Best Of: Preworkouts

Preworkouts are slowly becoming more and more popular. The majority of elite bodybuilders have been using them for years, but recently it seems like just about everyone is caught mixing up their favorite “formula” before the gym.

Why? Well the answer is simple. Life is busy, tiring and stressful. If you’ve ever had a job I’m sure you already know that. And sometimes, even with passionate goals it can be hard to find the energy to go. Not only does a preworkout completely change that, but it can also give you an edge in the gym, more energy and extra strength even if you feel great.

Preworkout supplements are designed to enhance your energy, focus, and endurance far beyond your normal day to day levels.

Some work, and some don’t. Most of the time, the latest and greatest preworkout drink is really just a bunch of caffeine (nothing you can’t get from a redbull). We’re often asked which ones WE recommend, because with the 100s of companies out there it can all be pretty confusing.

The Best Preworkouts for 2017: The Countdown

Between me and my group of friends, we have tried them all. With some personal experience and lots of research, I bring to you the FIVE BEST PREWORKOUTS IN 2017.

You can sort by rating, price, website, results, and average customer review.

Below we will then break down each one of the top fat burners for women listed above in more detail.

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Product Breakdown

Okay, now that you know our top rankings for this year’s preworkouts, below you will find a breakdown of each of those products.

You can also follow the links for more information on each one.

#1: Megawatt HD V2


megawatt-v2-fruit-punch-45-servings-530px-670pxYes! This is the product that is sitting firmly at the top of our list. At number 1, we present you the Megawatt HD V2 by 1st Phorm!

The people at 1st Phorm have been around for quite some time in the supplement industry. They are slowly starting to make names for themselves out there, with a couple of class A products. Sitting firmly at the top of our list, we are going to tell you a few good words about their newest one – their all new, upgraded version of the old Megawatt HD!

As you may, or may not know, Megawatt HD is marketed as a premium intermodal nootropic preworkout supplement. Do not get confused by the word nootropic there. Nootropics are substances (drugs, neutraceuticals, supplements) designed to improve brain function, mood, concentration, and focus. (read the full review here)

In other words, this thing will not only get you pumped like crazy, enabling you to do extremely well during your workouts, but it will also keep you more determined and focused on your goals. Finally…a preworkout that not only targets the physiology of the body, but wires you mentally so you’re in perfect state for ultimate results.

Nootropics make sure that your brain is 100% concentrated on fulfilling your goals! MegaWatt HD is specially designed to keep your mind not only focused, but absolutely dialed-in and blasting through the pain while keeping your energy at max levels. Combine all of the above with the fact that it comes in several amazing flavors and you got yourself the very best from preworkout supplements market.

With that in mind, you might want to consider investing in this thing. It has a lot ( A LOT ) of positive reviews available online which is yet another reason why this product is at the number one spot.

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#2: Elix1r

#2: Elix1r by Olympus Labs

Elix1r by Olympus Labs

Another fantastic preworkout formula by Olympus Labs produced to improve attention, focus and cognitive function, Elix1r is a product you may have been looking for if your problem at the gym is mostly in your head.

Training hard and pushing yourself to the very limit can be exhausting, which is why the mood elevating, stress reducing and focus enhancing features of Elix1r are exactly what you may be in need of to reach the next level in your quest to perfect physique.

Read more about it here.

#3: C4 50X

#3: C4 50x by CELLUCOR

C4 50X

Are you looking to break your chains, surpass your limits and go further and harder than you ever have before? Than C4 50x is the product you were looking for. Designed specifically for those who take the extreme approach to every task at hand, C4 50x is 50% more powerful than its predecessor and one of the finest formulas on the market.

When it comes to preworkouts, focus and energy are the name of the game, and this product packs a mean punch in both those areas. With ingredients such as Beta Alanine, Creatine Nitrate and a trademark C4 50x Explosion Blend, this product promises fantastic workouts and huge gains.

#4: Conqu3r Unleashed

#4: Conqu3r Unleashed by Olympus Labs

Conqu3r Unleashed Tubs

Conqu3r Unleashed is a powerful preworkout formula from Olympus Labs designed to improve multiple aspects of your workout including focus, energy levels, vascularity and endurance.

Featuring multiple ingredient matrixes aimed at each of these particular aspects of your physique, Conqu3r Unleashed will help you make your workouts longer, harder and more intense and the resulting gains will be noticeable to any bystanders. One of the finest preworkouts ou there from a company with a long standing tradition.

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Kaged Muscle is no joke when it comes to creating amazing products.

Each of their products are a true masterpiece with innovative formulas and carefully dosed ingredients. The same goes for their newest preworkout supplement called Pre Kaged. It’s the result of almost a decade of research for creating this unique formula. Kaged Muscle is one of those companies who value quality over quantity, and if you try it you’ll realize why this preworkout is one of the best!

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