years. Can’t diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any kind of disease. Caution and consultation with doctor and endocrinologist is necessary. Strictly forbidden to combine with and medications and supplements or use in case of serious health problems or history of medical conditions. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Androbolic 250 Reviews

Here is what some users had to say about Androbolic 250:

“As far as cycle: Tomorrow will be a full week. I definitely feel very full and strong. I think the Erase is helping. No bloating or anything so far. Only side I seem to notice is that I feel very awake at night. My workouts are very vascular and strong and I look forward to the coming weeks.”

“I realize its low dosed. That’s where my thoughts of adding another 50mg of DHEA came in. Also due to APS reputation, i thought to try their new product, because their former products had great results. I’m currently only 4 days in, but today’s workout was very vascular and energized.”

Androbolic 250 Conclusion

Androbolic 250 is a fairly powerful prohormone designed for intermediate level athletes and builders.  It dramatically increases muscle mass and power, keeps energy levels high and you can soon find your strength on new PR levels. Today it is one of the strongest prohomones on the market and has receiver very solid testimonials from those who have given it a shot. We recommend running a cycle yourself and letting us know how you did.

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1 reply on “Androbolic 250”

Great product for building lean muscle and improving strength overall. I gained about 7 solid pounds of muscle in 4 weeks and look leaner. This product is as advertised and does its job well, however, you have to train and eat healthy as its not a steroid or heavy bulking product and will not work well without weight training. I noticed my muscles felt more pumped after just 48 hrs and noticed an increased appetite for about the first 2 weeks and then it leveled off. Otherwise, I had zero side effects over 6 week period. Very safe overall and went well with amino’s and protein.

I would say the only downside is the dosage amount. 2-4 tabs daily at 30 doses per bottle lasts 2-3 weeks, so at 4 per day i had to buy two bottle to get through 4-6 weeks, but it is worth the price in my opinion.

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