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Who is Air Water Life

Air Water Life is a reputable company in the water industry that deals in ensuring people consume healthy water that is ionized. It has an employee base of around 10 and makes profits of up to 10 million per year. The company is still developing and expanding in the market, and in the same breath increasing the variety of products it sells, to satisfy the customers. The company operates from its website, where it displays a large array of the products it manufactures. It is from the website that the whole buying process takes place, starting from the ordering part all the way to the distribution bit, where they ensure that customers get the product they ordered for within the shortest time possible while maintaining the desired quality. Let us have a sneak peek at how the company runs its operations, to what extent they are reliable and whether or not their products have the quality we need for healthy living.

The Company’s Ethics and History

In July 1995, two business partners who were long-term friends weighed in on the struggles people both locally and abroad were experiencing in their bid to drink healthy water, and put their ideas together to form a permanent solution. Their idea has born fruits and assisted many households all over the world because it is keen on ensuring the purity of water, which is the most important aspect of life.

They set up a website where people would make their orders from any part of the world, and have their packages delivered in good condition. It has been over 20 years and they are still strong in the market because they are driven by a strict code of ethics which include providing exceptionally good customer care and ensuring that customers get what they desire through maintaining consistency in their product quality. Any deviation from the intended quality is a matter of concern to them because it is against the ethics they set in the first place.

Our Review of Air Water Life

The prevalence of water-borne diseases and the risks that come with it triggered two longtime friends into creating a permanent solution that would not only be helpful to the people surrounding them but to those living miles away and in far continents. They came together and started the production of iodized water and other products of a similar stature. To make their items more accessible to the public, they settled on running the business operations on a website, instead of creating an office where only a few people would walk in daily.

It is normal for you to wake up in the morning feeling thirsty and are tempted to drink tap water because you are I such a hurry that you have no time to boil water to kill germs, neither do you believe in adding purifying chemicals to water to make it clean. We are all pressed with tight deadlines to meet for the most part of our daily living to extents that we lack time for small things like water treatment.

The founders had our troubles in mind, when they started the manufacturing of water ionizers which are appliances that producers attach to kitchen faucets for purposes of purifying regular tap water, so you do not have to worry about boiling or adding chemicals, it becomes safe for you to consume your tap water whenever you feel lie. Their idea was revolutionary, and they have worked hard over the years to ensure that they remain relevant, even with the advancements in technology and that their consumer’s needs are well catered for.

Our Recommended Air Water Life Products

Although they have been in the market long enough and produced a wide range of products, there are still those items that customers cannot get enough of. They could also be what you are looking for, so have a look at them:

Air Water Life Deluxe 9.0

alkaline water ionizers
You may not understand the benefits of ionized water, but when you consider giving this product a try, you will not look back. It is more pricey compared to the other water ionizers you may have come across, but it is worth it because you get to enjoy a wide range of health benefits. If you have been battling with high blood pressure and are now tired of swallowing the daily pills to control the condition, then you Air water life has got exactly what you need. This product increases antioxidants in water which lowers the blood pressure levels and increases the amount of energy your body.

Made from 100% FDA approved plastics, it produces chemical free water, has 7 distinct healthy water settings and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty. It has Antioxidant Protection of 1000+ to -860 ORP. Surely, makes it the best deal to bank on.

Water with pH levels between 3.0 to 11.5 can be produced, and it can work on 4,000 liters of water before you are required to make a replacement. The built in carbon filters it is fitted with, helps it to perform this function. You can be assured that the taste of your water will be refined by the carbon filter media. It is also efficient in removing any contaminants like chlorine. The good news is that Air Water Life company gives a lifetime warranty for the product, which means that you are covered against any defects the product might have.

Click here to get one for $1295 on their site.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

Just like the 9.0 version, it also allows 4,000 liters of water per filter and is an approved plastic by the FDA, which makes it safe for your health. However, you are only offered a 5 years warranty, which is pretty good too because it gives you a chance to seek support should the product have defects.

With the product, you are assured of health benefits for years to come, because your energy levels get boosted, your ability to remain hydrated is increased, and the pH of your body is balanced because the iodized water lowers the acidity of your body. Its ability to protect your healthy cells through fighting radicalized cells can also not be underestimated, as well as its role in eliminating toxins in your body. Imagine how good you would feel when all aspects of your body are in good shape, just by using this product. Having Antioxidant Protection of 1000+ to -800 ORP, Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is the best healthy drinking option you could ever have.

Click here to buy it for $809 on Amazon.

Testimonials and Reviews

Most of the customers have enjoyed using the company’s products; along with the good customer service they have been offered. A client who considered their products after thinking for a whole year had this to say:

5 Stars! Love the ability to use hot water. Excellent customer service. Very happy with purchase. I finally purchased after thinking about it for a year. I would just like to say to others not to listen to the negative. I’m a diabetic and there has been improvement to my condition.

People who have difficulties drinking water because of its taste should try Air Water Life products because they refine the taste. A customer who was fascinated at how the taste of water could change said,

Thank You to Air Water Life, I never realized WATER COULD TASTE THIS GOOD…”

Final Take on Air Water Life

There is a solution to everything, including your water troubles. It is difficult to consistently boil water or add purifiers to make it safe for you, especially if you are not a routine person, or you have too much to do in a day that you barely have time left for the small things. In one way or another, you will find yourself drowning liters of untreated tap water, hoping for the best. However, you should not worry any more when there are brilliant minds out there that have a permanent solution to your problems. Get a water ionizer from Air Water Life and keep consuming your tap water with zero worries.

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