Pharmacom Labs

Who Is Pharmacom Labs?

Pharmacom Labs is an American company that produces top quality bodybuilding drugs. The company was started around the year 2006. Pharmacom also provides you services like tutorial videos on how to make use of their products efficiently. They also offer a reason why you should choose their product over the excess counterfeits on the market.

You can access them easily through their site, which can be used to check out their products, each of their specs and customer reviews. All the tool you require to make an informed decision.

With pharmacom labs customer reviews, it shows that their products are quality and they satisfy.

Pharmacom Lab’s Review

The company began in a small lab located in Tampa, Florida. It was around the year 2006. They started out with only four products. Then for a while, their inventory multiplied all within the span of two years, which is quite impressive. Their dedication is behind their success.

They supply their products worldwide. In order for them to keep this up, they had to meet up with new innovations in the kind of material used in making their products. Pharmacom labs high quality is rarely questioned. During the manufacturing of their products, they promised to ensure the raw material in use will be of 98.5% purity.

Pharmacom's History and Ethics

The goal of this dedicated company to provide you with the best products, so you could avoid fake products. For more than a decade now the company is still existing and it is still able to produce both injection and oral drugs

The company started out with a capital of 20,000 and four entry-level drugs and now they are a pharmaceutical company in producing a wide range of high-quality medicine.  In order for you to make a great decision, Pharmacom labs provide videos and warnings too.

Pharmacom labs are one of the famous pharmaceutical company, and their main business strategy maybe normal but effective. Pharmacom's products are top quality mainly because of their careful production vial washing and sterilization.

Recommended Products


DIanabolos Methandienone 10g

Image result for DIanabolos Methandienone 10g

This steroid is orally-effective, it was developed in Germany before being released to the US during the 60s by the company known as Ciba specialty chemicals.  Methandienone is gotten from testosterone, it is one of the most widely used steroid compounds. Its function is to improve protein synthesis, glycogenolysis and muscle strength over a short time interval.

It also causes a decrease in the steroids affinity for the sex hormone binding globulin. As this occurs, methandrostenolone is quite active than the testosterone which will lead to fast growth in of the muscles tissue.  The con for using this drug is its water retention caused by aromatization of methandrostenolone.

Before you make use of this drug, perform blood works and use an inhibitor for aromatase. If you seek quick gains, this is the right drug for you but please use with care.

You can buy it here

Pharma Tren A 100

Trenbolone acetate 100mg/ml

Image result for trenbolone acetate 100mg/ml

If you require a steroid that is quick and effective, the trenbolone acetate is the best. It happens to be the most effective drug manufactured by Pharmacom labs. It increases muscle hardness, raw strength, and definition without leading to water retention and fat gains. This product is one of the most demanded product mainly for the purpose of burning fat and bulking cycles.

It is perfect for short and cutting cycles. It has to be injected into the body.

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Pharma MIX 1

Test phenyl (450mg/ml)

Image result for Test phenyl (450 mg/ml)

It consists of a great stack of three drugs great for bulking. Both amateurs and professionals can make use of this drug with a decent balance of side effects and potency. As a first time user, it is advisable to inject half of the standard content into your body. This way you will be able to see how your body reacts and also dodge possible side effects such as high body temperature, lumps and so on.

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Pharmacom Labs are flooded with hundreds of positive reviews and people love using their supplements. The products are highly worth your money and can bring in fantastic results in a very short span of time. They are simply the best when it comes to business and are really unparalleled in their performance. Here are some reviews that attest to their incredible performance.

I'm very new to this, I chose Pharmacom because of their high popularity, Glad I did. Although the first order took a bit longer than advertised, it did arrive with no complications. Same with 2nd order (but much faster). Now I'm on my third, here's hoping it will go just as smoothly. Thanks Pharmacom.

Final verdict

Pharmacom Lab's drugs are the best alternative to all those cheap and probably fake drugs on the market, which could actually be more lethal than they could be even when taken with care. Pharmacom lab's process of manufacturing its drugs are transparent and there is no hidden ingredient.


Who Is RoidsMaLL?

RoidsMaLL is an online pharmacy where anabolic steroids can be bought legally. Roidsmall can provide you with ways to help identify which is fake or real. They are sell worldwide through its site which gives complete access to information about its products like every other normal site would.  With this site you get to order, make payments and also receiving anywhere you may be.

You can tell that their services are also top notch with that great customer reviews.

