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Are You Taking Care of Your Eyes Like You Really Should?

So here’s a rather simple question that we’re pretty sure you don’t get asked much. How often do you think about the health and wellness of your eyes? If you’re anything like most people, chances are your answer is going to be never.

Our eyes play a very important role in our daily lives.  Besides allowing us to see our surroundings and connect with our loved ones, we use these vital organs in practically every activity that we engage in. And it’s high time you gave your eyes the care and attention that they deserve to stay in tiptop shape.

This is the biggest reason why you should make it a point to get your hands on a reliable vision supplement as soon as possible to ensure that your eyes stay as healthy as can be. Or else you could lose one of the most precious gifts that you’ve got when you least expect it.

But the thing is with the countless products available nowadays, choosing the best vision supplement is no doubt an impossible task.

No need to worry just yet, though. We’ve already got you covered. Apart from meticulously going through the ingredients of the most popular vision supplements to see which ones had the right stuff to get the job done, we also went the extra mile and subjected them to a thorough in-house testing to determine which products really worked.

Make sure you check out our lineup of the most potent vision supplements of 2017 so you can easily make an informed decision when you shop for one.

Choosing Which Vision Supplement to Go For is an Extremely Crucial Decision

Picking a vision supplement indiscriminately isn’t just a waste of money, but can also put your eyes at risk to disease and other issues that can lead to disaster sooner or later. It’s crucial that you choose the best vision supplement or else you’ll be sorry sooner or later.

Follow along to find out which products are the most reliable vision supplements of 2017 and should be in your checklist.

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Product Breakdown

Before we give you our list of the best vision supplements of 2017, we would like to emphasize that the criteria we used to choose a particular product are verified customer reviews, the overall quality of the ingredients used, the price, as well as the actual efficacy of the same when we subjected it to our rigorous brand of in-house testing.

Now here are the top vision supplements that you should – sorry, but we just couldn’t help ourselves – keep an eye on this year.

#1: AREDS 2

1: AREDS 2

Our top pick for the most potent vision supplement of 2017 is Bausch & Lomb PreserVision’s AREDS 2. And the biggest reason why we decided to give it our Number One spot is the years and years of thorough research and development that was conducted to make this product a reality.

See, the manufacturers of AREDS 2 worked hand in hand with the National Eye Institute for 5 years to gather substantial information on people suffering from moderate to advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This disease basically sets of progressive deterioration of the macula, the part of the retina that plays a key role in creating and maintaining ideal eyesight.

Just to give you an idea of how potentially debilitating AMD can be, its effects can range from distortion of images and unexpected bouts of blurriness to total loss of vision.

Besides finding out which specific nutrients should be supplemented to prevent the onset of AMD, the makers of AREDS 2 also went the extra mile to determine the exact amounts of the same are needed so they will work optimally when absorbed by the body.

Now while the primary ingredients of this product are Zeaxanthin and Lutein, two types of carotenoids that have been seen to possess diverse antioxidant functions, especially in terms of inhibiting the risk of light-induced oxidative damage to the macula, this supplement also features an impressive lineup of vision-friendly vitamins and nutrients like copper, zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

And as a cool added benefit, did you know that Lutein has also been seen to help the prevention of atherosclerosis or the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries that can lead to heart disease?

Moreover, our meticulous in-house research yielded that AREDS 2 is loaded with more than the usual amount of beneficial nutrients compared to most of its counterparts. This means that you’re not just getting the right stuff to keep your eyes in great shape when you take this supplement, but you’re also getting the correct doses so they will really get the job done.

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#2: Vision Support

#2: Vision Support

Vision Support is next in line for our countdown of 2017’s most effective vision supplements. It’s got our nod for grabbing the Number Two spot because of the diverse benefits that you can get when you include it in your arsenal.

What we really like about Vision Support is it doesn’t just focus on one key benefit – particularly preventing macular degeneration – compared to almost all of its counterparts. It’s actually designed to be an all-in-one supplement that relieves twitching sensations and eye floaters, alleviates poor night vision, rejuvenates tired and dry eyes as well as help treat blurred or cloudy vision, among others.

The whole premise of using this product is it helps prevent little issues like eye fatigue that can lead to bigger and nastier problems such as eye inflammation and sight distortion in the long run if neglected, which sounds rather smart and logical for us.

Produced by VIMERSON HEALTH, Vision Support features a natural blend of multivitamins and minerals that have been all seen to have considerable benefits to the eyes and overall vision. Apart from being packed with proven vision support antioxidants Zeaxanthin and Lutein, it also contains hefty amounts of selenium, biotin, zinc, L-Taurine, and Bilberry extract.

