Boost Elite Review: A Prime Energy, Muscle and Sex Performance Booster?

Boost Elite By Zhou Nutrition
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Review Summary:

A potent testosterone booster, Boost Elite by Zhou Nutrition provides you with the extra push you need to perform both at the gym and in your bedroom.


In the time and age when most jobs require people to spend a lot of time sitting down in hunchbacked and painful positions which ultimately hinder their health, people have started turning to fast and reliable solutions that go hand in hand with their desperately needed exercise schedule.  Exercise has proven to be time consuming so people have less time figuring out and preparing all of the right ingredients their body actually needs to strive in such an environment. Today's fast lifestyle requires a fast solution to ever degrading physical, health and sexual performance, and that is why we are taking a look at a product that reportedly has you entirely covered on all of these issues.

Boost Elite is primarily a testosterone and energy booster, but not entirely. It is also used and sold as an exercise supplement, a food additive and some sort of sexual performance booster. The developer even claims that you do not have to spend a lot of time lifting heavy weights to see the results, as is the case with similar products. It also contains a proclaimed lethargy eliminating agent.

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#1 Rated Muscle Builder

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Boost Elite is made out of a strong and potent combination between a wide array of entirely vegan ingredients, making it the best choice for people of almost any dietary choice.

Lets see if this product is really what it claims to be, and if it can really help an individual in all of the mentioned segments of effectivness.


TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS EXTRACT (45% Saponins): Flowering plant extract that supports test levels and helps build lean muscle mass.

HORNY GOAT WEED (10% Icariins) (Epimedium): Strengthens sexual performance and battles combat fatigue [1]. Used by generations, scientifically proven.

FENUGREEK EXTRACT (60% Saponins): Helps eliminate bad and excess fat while increasing endurance and exercise performance. Scientifically proven by studies.

MACA ROOT: Another endurance, exercise and sex booster, entirely plant based. Tested and proved to be effective while taking it on its own.

ZINC CITRATE: the best mineral for fighting depression and lethargy, this is probably where the lethargy-eliminating factor comes from.

Diindolylmethane (DIM)Very potent testosterone booster.

PANAX GINSENG: The primary vegan source of the similarly known omega supplement that helps in concentration and endurance.

TONGKAT ALI EXTRACT 100:1: A very old and potent aphrodisiac used and proved by many generations.
YOHIMBE BARK EXTRACT: Another sexual and endurance booster [2]. Said to increase athletic abilities.

Boost Elite Supplement Facts

Side Effects

The most commonly reported side effects associated with this product are, in fact, headaches.

Other side effects might include nausea, lightheartedness and temporary hyperhydrosis (extreme sweating).

However, it is not reported under what conditions do these side effects occur, as the headaches commonly come if you consume the product less than five hours before bed time. Due to its high energizing functions it might not allow you to sleep properly so it will create insomnia. One of the main side effects of insomnia are headaches.

This also commonly occurs if you take more than the recommended dosage. It is of course not recommended to take any more than what is stated on the products safety instructions. Your overall weight and height might play a role in deciding the dosage as well.

By buying this product you are obliged to consult with your doctor before physical intake.

If you have any physical or mental problems, please be sure to consult with your doctor about consuming this product beforehand. If you experience any of the mentioned side effects please contact your doctor.

User Reviews

The best way to find out if such a product actually works is to ask the people who already used it! There are many people who have bought it and I will include some of the reviews that contain useful information about the effectiveness of this product.

I have gone through bottles and like the boost that this gives me. I have really enjoyed the impact at the gym and have been able to increase the amount that I lift. Would recommend it. – Donald Marlett

This stuff works great. I take it as directed a half hour before working out and I have more energy and stamina. Better than a pre-workout that has mostly caffeine and makes you jittery. – Ryan M

Great product, by the second week I noticed I had more energy and increase concentration. I noticed increase of stamina in the bedroom ;). I'll take this twice a day with a meal so it helped remind me of eating with my busy schedule. – Ruben Grace

Pros and Cons


If you do not see results in the first 60 days of intake – the company will give you a 100 % refund.
Entirely vegan, animal friendly and derived from organic materials.
Mostly safe, in the recommended dosage. No deaths, permanent or terminal illnesses reported.
Boosts sexual performance wether you exercise or not (exercise is recommended of course)
Not tested on animals.


People who have lived mostly of animal protein might have difficulty digesting and reaping the benefits of an entirely vegan product.
Very expensive for customers that require additional shipping to markets where the product is not sold or presented yet.
May be dangerous if consumed without exercise, as like with most of similar products.
Not available to certain groups such as minors and women.

Where To Buy This Product?

You can order and buy Boost-Elite instantly  for $ 32.99 right here! The product is sold on the main Zhou Nutrition website and on the Amazon sales page. It is also available in most of your local fitness supplement shops (US).


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#1 Rated Muscle Builder

Click here to learn more about the #1 rated product on Suppreviewers with all 5 out of 5 star reviews

Boost-Elite literally defines the next generation of fitness supplements. Sure, you must exercise greatly to see certain results, but the most beautiful thing here is that this supplement actually makes your motivation  kick in by itself thanks to its lethargy eliminating and endorphin releasing elements, that work perfectly with the muscle building, increased sexual performance and fat burning elements – and thus creating the prime conditions in which your body can function in a newly formed and healthy environment.

You can purchase Boost Elite for just $32.99 right here!