RoidsMaLL Review

With the look and activities on the site, you should be able to tell that this site is not just a regular site like Amazon. It is a bit secretive and its customers are to be cautious. There are several methods of payments and the safest is by bitcoins.

People aren't scared, in fact, they grow more interest in the site and it's mainly due to varieties of anabolic steroids and drugs.

This is site's goal was clear and it was to make available its products which happens to be scarce generally to the rest of the world the world. This kind of business strategy is quite productive.

RoidsMaLL Ethics and History

Roidsmall is an online site which offers you the ability and opportunity to purchase steroids. Their site makes it a lot easier to acquire steroids anytime at any place. They have a wide range of steroids you can choose from, due to this fact many people trust this sites for its availability of goods.

Roidsmall products can much more expensive and there are only four methods of payments you could use. They are western Union, bitcoin, Ehtereum and Money grann. The preferable kinds of payments are bitcoins and Ethereum mainly because they are untraceable.

They require no prescription list, as you are demanding the services of the site, you have access to all steroids.

People who order on this site they don't usually know how long it would take for them to get the products, they are sometimes left in the dark.

The site itself may not be legit in some cases and instances. This can be confirmed through

The RoidsMaLL site is the best place to be if you are in search of top quality anabolic steroids you don't usually have access to.

Recommended Products


Testoxyl Cypionate 250

Image result for Testoxyl Cypionate 250 Online

It possesses an active substance known as testosterone cypionate which is best for increasing mass and strength. It lasts longer and should be injected once or twice a week.

This steroid also builds your muscles and improves the protein synthesis occurring, so it balances your loss of cellular protein. Testoxyl cypionate 250 will go well with Dianoxyl if you seek to build your muscle mass. It would even be better if you stack it with primoxyl 100 or Bodaxyl 300.

Teatoxyl cypionate 250 has side effects like acne, bitter taste in mouth, gum irritation, gum pain and change in sex drive.

You can buy it here.

GP Test Cyp 250

Image result for GP Test Cyp 250

This is an injective steroid which contains about 250mg per ML of the hormone testosterone cypionate. The hormones, in particular, are the reason for some activities in the body. It is responsible for both the physical and mental part of the body.

These help to fry steroids, promote your sex drive, It even helps to protect against heart disease.

Due to all these facts, users of this steroid will consider this steroid as the base to all cycles. GP test CYP 250 is both an anabolic and Androgenic steroid.

Side effects such as water retention from testosterone which will cause your muscle to spring back up immediately after compression as you lower weights, poor sex drive, fat gain, oily skin and promote aggressive behaviour.

You Can purchase it here

Testabol Depot

Image result for Testabol Depot

This steroid is widely known as the British dragon. It ensures the growth of your muscle mass and strength. Its main active substance is the testosterone cypionate which happens to be one of the longest testosterone esters, it can last up to 14days after ingestion.

It anabolic and androgenic Index of testosterone is up to 100%. The steroid works on your anabolic receptors, it improves their ability to gather more nitrogen which needs by your body to build more muscles.

This will then lead to a positive balance of nitrogen. As this is formed, there will be an increase in tissue growth and a reduction in the destruction process.

Women should not make use of this drug.

Side effects will occur if you manage to exceed the dosage of 800ml. The drug can easily undergo aromatization which contributes to the excess of estrogen and there on leads to gynecomastia ( swollen male breasts). There could also be an increase in hair growth on the body, acne blood pressure, skin fatness and alopecia.

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RoidsMaLL are flooded with tons of positive reviews online and they have acquired a lot of popularity as one of the most potential supplements provider. The tons of brilliant and positive online reviews attest to the wonderful products they sell and their prices are really affordable.

My roids source for life..

My roids source for life… Strongly recommended.

just loyal customer

I purchased from several times without problems. THe last time I oredered I did get a seizure letter, but I emailed “Doc” and he resent the entire order.

Final verdict

Steroids are really risky drugs, purchasing them shows that you're fully aware of the dangers and side effects that come with it. Most of these steroids are usually rear to find mainly because of their risks.

As an athlete looking to get fast results, RoidsMaLL is your go-to destination in order to get what you require.

Peptide Warehouse

Who Is Peptide Warehouse?

Peptide Warehouse is an American company that partners with the approved manufacturers of the made in the USA that does research on peptides, protein, and amino acids. The result of such a partnership is to ensure the provision of high-quality products that are available at low prices.