Additionally, this supplement is not just formulated for people who are prone to macular degeneration, but also for individuals who tend to work their eyes a bit more than usual due to immersion with social media and video games – like virtually all of us.

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#3: Puritan’s Pride Lutein

#3: Puritan’s Pride Lutein

The 3rd product in our lineup of the year’s best vision supplements is Puritan’s Pride Lutein.

We’ve decided to give it the Number Three spot because of its straightforward roster of all-natural ingredients that not just have been proven to get the job done in terms of keeping the eyes in tiptop shape, but also for not having any unnecessary fillers in its formulation unlike most of its counterparts.

What we really like about Puritan’s Pride Lutein is its minimalist approach to keeping the eyes as healthy as can be. In fact, this supplement only contains a couple of ingredients. But don’t let the quantity of the same deceive you into thinking that it is an inferior product.

It is actually packed with Lutein and Zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that have been scientifically proven to maintain the ideal health and resistance of the eyes to help you keep clear of macular degeneration and similar issues that can potentially lead to blurry vision and even blindness sooner or later.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss vision supplement that only contains the stuff that really matters, Puritan’s Pride Lutein is an option that you should take into consideration.

Like we said earlier, the whole Puritan’s Pride Lutein approach is minimalist, but you’re guaranteed to get the right results.  And just to emphasize how straightforward this top vision supplement is, it doesn’t have any sodium, yeast, wheat, gluten, lactose, sugar, starch, and additional flavorings.

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#4: Zenwise Labs Lutein

#4: Zenwise Labs Lutein

Zenwise Labs Lutein scores our Number Four spot for the best vision supplement of 2017. We included this product here not just for the benefits that it can provide, but also for its timeliness. Make sure you follow along to find out what we mean.

Produced by Zenwise Health, this supplement is aimed at targeting two key eye-related issues that all of us are extremely prone to these days, namely eye strain and eye fatigue. Sure they may not sound that alarming, but neglecting to keep these issues in check can eventually lead to retinal damage,  which is the primary cause of total vision loss.

Now while you would think that you’re not as vulnerable to these problems compared to other people, the daily activities that you normally engage in will say otherwise. Quick question: Do you regularly use a mobile phone to update your social media accounts? Well, there you go. You’re already experiencing some form of eye strain or eye fatigue in one way or another.

Just as its name suggests, the main ingredient of Zenwise Labs Lutein is Lutein, a carotenoid that has been seen to not just have antioxidant properties, but also possesses the ability to help maintain the optimal health and wellness of the retinal issues. We also discovered that each serving of this supplement contains a hefty 20 milligrams of Lutein, which is more than the usual amount that you can find in similar products.

As a bonus, Zenwise Labs Lutein also features Safflower Oil in its ingredient list. Studies show that the oil extracted from Safflower seeds isn’t just promising when it comes to helping boost the immune system and reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but also rejuvenating skin health,  managing blood sugar levels, and aiding in picking up the overall metabolic rate of the body.

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#5: Eye Pro MD

#5: Eye Pro MD

Number Five in our countdown of the hottest vision supplements of 2017 is Eye Pro MD. Sure this product may have the final spot in our lineup, but its ingredients are still top of the line. And do you think it will be featured here if it was haphazardly put together?

What we love about this supplement is the combo of the three (3) most potent eye care nutrients in its formulation, particularly Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Astaxanthin. Now while it’s highly likely that you may have already heard of the first two ingredients, you’re sure missing out on a lot when it comes to top vision supplements if you are not familiar with Astaxanthin.

Deemed by folk medicine practitioners and nutritionists as “the king of the carotenoids” because it is so robust that it can scavenge for free radicals while breaking down peroxide chain reactions at the same time, the Astaxanthin in Eye Pro MD possesses all the abilities of both Zeaxanthin and Lutein combined.

However, there’s a big catch: experts point out that Astaxanthin’s antioxidant activity is far more powerful in terms of preventing nuclear cataracts and providing ultraviolet (UV) light protection effect – approximately 5 times more. This simply means that you will give your eyes a lot more protection against the lowering of macular pigment density, retinal damage from oxidative stress, as well as eye strain and fatigue that can be induced by exposure to UV light.

Sure its name may sound rather complicated, but Astaxanthin is completely organic and derived from natural sources. It is basically the carotenoid that gives red plants and animals, specifically shellfish that thrive in the sea like lobster, crab, shrimp, some types of trout, algae, and krill, their intense red color.

Moreover, it’s also been seen to have other awesome benefits ranging from bolstering the body’s immune system, optimizing cellular health as well as keeping the heart in the pink.

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