• Potassium-sparing
  • Reducing subcutaneous water weight
  • Enhanced with key nutrients
  • 100% natural herbal diuretic

What is Arbuterol H2-NO?

Arbuterol H2-NO is another weight loss and fat burning product made by Universal Nutrition, that is planning to make a proper name for itself on the market. It is marketed as the most powerful water management supplement and most powerful diuretic that you can buy without a prescription. Arbuterol H2-NO is basically a combination of 6 extremely potent herbs that will make sure you notice the difference after the first few weeks of using this product.

Arbuterol H2-NO Ingredients

You are still interested about this product and you want to know additional information regarding its ingredients. Well then, let’s take a look at the supplement facts label:

Arbuterol H2-NO Supplement Facts

It basically consists of 100% natural herbal ingredients with extremely diuretic effects, which are bound to get rid of that excess water you have in your system.

Arbuterol H2-NO Benefits

We all know that perfect vascularity and definition don’t always come with maximum amounts of hard work and exercise. Sometimes you need that little extra kick that will make all the difference!

We also know that reducing subcutaneous fat is one of the most important things when going for that defined body, but so is reducing subcutaneous water as well! In other words, if you are 100% that you are cutting fat as much as you should be, but no matter what you do, you still do not see those deep cuts, you might be facing a water problem. Approximately 75% of muscle tissue inside of your body is made up of water. I’m sure we are all aware of this! Anyways, water within muscle cells ( intracellular water ) creates a safe anabolic environment which improves the growth of your muscles. Subcutaneous water (excess amounts of intracellular water ) beneath the skin makes your body look soft which is not something you want! This is where Arbuterol H2-NO by Universal Nutrition comes into action. With its amazing natural blend of six high-potency herbs, Arbuterol is surely among some of the most powerful potassium-sparing diuretics you can buy without a prescription.

Arbuterol H2-NO Dosage

Take 1 serving (3 tablets) per day on an empty stomach. Elite athletes can take 2-3 servings (6-9 tablets) per day. Do not exceed 9 tablets during any 24-hour period.

Arbuterol H2-NO Reviews

Are you interested in seeing what other people are saying about this product? If yes, then let’s go check some of them out:

“I use it during contest prep, works very good to rid the extra water before getting on stage. It really does wonders to my body, I don’t know how I managed to get into shape without it.”

“I’ve been using this product for quite some time already, and I have to say that my body is slowly starting to get used to it. Truth be said, it doesn’t show massive results in a matter of days . . . But over time, it surely will prove itself as a worthy product. I recommend it!”

“My friend recommended this Arbuterol product. I have to say that I was really sceptic after doing my first research on it. I didn’t believe that excess intracellular water in my body was making such a huge difference in my overall looks. After 2 months of taking this supplement, I have to say that I am getting used to it. It’s great, my muscles are clearly more visible. I love it!”

Arbuterol H2-NO Conclusion

Subcutaneous fat is one of the most common problems bodybuilders are facing when trying to get into top shape, but so is subcutaneous water. If you are among those people who are working really hard to get rid of subcutaneous fat but still do not see those deep cuts, you might be having water issues. If this is the case, you should definitely take a look at Universal Nutrition’s Arbuterol H2-NO. Trust its name, it really says NO to H2O with its unique natural blend that gets rid of water in no time at all!

If you are in need of a strong diuretic that will help you get rid of that extra water in your system, I warmly recommend you try out Arbuterol H2-No and see the results for yourself!

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