The company provides a site where you can view its products and its specs. You can also contact them and even ask questions. If you've ordered for a product the site will enable you to track it.

The products and services provided by peptide warehouse are well appreciated by its customers.

Peptide Warehouse Review


Peptide warehouse is more of a human- friendly company. Its missions are quite clear and that is to provide safe high-quality proteins and reagent mainly for biotechnological companies and academic university through research.

They are not really after profit, their products are like tools required in business and organizations which will lead to the betterment of the nation. That is why their products are at an affordable price. You can also be provided as an independent consumer. The customer services are by default set at a premium for every customer. With the reviews on the site, you can tell how satisfied the customers are. There is even a refund option in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Peptide Warehouse History And Ethics

The company was established in the year 2008. Since then, they've been providing quality products that will be of a low price. Their main purpose is to provide research for peptides, proteins, and amino acids.

They consider its customer service as an integral part of its business. They are able to do this by providing the right products to package, deliver and ship. Ordering their products is convenient that it can be done at any time of the day through the site.

Each of its products undergoes amino acid formula analysis in order to determine each product's weight and protein quantities. Then all chemicals and reagents must go through several forms of mass spectrometry in order to ensure its purity.

Recommended Products


This peptide is being researched specifically to treat cardiac ischemia which is usually caused by inadequate flow of oxygen or blood to the myocardium. This peptide was used in the early days to persevere blood flow to the heart during surgery.

The peptide is also being researched as a potential cure for diabetes and this is done mainly by increasing metabolism of the tissues, this possible through changing the physical composition of muscles.

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Aicar 50mg

Cabergoline 0.5mg per ml x 30ml

This chemical is not for human consumption, very dangerous. It is strictly meant for research use, nothing else. It must always be in the hands of a licensed professional. Most products like this one are used to find a cure for ailments.

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Cabergoline 0.5mg per ml x 30ml

Anastrozole 1.5mg per ml x 30ml

This is a potent anti-cancer substance which should be categorized under aromatase inhibitors. It converts normal androgen to estrogen. And it is able to do this by restricting the actions of the aromatase enzymes.

In short, it kills cancerous enzymes and they can be obviously used in the research of a cure for cancer.

Click here to Buy

Anastrozole 1.5mg per ml x 30ml


Peptide Warehouse is one of the most trending companies that have been currently dominating the market. Their products are of unparalleled quality and the efficacy of the supplements in maintaining your health standards are simply amazing. There are tons of positive reviews flooded online and the reviews states their impeccable benefits.

Product effectivenes and experience

All products are legit. I sleep like a baby on MK. Noticible increase in strength gain and also eating a lot more. The GW I take 20mg before training Jiu Jitsu and it has an immediate effect. I can't believe that other athletes haven't heard of this stuff. It increases my workout capacity by about 35 percent. The clenbuterol is VERY strong. Be careful! You should start with .25ml because the dosing is 200mcg per ml. Me and my girl have been using with the MK and have lost a lot of fat even though we're eating a ton of food.


Final verdict

If you are conducting either an independent research or you are part of a team, Peptide warehouse should be the company you contact in order to get your needs. Especially If you work or study involves the medical field, you can get your peptides and special chemicals.


Bro Labs

Who Is Bro Labs  ?

Bro labs is an American company from the state of New York. They manufacture high-quality bodybuilding and DAT burning supplements with the best ingredients, formulas, and blends. They also offer services like meal plans to follow, workout programs, books and safe delivery of your product. Their aim is to educate and improve your mind and body through their products, services, and various media channels. Like any other company, they possess a user's friendly site that helps you to gain access to them directly in order to get important information like the prices of the products, it's specs and also other customers reviews so you can make a well-informed decision.

The summary of Bro laboratories customer reviews states that its customers are extremely satisfied with their products and services.

Our Review Of The Company

Bro labs is founded by Brandon Carter who is an athlete and fitness trainer. His company's main office building/store is located in the captain of New York, USA. They produce a great quality supplement for customers both nationwide and worldwide. It was made clear in the company's website that their goal is to provide a better alternative to all fake and probably lethal supplement products on the market in order to improve the health of people who demand such products.

Bro labs goals make them look quite human-friendly. The company's appearance of care for its customers is a great form of publicity especially worldwide.

It is a good strategy adopted by Brandon Carter for boosting sales and recognition.

The company's appearance of care is backed with its proven to be quality products. Brandon himself uses these products before or while he performs workout programs. The proof of that is in his videos. If it isn't him, his workers would be using it.

