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Who Is IronMag Labs?

IronMag Labs (IML) is one of the most reputable and sought after supplements companies. IronMags Labs prides itself in the being indifferent and with the fact that most of their products are formulated with natural ingredients. The company is well known due to how effective their products are. The client base for IronMag Labs keeps getting bigger with each dawn and that is enough reason to conclude that the consumers are more than satisfied with the results.

Company Overview

IronMag Labs is a supplement company that is set to provide outstanding, effective and unique products. This company happens to be the best when it comes to producing prohormones. Having been created in 2004, it was meant to fill the gap that was there at the time. IronMag is very popular among supplements users because it provides substantial results. Some of their known supplements are Maximum Pump V2, Super R-Andro Rx, 5A-Laxogen Rx and many, many more.

History and Ethics

The owner of IML Robert DiMaggio is a very straightforward person and that is why he insists that all the ingredients infused while manufacturing the supplements be labeled for consumers to see. He also says that he strives to produce natural prohormones that he says he has done research for over the years. The mission for IronMag Labs is to produce high quality supplements using the best products around. Robert DiMaggio says that he does not compromise the health of their consumers and that is why all his employees observe high ethics following his footsteps. The supplements have no side effects and have been inspected, accepted and passed by the FDA making sure they are beneficial to humans’ health wise.

Our Review of the Company

IronMag Labs have made quite a name for themselves. We have checked their reviews online and consumers seem to have fallen deeply in love with their products. Their consumers are very happy and contented with the products. Here is one review that struck us,” I've done 4-5 cycles in the past few years and this is one of the only supplements that actually worked. As with any supplements, you have to eat right and exercise frequently to maximize the potential”. This review is published in Ebay, here is a link

Our Recommended Products

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by seraf-joMay 21, 2018

Turned into Hulk

Man I took 3 caps of this stuff… bench is now 605,squat 715, dead 800! Pump so swole made me wanna slap my mamma! And I actually did! When I walk into the gym, I don’t scan in anymore, I face palm the desk chick and squeeze her head between my quads til she says Uncle! They call me Bruiser or BoBo for short.

Final Verdict

IronMag Labs has come to change the narrative that has been placed by their predecessors. Their products are genuine, original, natural and most of health friendly. Going by the customer feedback, it is clear that the products are very effective. It cannot hurt to try them out and experience a difference from what you have been using in the past.

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