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Do you remember a while back when we asked you what you thought was the most effective relaxation supplement is? We're happy to announce that the results of our poll are in! Don't forget to check how your pick fared below.

Product Breakdown

Before we unveil our countdown to the most effective relaxation supplements that you shouldn't miss out on this year, we'd just like to point out that our selection process was definitely not a walk in the park.

Apart from meticulously going over the quality and quantity of the ingredients used and subjecting each product to our no-nonsense brand of in-house testing, we've also assessed other key factors like the price and actual customer reviews to really weed out the best of the best when it comes to relaxation supplements.

So why don't we start the ball rolling right now?

#1: Masterbrain PM

Our top pick for the best relaxation supplement is Masterbrain PM. What we really like about this product is its straightforward formulation aimed at keeping overall brain health optimal so your cognitive function will stay as sharp as can be. See, decreased cognitive function negatively affects you in two (2) ways. First, it prevents your brain from getting the essential nutrients it needs to work like it should. Apart from making it difficult for you to retain and process information, you will also find yourself forgetting things more often because the brain's neurons aren't as responsive and lively as usual. Concentrating and maintaining focus can be very difficult, too. Second, it inhibits the brain's ability to replenish its supply of active neurotransmitters, which sets off mental fatigue when their numbers get too low. Going through mental fatigue not only boosts cortisol levels, a type of stress hormone that is seen to have a role in the development of hypertension, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but also makes you more vulnerable to unexpected yet prolonged bouts of sluggishness, anxiety, irritability and attention deficiency. Produced by 1st Phorm, Masterbrain PM (read our full review here) is basically designed to ensure that the brain gets all the nutrients it needs to stay in the pink so you won't experience decreased cognitive function. We also appreciate the fact that its manufacturers used an all-natural lineup of  ingredients like Siberian Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea extract – they did not skimp on the doses, too – that are proven to help alleviate stress and are even seen to be promising anti-anxiety remedies. We decided to give Masterbrain PM the Number One spot in our countdown of the best relaxation supplements because it's straight to the point, doesn't contain unnecessary fillers and only features ingredients that really get the job done. And given 1st Phorm's reputation in doling out top quality stuff, this one is definitely a must-have in your relaxation arsenal. Click here to buy Masterbrain PM with FREE shipping.

#2: Phenibut XT

Phenibut XT bags the Number Two spot in our lineup of the most effective relaxation supplements available today. We think this product belongs in this countdown because it is designed to alleviate a completely common problem yet most people tend to disregard: keeping stress levels down. Sure this may sound rather unbelievable, but stress does have a few key benefits like helping you become more mentally and physically resilient as well as boosting your ability to focus and make decisions. However, it is important to take note that having too much of it at once can already lead to nasty effects. Besides making you prone to episodes of anxiety and irritability, extreme stress can also be a crucial factor in setting off insomnia, digestion problems, sailing blood pressure levels, heart disease and diabetes. Experts even suggest that prolonged exposure to high stress levels may even lead to depression. Phenibut XT is a product of SNS and it's loaded with a compound called phenibut – hence the name.  What this compound does when it gets absorbed by the body is boost the activity of Gamma-aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA. Classified as a type of neurotransmitter, GABA is in charge of regulating the exchange of messages among nerve cells. (You can check out our full review here.) See, when your body is experiencing moderate to high stress levels, the nerve cells tend to get more excited than they should. If this keeps on going, there is a possibility that the brain will get overworked and you'll experience the nasty side effects caused by stress. The phenibut in Phenibut XT activates the GABA in the system. It then gets to the rescue by inducing a calming effect to the nerve cells so they will return to their usual collected state. When this happens, the brain gets the chance to take it easy and you'll feel relaxed in the process.  A simple but effective strategy, right? This is why it's in our countdown of the most potent relaxation supplements of the year. Grab your very own Phenibut XT with FREE SHIPPING here!

#3: Theanine

Our Number Three pick for this year's hottest relaxation supplement is Theanine. This product earned its spot in our lineup because it is primarily formulated to optimize the brain's alpha-wave activity, which plays a crucial role in triggering the body's ability to induce the feeling of being completely relaxed. Produced by Thorne Research, the main ingredient of this supplement is L-Theanine, a type of amino acid derived from certain types of fungi and tea leaves. What's really interesting about this amino acid is it stimulates a three-fold effect as soon as it gets metabolized by the system. Let's quickly cover each of them below. First, it aids in inhibiting the neurons from getting too excited whenever the levels of stress hormones in the body get higher than usual. Excessive neuron activity not only leads to difficulty in getting and staying asleep, but can also trigger the onset of anxiety. Second, it helps improve the brain's ability to process and retain information while promoting positive feelings at the same time. And with the great deal of information we force ourselves to take in all at once these days, this benefit is definitely a timely one. Third, the L-Theanine in Theanine also possesses proven antioxidant properties. Besides protecting the brain from inflammation and oxidative damage, it's also been seen by scientists to be a promising preventive treatment against Alzheimer's disease and possibly even schizophrenia. Click here to buy Theanine right away.

#4: Relax + Focus

Relax + Focus bagged the Top 4 spot in our lineup of the best relaxation supplements because it isn't just innovative, but also contains an impressively diverse list of ingredients that are proven to get the job done when it comes to promoting feelings of calm and quietude. A product of Zen Research, Relax + Focus is designed to help the body curb high levels of stress hormones before they get so overwhelmingly high that the system already becomes ineffective in doing so. And when these stress hormones get their way, you're in for a lot of mental and physical issues before you know it. Apart from being prone to unexpected bouts of anxiety and irritability, you will also be eventually vulnerable to type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems if these stress hormones keep on accumulating in your body. The ingredients that you can find in Relax + Focus are quite versatile, too. Just to mention a few, you've got a combination of B vitamins, Magnesium, Rhodiola Rosea, Passion Flower, L-Theanine and Ashwagandha, which have been seen to promote feelings of tranquility when metabolized by the body. And if you're looking to boost your chances of gaining muscle, this product is definitely a must-have, too, because it also contains a solid 5 grams of hormone-free whey protein with each serving. We told you it's innovative when we started, right? Grab your very own Relax + Focus right here at 5% off.

#5: GABA Powder

Effectively controlling wayward stress levels is the top priority of Wholesale Health Connection's GABA Powder and this is the reason why we've decided to make it our Number Five pick for our lineup of the best relaxation supplements you can get your hands on.

See, most people don't know that chronic stress has become one of the most common health issues that they can be prone to nowadays. Besides making you vulnerable to feelings of anxiety, distress and hopelessness, prolonged exposure to chronic stress has also been pointed out by experts as one of the key factors of heart problems, hypertension, obesity and depression.

The main ingredient that GABA Powder is loaded with is the neurotransmitter Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. A type of neurotransmitter, GABA is in charge of optimizing neuron activity so they won't get overexcited when your stress levels go north. When your brain's neurons get too excited, they inadvertently speed up the accumulation of stress in the system.

But here's the thing. The higher the levels of GABA are in your body, the easier it will be for it to keep the neurons in check. The harder it will be for stress to trigger its negative effects in the process, too.

And given that GABA Powder also has the ability to help promote restful sleep and the faster healing of damaged cells and tissues, this one is definitely a nice choice to include in your checklist of potential relaxation supplement options.

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