With Bro Labs top-notch products and it human-friendly appearance, both the customers and the company are bound to have a symbiotic relationship.

Brandon Carter does the same as any other company by promising good health of mind and body like any other supplement producing company. But the quality of bro lab's products makes it stand out.

The Company's Ethics And History

Bro Labs was formed because Brandon Carter and his peers were fed up with low value, heavily marked overhyped and over-priced (supplement)products out there in the market. They were also aware of the cheap products, vague formulas, useless blends and fad ingredients that are mass produced by many brands seeking only profit. These so-called “top quality” brands get their products recognition through paid endorsement in order to sell them and such brands fail to add value to its industry.

Bro labs make use of the exact dosage shown to be effective and safe in the published scientific research. To cut it short, they are completely transparent about what is their product, so you can be able to identify both the substance that you are in need of and the substances that might be lethal for your health situation.

Bro Lab isn't just after the money, this company actually does its homework in order to provide you with the best quality you require. They are very much aware and interested in the scientific side of health and fitness. With that, they can educate you on how efficiently optimize your athletic performance in the safest way possible and help you get the most out of your training and ensure the best nutrition for your body.

Bro labs is a great company that adds value to its industry and especially the community. Their goals have impacted positively in many lives.

Recommended products

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Bro Labs, however, as of now is one of the most trending supplement producing brands on the market. Their affordable yet highly effective products are mind-blowing when it comes to efficacy and tons of positive reviews flooded online attest to that fact. Bro Labs has garnered a crazy popularity and here are some of the reviews, where you can decide for yourself, how lucrative the products are.

Love everyone in Bro Labs. Would take a bullet for each and everyone. All hard-working people who want to be stronger and better versions of themselves. I vibe with those values. Low key I would fight a bear with my own hands for Bella.

Final verdict

There is a lot of supplement producing brands in the market, and not all of them are legit. They mostly make use of paid sponsorship for the promotion of their low-quality products which could be detrimental to your body and mind. Bro Lab's is the perfect alternative brand to all those excess brands with cheap and low-quality products.

Moreover, Bro Labs is sure to provide you with high-quality product great for both your body and mind.


Who Is Alldaychemist?

Alldaychemist is an Indian online distribution company that started out in the year 2002, it supplies great quality generic drugs and formulation to patients all around the world at a reasonable price. Their inventory is stocked with products made by famous pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, torrent pharma, intas pharma, Ajanta pharma, sun pharma, Pfizer and Cipla.

They provide services such as a quick home delivery with no problems and ensure the safety of the product. Also, like any other company they possess a user-friendly site that showcases the company's products and product specs. The site also serves and a way for the customer to be in touch with the company and give feedbacks of its product.

From the customer reviews on the site, it shows that Alldaychemist great for business.

Our Review of the company

This company seems a bit like Amazon but it deals mainly in prescription drugs gotten from a few high-level drug manufacturing company which happens to be unbelievably cheap. The company's main goal is to make quality drugs available to patients all around the world at an affordable price. And also their aim is to provide you with maximum satisfaction. If your product is lost or damaged during delivery, the company will immediately prepare another product of the same type of delivery.

From all these said, you should be able to deduct that Alldaychemist focuses on improving the health of its customers instead of just the money. It prices are very low compared to all other similar sites.

The Company's Ethics and History

Alldaychemist is a company that believes deeply in directing both their expertise and skills in modifying and delivering a quality product. They believe in improving their work quality in order to help you ensure good health and happiness. This can be seen in their very committed delivery services which ensure quick and safe deliveries to its destination. Also, if you seek privacy of your order, your product can be delivered in a small envelope or through a cardboard box.

Their deliveries are usually taken with 2-3 weeks maximum. They offer medicine for diseases, deficiency, and ailment of all kinds at a knockdown price. Alldaychemist has medication for ailments like cancer, diabetes, infertility, Alzheimer's, HIV, blood pressure and so on.

Alldaychemist does not only make a profit, but it also add to the community by providing affordable drugs.

Recommended Products

Asthalin HFA Inhaler – 100 mcg (200 mdi)

Image result for Asthalin HFA Inhaler - 100 mcg

This product is manufactured by Cipla which is one of the most progressive pharmaceutical company that produces salbutamol. This inhaler is known as the Ashanti HFA which has active ingredients like salbutamol 100mcg which happens to be available in various strengths and substitute.

