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AndroZome EPI-4




When looking to build up our lean muscle mass, many of us like to use prohormones to help us in this mission. While products with a single prohormone can be perfectly effective, mixing two or more prohormones into one can often give you multiple results that complement each other perfectly.

This is exactly the case with Androzome Epi-4 by EPG. Androzome Epi-4 is a very powerful prohormone blend of 4 Andro and Stanodrol which will increase the levels of both Testosterone and DHT in your system, increasing your lean body mass quickly and combatting any conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen by fighting the Estrogen related side effects.

Androzome Epi-4 Ingredients

As I already mentioned, Androzome Epi-4 contains two major prohormones in in 4-Andro and Stanodrol. Additionally, the capsules contain 4-Andro bound to Decanoic Acid which is a saturated fatty acid used to make 4-Andro more fat soluble and thus more bioavailable.

Here is the complete product label with dosages of all ingredients:

Androzome Epi-4 Supplement Facts

Androzome Epi-4 Benefits

Androzome 4-Epi works twofold as it uses two strong prohormones as its base. Both 4-Andro and Stanodrol will help increase your strength, endurance, recovery times and build up your lean muscle mass. 4-Andro does this by converting into Testosterone and we all know that high Testosterone levels mean increases in all aspects of one’s physique. Stanodrol on the other hand converts to DHT and in doing so not only helps improve your performance and results but also combats the Estrogen conversion which is inevitable when your Testosterone levels start rising.

Running a cycle of Androzome Epi-4 for about 6 weeks should help you build up some 10 pounds of new lean muscle mass, accompanied with proper diet and workouts. Both on cycle support and post cycle therapy will be needed with this powerful prohormone as despite having pretty mild side effects the product can still damage your liver somewhat and your hormone levels will be completely off the charts by the time you are done and will need to be returned to normal.

Androzome Epi-4 Side Effects

Any prohormone that converts into Testosterone can lead to Estrogen conversion and in the case of Androzome Epi-4 you can expect that some Testosterone will aromatize and become Estrogen. High Estrogen levels can lead to gynecomastia or lack of sexual drive but this is exactly why the manufacturers included Stanodrol along with 4-Andro. Stanodrol converts to DHT and DHT has powerful Estrogen suppression traits which means much of the Estrogen conversion will actually be avoided.

While using this product can make you more aggressive during workouts, this is nothing abnormal and you won’t be running around like a mad man. On the other hand common prohormone side effects such as hair loss, lethargy, headaches and acne are not common with Androzome Epi-4.

Androzome Epi-4 Dosage

Two tablets per day with meals are recommended during a cycle. The best way to take it is early in the morning and in the evening in a 12 hour span. Most people run 6 to 8 week cycles followed by a month to month and a half of PCT.

Androzome Epi-4 Reviews

Here is what people have to say about this potent prohormone:

“Androzome is good, I moved up to 155 pounds from 143 on my first bottle with no proper diet also my strength increased steadily up and finally no bloating good appetizer leaves you eating like a monster.”

“Read the review above, and actually had no bloat whatsoever. Just like he said, everyone reacts different. I saw a massive increase in strength and size by week 2, my bench and squat are both up about 50 pounds no problem! Love this product, thinking of running the Androzome 1 to cut and lean my mass.Great product. Still have 2 more weeks to go!”

Androzome Epi-4 Conclusion

Androzome Epi-4 is actually a pretty neat prohormone with the ability to give you pounds of new lean mass within weeks without going crazy on the diet or workouts. It will improve all elements of physique such as endurance, energy and strength and you will be able to lift more and longer and your workouts will pay off.

The product costs $49.95 per bottle and it will usually take 2 bottles for a full cycle, putting the price at $100 plus the cycle support and PCT which is certainly not in the higher region when it comes to pricing. This is another great news as nobody wants a cycle that costs an exorbitant amount of cash. We recommend this product and look forward to seeing your reviews.

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