Side Effects

Headaches– headaches that can rarely occur due to the intake of this supplement may vary between individuals. They might be caused by insomnia due to the supplement being taken 5 hours before bed time and they can also represent the start of your body dehydrating. More factors might come from the overall health, height and weight of the individual as well.

Lightheadedness – lightheartedness associated with the supplement intake also varies between individuals. It might represent your body getting cleansed and adjusting to the new environment you made for it, or it can mean a wide array of different factors.

Nausea – nausea is another reported side effect and is a possible side effect of every supplement. If the supplement disturbs your intestines we do not recommend you use it.You might be suffering from a previous stomach or internal organ or brain condition as well. The stomack might be adjusting to the new entirely vegan protein source as well. Most of the time this means that the individual took the supplement without previous and proper food intake.

Sweating – sweating can mean a wide array of things. It might be your body cleansing itself due to the exercise and supplement intake, or it might represent hyperhydrosis – a condition of extreme sweating. It may also mean something else.


Originaly a fruit, used for its roots, leave out whitch an extract is made. It is impossible to consume the fruit in its physical and natural form as it can be poisonous. It is primarily used in prevention of circulatory illnesses and heart disease. In this case, the circulation of the body is of the utmost importance so it makes for a good addition for pre and post exercise schedules, thus boosting endurance and stamina.

HORNY GOAT WEED (10% Icariins) (Epimedium) 
HGW is a herb that is used for a wide variety of illnesses, minor problems and is also used in prevention as much as in  . It is used to lessen symptoms of HPV and HIV and is also used when bone problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis occur. It can help eliminate the factors of both illnesses. As the name suggests, it is also used as a potent sexual performance booster, and it was used by many generations and for hundreds of years.

Originaly a herb from south Europe and west Asia, used by generations primarily as a flavor additive. It is also used in cooking and in medicinal practices. It is known to help the stomach assimilate to a new diet, it also helps an individual to regain his/her appetite, and in our case it helps a lot, as exercise needs a healthy appetite for increased motivation of a healthy diet.

MACA ROOT – Native to South America, it has been used by generations of people to help combat memory loss, inproper circulation and most imporantly to boost the metabolism in order to preventively fight incurables such as AIDS and various types of cancers. It also does loads in the prevention process of sexual dysfunction.

ZINC CITRATE – A well known, proved, studied and functional mineral that is labeled an essential mineral needed for the human body. Without it, depression, fatigue and low motivation is known to kick in also. It is used in prevention of possible digestive problems and is known to help an upset stomach. In this case zinc is extracted from nuts, even though zinc is widely present in animal products such as dairy and meat.
Diindolylmethane (DIM) As one of the most important ingredients of this product, DIM serves as the prime testosterone booster and further prevents chronical illnesses with men, such as prostate problems, colorectoral problems and so on. It is one of the prime ingredients used for a healthy prostate, which is of utmost importance to men starting from their late 20s.

PANAX GINSENG – Derived from a plant that is present in far east Asia, this type of ginseng helps battle concentration problems, memory loss and most importantly helps your muscle relax properly after exercise and other physical tensions impaired against the body.

TONGKAT ALI EXTRACT 100:1 – A potent aphrodisiac extracted from a plant that originally hails from the jungles of far east Asia and Indo-Asia, used mostly for its sexual boosting performances. It is also used to combat high and low blood sugar levels, serving as a preventive agent for illnesses such as diabetes and ulcers.

YOHIMBE BARK EXTRACT– An extract from a tree originally known to grow in west Africa, people have used Yohimbe Bark for generations, in order to improve and boost sexual performance and to help hunters boost up their stamina levels. It was and still is an essential supplement in rural areas that helps people hunt, farm walk great distances by foot.


We will now look at the most frequently asked questions about Elite-Booster and try to give you an overview of the parts that interest people the most.

Do I need to exercise while taking this supplement?

Absolutely! It is not recommended to consume potent exercise and testosterone supplements without necessary exercise. However, you do not have to be a body builder in order to take this supplement. It works well with frequent yoga, cardio and gym exercises of your liking. It is also proven that this supplement is one of the best friends of cyclists!

How long does it take for my sexual performance to arise?

In most individuals the reported rise in sexual performance happens less than a month of successful exercise and supplement intake.

Do I need to contact my doctor before taking this ?

Always contact your doctor before taking any form of supplement, booster and additive that can change your bodies performance.

Can I take this booster if I am a vegetarian or vegan?

Absolutely, it is 100 % vegan and it will help you gather additional protein that will digest more easily than raw vegetable protein.

Can I take this booster if I am a meat-eater?

Of course you can, it can benefit you greatly as well, as the ingredients list is much healthier than products made out of animal protein, fat and so on.

User Tips

If you are a meat-eater we recommend that you start out with a lesser dose in order to give give your body a chance to assimilate to the new entirely vegan – Amanda, fitness coach from Sydney

Make sure you eat something before taking them other wise you will feel nauseated. Other than that eating a good meal and taking​ then will give you a boost in energy you won't feel tired or exhausted. I take it at my breakfast break at work and it gives me energy for the whole day it's in a warehouse and I can feel results doesn't boost libido though – Luigimon, attorney from Rome

To see a complete rise in sexual performance I recommend you abstain from alcohol intake for at least a month, that will help the booster reach full potential in the new environment made by your body  – Theo, personal fitness trainer from London

If you are allergic to dairy, eggs or any other source rich with zinc, do not despair, the zinc in this product is derived from purely vegan ingrediants such as nuts and berries – Claudia, vegan food nutritionist from Chicago

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