The inhaler is used mainly for lung disease, construction airways and asthma.

Before you use this inhaler, you will have to make sure that you are not allergic to salbutamol.

Don't take the inhaler without the prescription from the doctor.

Click here to buy this supplement

Melalite Forte 4% – 30 gm Cream

Image result for Melalite Forte 4% - 30 gm Cream

This cream consist of a main type of therapeutic ingredient known as hydroquinone which treats Hyperpigmentation. The core of this formula is to reduce your melanin. The cream also possesses a anti-aging function that is sure to leave your skin radiant and glowing.

The cream can also be used to take care of scars, blemishes and other facial related issues.

Click here to purchase it.

User Reviews

Alldaychemist has really changed the world of supplements with their distinct and innovative approach. You can have the chance to get your hands on several renowned products from top companies with their assistance. Here are some reviews which stands tall.


Final verdict

If you don't really have that much budgeted amount for drugs and other items that can enable you to take care of your health, you can always do business with alldaychemist as they are, will and always be ready to satisfy your needs without fail. Most of their products are from leading manufacturers and they are at a really affordable price.

Four Sigmatic

Who Is Four Sigmatic?

Four Sigmatic is an American beverage company that deals mainly in the production of medicinal mushroom goods. They also provide free services like teaching you about the world of mushrooms and adaptogens with the use of free videos from their site, which can inspire you to have a much healthier lifestyle. Like any other company, they have a user's friendly site that enables customers to contact the company and have access to necessary information like prices, specs of the items.

According to the customer's reviews, their products and services are excellent at satisfying them.

Our Review of the Company

Tero Isokauppila's Four Sigmatic started out small in 2012 in a Nordic country and now it delivers its products to 65+ countries worldwide. All due to its goal, which is to raise awareness of a healthy underutilized edible fungus (mushrooms) and also to help the community overcome their fear of mushrooms.

The fact that four Sigmatic's aims to improve everyone's health shows it has good intentions and such intentions make the company look human-friendly. Which is good for publicity, especially worldwide.

Four Sigmatic's decision on making beverages out of mushrooms is quite a smart move. Knowing every one worldwide at least takes beverages once a day. Anyone who is addicted to beverages can replace that unhealthy blend with a Four Sigmatic's blend. Even a cup of coffee can be replaced by one of Sigmatic's coffee.

In the end, Tero Isokauppila has perfected the business which satisfies everyone.

The Company's Ethics and History

Before its founding, the intake of mushrooms was less. People had little or no interest in one of the most scientifically proven super foods. They cure ailments at the same time keep one healthy.  With the founders aware of this situation, they saw a business gap which needed to be filled. So they made it their business to supply people with medicinal mushroom products. And there is no better way than to serve them inform of beverages. So it appeals to people (mostly the younger ones or workaholics) and tastes better.

It is because of their determination to making people live healthier, by supplying them with great quality products made them famous. Although, that is not the only advantage they relied on. Their user-friendly site which connects them with the rest of the world has a hand in their progress.

Four Sigmatic gives back to the community. Not only through their healthy products. But also in another way: for each box you buy, they will put a portion of proceeds towards donating products to boarding for Brest cancer (B4BC).

Recommended Products

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User Reviews

Four Sigmatic has garnered a lot of positive reviews online. The positive reviews online clearly state the immense popularity the company has made and the productive effects on using them. Here are some of the reviews to check out the wonderful effects of using Four Sigmatic Products.

Final verdict

With all the unhealthy junk food you can easily get your hands on every day, you could potentially damage your system and It could probably be in the slowest manner possible. The most popular category of junks people take (usually busy people in particular) are beverages like coffee, tea, blends and so on.

Some would say they need it for creativity or to remain focused. Although, these sometimes valid points. But the choice of food is wrong and unhealthy. There is a solution to this. Four Sigmatics will provide you with that solution. They make use of various species of an edible fungus called mushrooms to make beverages. You will get more essential nutrients from drinking a golden latte made with shiitake mushrooms and turmeric than from the conventional latte.

Buying their product does not only help you, but it also helps other. Four Sigmatic's donates goods to the B4BC (boarding for breast cancer), so what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one.

Chem Tek Labs

Who is Chem Tek Labs?

Chem Tek Labs is a supplement company with a website from where they sell high-quality supplements at affordable prices. Their supplements are friendly to human health. The company also provides quality services and makes a follow up to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their products. They have a user-friendly online platform where clients can easily find the necessary information, ranging from the prices to the specifications of the items on offer.

