8 Awesome BCAA Benefits You Should Know About

Are you looking to get the lowdown on BCAA benefits? Then you've definitely come to the right place.

If you’re a bodybuilder working as hard as you can to sculpt your dream physique, having a BCAA supplement in your arsenal should definitely be a priority. Not having one is just going to make you miss out on a lot of awesome benefits that will help you get as close as you can to achieving the body that you’ve always wanted.

But the thing is it’s not uncommon for some bodybuilders to keep clear of the stuff because they simply don’t have an idea of what it is capable of.

You're missing out on a lot of BCAA benefits if you don't have it in your arsenal of supplements.

Still a bit touch and go if you should really have a BCAA in your supplement arsenal?

You’ll be sure to get your hands on one when you follow along. We will walk you through the coolest BCAA benefits of using this bodybuilding must-have shortly.

It staves off muscle breakdown.

Pumping iron basically sets off two key effects in the body. It gets rid of unwanted fat while promoting the growth and development of muscle tissue in the process.

BCAA's help stave off catabolism.

However, pushing yourself to the limit each time you hit the gym can lead to an effect called catabolism, in which the body burns muscles along with fat. The bad news is you’ll just end up losing the gains you’ve worked hard to achieve sooner or later.

What’s interesting is using a BCAA benefits you by improving your body’s overall protein synthesis. Besides picking up the pace on building and repairing muscle, it also prevents the body from targeting the same when it’s looking for sources of usable energy during intense physical activity.

BCAA benefits the body by preventing the buildup of unwanted fat.

Now while a BCAA supplement isn’t a fat burner in any way whatsoever, it is seen in clinical tests to have a pivotal role in controlling cortisol buildup. Cortisol is a type of stress hormone that not just promotes impulsive food cravings and increased appetite, but also prevents the body from metabolizing its excessive stores of fat.

BCAA supplements help keep unwanted fat at bay.

Moreover, a BCAA also benefits you by helping raise the body’s thermogenic capabilities when used in a regular basis.

It accelerates recovery.

Pushing yourself to the limit when you’re in the gym is definitely a priority if you’re aiming to build the body you’ve always wanted. If you’re anything like most people, though, you’re sure to feel sore and beat the next day.

Your overall recovery levels will be boosted when you use a BCAA supplement.

Having a BCAA supplement in your arsenal helps pick up the pace on alleviating the muscle soreness and exhaustion you experience after a punishing workout so your overall performance will stay up to par.

It helps you keep going longer and harder.

You won't have to deal with muscle fatigue as much with BCAA's.

Medical researchers discovered that one of the numerous BCAA benefits is it helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue. And since building muscle basically involves going for that extra rep no matter how drained you feel, having one in your supplement lineup gives you a clear advantage.

It promotes higher testosterone levels.

Looking to boost your testosterone levels? It's one of BCAA's benefits.

Although the body’s T-levels tend to surge after working out, they go back to their usual numbers during rest. However, since BCAA’s are known to improve the system’s overall protein synthesis, they have been observed to help sustain this surge in testosterone. As a bonus, you’re also going to be in for some anabolic benefits while at it.

It prevents bad cholesterol from going off the charts.

BCAA's help keep bad cholesterol in check.

The three (3) essential amino acids that are in most BCAA supplements these days are valine, isoleucine and leucine. Besides being seen to help maintain ideal blood pressure levels, researchers also found out that they can prevent spikes in LDL or bad cholesterol.

And just to top the whole thing off, the lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels are in the body, the higher your testosterone will be. Isn't this one of the best BCAA benefits ever if you're looking to build muscle size and mass?

It promotes positive nitrogen balance.

Nitrogen is crucial to building and developing muscle. However, the body needs to have just the right amount of it or else things won’t turn out the way you’d like them to. Too little won’t promote anabolic benefits, while too much will lead to the production of ammonia in the system, which can make the kidneys and liver prone to breaking down sooner or later.

BCAA supplements promote nitrogen balance in the body.

BCAA benefits the body by helping maintain its ideal levels of nitrogen by increasing its permeability to the gas while optimizing the outflow of the excess amounts of the same simultaneously.

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