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Who are IRC.Bio?

IRC.Bio (Innovative Research Compounds) is a company in the science industry that specializes in the production of scientific compounds or Biochemical to be used for research. The higher demands of research all over the world has increased the need for people in the industry to constantly require Biochemical compounds to be used in their experiments. There being many companies that are profit driven; means that they can do everything possible to make profits, including the distribution of generic compounds for research, IRC.Bio is one of the dominant, rising stars in the Biochemical manufacturing world. When a company comes into the market with genuine products, it gains popularity and stays relevant for as long as it maintains consistency in the quality of products it provides. IRS.Bio has managed to do that, which is the reason why its products are among the most preferred in the research market.

Praises have been sung about the company for a long time, ranging from the customer service it provides, all the way to the process of making purchases, right to the moment the product gets to the client. We will look at what measures they have put in place to ensure that they stand out, the products that are doing well in the market, what their ambitions are, whether or not they are driven by a set code of ethics, and what consumers of their products say about them.

The Company’s Ethics and History

A few years ago, to be precise in 2015, some brilliant minds who were keen on revolutionizing the research industry through the provision of bio chemical compounds came together to form IRS.Bio. They weighed in on the loophole is the research and science industry and came up with a permanent solution to the problems of counterfeit products created by industries operating I the market prior to their entrance. Their ethics have been at the forefront in ensuring the company grows and remains relevant through the quality of services provided. The code of ethics include offering excellent customer care, through ensuring prompt reply of messages whenever  client contacts them, constantly learning from their mistakes and making improvements on their current products, offering high quality shipping and packaging of their products and being a reliable resource for scientific research.

Just to iterate you on how strict the company is when it comes to manufacturing biochemical products, they improvise specialized analytical procedures such as LC-MS, HPLC, Polarimetry, FTIR and NMR to ensure their products are indeed the best among all.

Our Review of IRC.Bio

According to IRC.Bio, “The desire for us to experiment with every product before putting it on the shelves for purchase has triggered us to move into the field of research to quench our curiosity and create a safe environment through the products we release into the market”. Research institutions are constantly looking for biochemical compounds to use in their daily activities, which is why many companies have mushroomed with the purpose of providing the same. However, the unfortunate thing that is that they are more concerned with making money rather than delivering what their customers require.

IRC.Bio saw the gap in the market and joined the industry with the sole purpose of providing what other companies could not provide. They serve a wide range of clients, most of which are big wigs in the research industry. A number of multinational corporations get their products from the company and continue to refer corporations of the same caliber, which has worked to the advantage of IRS.Bio.  Individual scientists who have specialized anti-aging research and neuroscience also get their research products from the company, and so far have had no regrets dealing with products from the company.

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Our Recommended IRC.Bio Products

The number of years they have been in the market has seen them produce a wide range of products, some of which have gained popularity and remained top of the list as the best selling, while others are less preferred for one reason or another. Let us look at which products put them on the world map as the global leaders of Biochemical compounds.

MK-2866 (Ostarine)

The powder is for laboratory use only. You can use it for your experiments that are related to Androgen. It is a selective receptor of androgens and is soluble in ethanol. You need to store at room temperature for it to function properly and give you optimum results in your experiments. It has a solid physical form and is crystalline in shape, making it perfect for laboratory uses.

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LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)

The compound is soluble in glycerin, PEG and ethanol, and just like the former, it comes in solid form and its particles are white with a fine texture. The recommendations in place indicate that you need to store it at room temperature to avoid deviations from the expected results during the research.

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GW 501516 (Cardarine)

Image result for IRC.Bio GW 501516 (Cardarine)

The powder comes in a slight deviation from the normal white, which is beige, so you should not worry when it arrives in a different version of white. It is insoluble in glycerin but soluble in ethanol which is why you can use it in your androgen experiments as a receptor agonist. It also requires storage conditions of room temperature, because exposure to direct sunlight alters its composition which adversely affects experiments.

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Testimonials & Reviews

The company has had many clients make purchases through their website, and have them make shipments to various destinations across the world. The good news is that there is positive word out there about the company, which means that clients remain satisfied and would be willing to make subsequent purchases. A client made this review:

They seem pretty good I bought a couple of things from them and everything came in a timely manner.”

Another customer using IRC.Bio products posted this positive review on a forum:

“I have been a customer of sarmsx for a long time and i recently have been going with IRC and i can tell you that the quality and consistency is better with IRC. i started my 12 week cycle with sarmsx and halfway switched to IRC and i can notice its better. i got LGD, GW and MK677. all doing exactly what they should. you can order without concern. i know what forum you are on and they push sarmsx as the only one with quality while they constantly raise prices. $100 for a bottle of lgd is over $300 per gram. thats insane”

A couple of other clients were specific in what they bought, and from what they said, it seems that they enjoyed the quality of service they received, as well as the product they got from the company. A pleased client said this:

I have been a customer of sarmsx for a long time and i recently have been going with IRC and i can tell you that the quality and consistency is better with IRC. i started my 12 week cycle with sarmsx and halfway switched to IRC and i can notice its better. i got LGD, GW and MK677. ”

Final Verdict

As a researcher or scientist with a need for science compounds to use in your operations or you need the compounds for personal use to control your androgen levels, your search for a reliable company to provide you with all you want in the form you require is over, because SARMS4YOU have your interests at heart. All you need to do is to log on to their website and shop for the products you need, and they will be shipped to you even if you are at the far end of the world. Their customer service will amaze you, and the quality of the products will leave you wanting for more.

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