According to online feedback, most of the clients are satisfied with their products. Let us have a look at what Chem Tek Labs are providing, and determine whether their supplements are legit.

The Company’s Ethics and History

Chem Tek Labs decided to venture into the business after realizing that there was a business gap that needed to be filled. The consumption of unhealthy foods at that time led to their need for these supplements. They needed a way they would burn calories without having to go to the gym. The founders saw the loophole in the market and came up with the idea of forming this company to produce and distribute supplements that would quench the people’s demand.

In a bid to create a name for themselves all over the world, they decided to reach out to more clients away from their hometown through a website from where orders would be placed, purchase completed, and shipping commenced to clients regardless of their location in the world.

This has helped them gain more clients worldwide, fueled by their ethics which include production and distribution of high-quality products, good customer service and unmatchable efficiency in the delivery of their products.

Our Review of Chem Tek Labs

The desire to acquire muscles in a bid to appear built, and the insane urge to lose excessive body fats has seen people use all uncouth ways to achieve the desired look, including starving themselves and excessive intake of steroids to achieve fast results. However, the emergence of a healthier alternative which is the use of clinically approved supplements has brought relief to a wide range of people who are keen about their appearance.

The increasing demand for supplements has made manufacturers consider producing them in large quantities, with their main aim being to reap high profits. However, Chem Tek Labs have gone an extra mile to blend quantity and quality which has drawn more customers to their side. Their efficiency levels have also worked to their advantage, considering that their delivery services are reliable hence increasing the number of purchases made.

Recommended Chem Tek Labs Products

Owing to the pocket-friendly prices they offer, and consistency in the quality they assure clients, lots of their products have enjoyed popularity worldwide. However, we will look at those that have remained in the limelight for long.


Chem-Tek Labs Chem-Tek Labs Reviews

Laxo-Var  is a prohormone which you can use to gain the puffed muscles you have been looking for without having to spend long hours at the gym. Prohormones fall in the category of supplements which come in handy during fast gain of strength and an increase in muscle size. In our case, Laxo-Var also assists in the loss of fat.

Click here to check it out.

E1-XT, 90 capsules

Image result for E1-XT, 90 capsules

E1-XT, 90 capsules are both a booster and a muscle builder. The product boosts your natural testosterone up to an optimum level and helps in delivering a HARD, DRY and LEAN GAINS. It should be avoided in high dosage since it causes adverse effects within some few days after it is used.

Click here to check out the reviews.

Ibutamoren MK-677

Ibutamoren MK-677 is popular because it delivers the same results as injectable growth hormone. When consumed in the right dosage, it increases the levels of growth hormone and also leads to deep REM sleep and helps exploding metabolism which stimulates growth hormone activity during the burning of fats.

Click here to buy it.


According to the customers’ reviews online about the company’s products, there is no doubt that they have the best products in the market. A good number of comments are positive and enough to encourage potential clients to join in on the string of buyers. One of the clients stated that,

“I started using these products after previously using another company’s products which really disappointed me. Since I started purchasing supplements from Chem Tek Lab, I can only be grateful. Every time I make any kind of an inquiry on their website I get an instant feedback. Their delivery services are just so perfect. The quality of their products has never disappointed me. Their products have ridiculously fair prices. This is a company you can always count on.”

Final Verdict

With Chem Tek Labs, you can be assured of great results with all their products because you get the results you desire. The customer service is also ready to attend to all your inquiries at any time of the day. Their website which is easy to navigate ensures that you get all the information you require about their wide range of products, hence you can easily make decisions on what to purchase at the tap of a button. Let’s keep it Chem Tek Labs!

[box type=”info”]To check out more supplement reviews such as Chem Tek Labs, follow We regularly review hundreds of supplements to make your decisions simpler.[/box]

Iron Dragon Peptides

Who is Iron Dragon Peptides Company?

Iron Dragon Peptides is a reputable company that has created a dominant name for itself in the health and nutrition arena. It is the leading retailer of research peptides among all the other competitive peptides company on the market. They are unique because unlike other retailers in a similar industry, they guarantee their customers remarkable quality and 100% on-time delivery after they place their orders. They also provide an option of priority shipping for clients who require a faster delivery of ordered products, and they live within the United States. The option costs their customers an extra charge of $8.95.

