Who Is Alldaychemist?

Alldaychemist is an Indian online distribution company that started out in the year 2002, it supplies great quality generic drugs and formulation to patients all around the world at a reasonable price. Their inventory is stocked with products made by famous pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, torrent pharma, intas pharma, Ajanta pharma, sun pharma, Pfizer and Cipla.

They provide services such as a quick home delivery with no problems and ensure the safety of the product. Also, like any other company they possess a user-friendly site that showcases the company's products and product specs. The site also serves and a way for the customer to be in touch with the company and give feedbacks of its product.

From the customer reviews on the site, it shows that Alldaychemist great for business.

Our Review of the company

This company seems a bit like Amazon but it deals mainly in prescription drugs gotten from a few high-level drug manufacturing company which happens to be unbelievably cheap. The company's main goal is to make quality drugs available to patients all around the world at an affordable price. And also their aim is to provide you with maximum satisfaction. If your product is lost or damaged during delivery, the company will immediately prepare another product of the same type of delivery.

From all these said, you should be able to deduct that Alldaychemist focuses on improving the health of its customers instead of just the money. It prices are very low compared to all other similar sites.

The Company's Ethics and History

Alldaychemist is a company that believes deeply in directing both their expertise and skills in modifying and delivering a quality product. They believe in improving their work quality in order to help you ensure good health and happiness. This can be seen in their very committed delivery services which ensure quick and safe deliveries to its destination. Also, if you seek privacy of your order, your product can be delivered in a small envelope or through a cardboard box.

Their deliveries are usually taken with 2-3 weeks maximum. They offer medicine for diseases, deficiency, and ailment of all kinds at a knockdown price. Alldaychemist has medication for ailments like cancer, diabetes, infertility, Alzheimer's, HIV, blood pressure and so on.

Alldaychemist does not only make a profit, but it also add to the community by providing affordable drugs.

Recommended Products

Asthalin HFA Inhaler – 100 mcg (200 mdi)

Image result for Asthalin HFA Inhaler - 100 mcg

This product is manufactured by Cipla which is one of the most progressive pharmaceutical company that produces salbutamol. This inhaler is known as the Ashanti HFA which has active ingredients like salbutamol 100mcg which happens to be available in various strengths and substitute.

The inhaler is used mainly for lung disease, construction airways and asthma.

Before you use this inhaler, you will have to make sure that you are not allergic to salbutamol.

Don't take the inhaler without the prescription from the doctor.

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Melalite Forte 4% – 30 gm Cream

Image result for Melalite Forte 4% - 30 gm Cream

This cream consist of a main type of therapeutic ingredient known as hydroquinone which treats Hyperpigmentation. The core of this formula is to reduce your melanin. The cream also possesses a anti-aging function that is sure to leave your skin radiant and glowing.

The cream can also be used to take care of scars, blemishes and other facial related issues.

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User Reviews

Alldaychemist has really changed the world of supplements with their distinct and innovative approach. You can have the chance to get your hands on several renowned products from top companies with their assistance. Here are some reviews which stands tall.


Final verdict

If you don't really have that much budgeted amount for drugs and other items that can enable you to take care of your health, you can always do business with alldaychemist as they are, will and always be ready to satisfy your needs without fail. Most of their products are from leading manufacturers and they are at a really affordable price.

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