Generally, peptides exist naturally as molecules that are biological in nature, and their main role is to give the body extra proteins which help to develop our body muscles, and in bodybuilding. Considering that it is becoming difficult for us to gather foods that are rich in all nutrients, including peptides during all meals, relying on already processed peptides is the current trend because it is convenient.

It is common to find people clogging in fast food joints than in outlets that sell groceries because we are pressed for time. Preparing whole meals every day is tedious and costly, which is why demand for fast foods has prevailed. There is a wide range of companies and small producers that manufacture and distribute peptides, but Iron Dragon Peptides company has stuck out as a leading retailer of the same, owing to its reliability and consistency in giving consumers high-quality products.

We will have a look at how Iron Dragon Peptides Company has handled its operations over the years, the kind of service it has given its customers, their quality of products and whether or not potential clients should consider them in future.

Our Review of Iron Dragon Peptides

The rising demand for research, cropping up of scientific research institutions, and a personal desire to keep the overall state of our bodies appealing has triggered the use of general and research peptides. The field of molecular biology form the main clients of research peptides because apart from the general use of peptides in bodybuilding and the development of muscles, they are able to manipulate them and create peptide antibodies which can work in an animal’s body without purifying it under like light.

The molecular biology arena has also incorporated peptides in their study of protein structure and functions, and currently, scientists are researching on inhibitory peptides which have the potential of fighting prostate cancer. Hopefully soon, we will be able to fight the menace that has been a nightmare to men, hence reducing the number of deaths that occur every year due to cases of prostate cancer.

Iron Dragon Peptides company has aided the research activities by providing the researchers with high quality research peptides at affordable prices. If you own a scientific institute or are an individual enthusiastic about research, you can get genuine lab products that are of high quality, from iron Dragon Peptides company. They have an online platform which makes it easier to order from wherever you are, and their delivery services are reliable.

Company's History and Ethics

A few years ago, some brilliant minds who were keen on providing safe and high-quality peptides came together and formed Iron Dragon Peptides company. Their main aim was to eliminate fake products of a similar nature that were doing rounds in the market, and tarnishing the name of a few honest providers of similar items.

They have over the years succeeded in producing and distributing a variety of steroid peptides ranging from those efficient in bodybuilding, treating thyroid complications, anti-aging processes to fat loss procedures. Their code of ethics includes adhering to internal and national laws of distributing such products, provision of high-quality products and customer care that surpasses client's expectations.

Recommended Iron Dragon Peptides Products

The company has specialized in the manufacture and sale of research peptides over the years, but have gone an extra mile in producing a wide range of products in the category of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS). That, and general peptides which can be consumed directly are the products which they are recognized for worldwide. Let’s have a look at which of their products are leading the pack in sales.


This research chemical is a popular form of SARMS, which is on high demand because it is used in the effective muscle building and in the prevention of complications arising from atrophy, which is the total wasting away of particular body parts. You can use it to treat and avoid muscle wasting, sarcopenia, cachexia and in Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It also increases and retains a lean body mass which is good for skinny people who would like to put on some body mass.

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IGF-1 Lr3 test kit

This product is capable of detecting insulin levels in the body, which could pose danger to your health. It particularly detects insulin like growth factor which is associated with malignancy conditions for example colon, ovarian and prostate cancers. Detection of the growth factor helps in early and effective treatment.

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Customer Reviews

The company has delivered high quality products and services to its clients with incomparable consistency. Their packaging is well wrapped and discreet, hence you don’t have to worry about the contents of your order being revealed. A client who was satisfied with their packaging had this to say,

 “Packaging is discreet and very well wrapped. Package was in the Mailbox 3 days after ordering.

There are clients who have had experiences with other distributors, but prefer products from Iron Dragon Peptides company. One such client said,

 “ I’ve had all good experiences with this company. I have not tried all they offer but my experience has been perfect.”

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a retailer whose reputation in the market is top-notch, can deliver your order within 3 days, offers you discreet packaging and has a wide range of peptides and SARMS products to choose from, you should give Iron Dragon Peptides company a chance. Their response rate is fast enough, and you can access their products online from any part of the world. Let’s make the best choices! On the contrary, Go Peps is one of the best alternatives you could go for in your quest of finding the best peptides for your health. Go Peps has garnered a massive popularity and is considered to be one of the bestselling peptides of the hour.

Pure Essence SARMs

Who is Pure Essence SARMs?

Pure Essence SARMs is a company that deals with the creation of super foods like barley grass and spirulina, which help the body to protect cells from getting intoxicated. The foods we consume daily are bound to have toxins which can harm the body because they are mostly composed of harmful chemicals. Food processing companies have tried all means to make the food products they manufacture attractive to our eyes, without considering the health hazards we might be suffering as consumers. The manufacturers use additives, preservatives industrial sweeteners and food colors just to make the products attractive. The combination of such chemicals in the body could bring toxins into our body cells, and when they accumulate over long periods of time, they cause stomach complications like cancers and ulcers.

However, the good news is that there are a few people who have seen the gap created by such producers, and crafted a permanent solution to the problem by manufacturing antioxidants which can counter the effects of the chemicals. Pure Essence SARMS is geared towards providing us with the inner body purity we so much desire. A number of customers have had the privilege of using products from the company and from the reviews they give online, it is evident that the company has done a god job in providing the best protection to body cells at affordable prices. Let us have a look at the products they manufacture and distribute how they handle their clients and what people have to say about their services and the quality of products they distribute, before we can decide on whether they are worth considering.

Our Review of Pure Essence SARMs

Our bodies are in constant need of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and super foods to bring out the best in us by displaying a healthy look. However, the problem is that it has become difficult for us to access foods that contain all those properties in one package. Our busy schedules do not allow us to put together foods that have all the properties the body requires. However, there is a solution to that because; Pure Essence SARMS1 are manufacturing such products and distributing them at a cheap price. Their products will help your body perform all bodily functions, while keeping your heart and bones healthy, without requiring you to constantly visit the grocery shop.

They have also gone a step further to create specified formulas, for both men and women, whose main aim is to give them customized service to their bodies, in regards to how effective their body organs function and how they can keep them healthy at all times. They have incorporated the latest technology in their production, to bring out the health formulas that are pure and holistic in nature, a combination that is rare in the market, putting them on the winning side.

Company’s History and Ethics

The need for people to improve their body functions within the shortest time possible while working on a budget drove a few friends into offering products that could help fill the gap in the market. Through research, they found that they could create and distribute products that could either serve the purpose of minerals, vitamins, super foods and amino acids, without pressuring the consumer into spending lots of money on natural diets, while they are also pressed for time.

Pure Essence SARMS1 was founded on such grounds, and with the help of their code of ethics which include providing healthy products to people all over the world and maintaining great customer care services, they have managed to reach a large base of the general population, and continue to win the hearts of many.

Recommended Products

Pure Essence SARMS1 is the manufacture and distributor of a wide range of products. Over the years, they have added on to the original products they started with, following the constant growing demand from their customers. However, they have a variety of products that are receive more orders, hence are doing well in the market.


When it comes to men and the concern they have for their testosterone levels, they can do anything to ensure that their testosterone levels remain at optimum. PostCT targets the Leydig cells found in the testicles, and helps them to increase the levels of testosterone production. Men who are approaching old age are the main clients who purchase this product because as they age, the Leydig cells become less active, leading to the reduction in the amount of testosterone produced.

Among the main ingredients of the product is Fadogia agretis which stimulates Leydig cells to cause testicles to generate higher concentrations of serum testosterone levels. If taken in the correct dosage, the levels could be increased by up to 100%

Pure Essence Vision Essence

Pure Essence Labs Vision Essence Vegetarian Capsules, 60 Count by Pure Essence Labs

This product was created with the vegetarians in mind. It comes in the form of vegetarian capsules, which have the properties fit for delivering eye nutrients that give the ultimate support in regards to vision. Apart from providing vision nutrients they also indirectly support important aspects of the health of the ocular system. The product generally offers a holistic and comprehensive support system of the vision in a natural manner. It lacks artificial flavorings, and colorings, genetically modified organisms, yeast, wheat or gluten, which makes it suitable for vegetarians.

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The feedback from customers on online platforms shows that the products and services offered by the company are satisfactory. Clients are pleased with the professional customer service, the instant replies and the efficiency of their overall operations. A happy customer gave this feedback,

Customer service was completely professional, tracking number was sent as soon as the package hit the mail. I can't put enough emphasis on the way they handle their business. Top notch bar none!!! An absolute pleasure on all aspects.”


Final Verdict

It is uncommon to find a company that provides all body requirements that have the same properties as natural foods, and at pocket friendly prices. Having such a good deal in one basket is a unique characteristic that only a few companies can achieve. Pure Essence SARMs is one such company that has integrated good health and affordability, to meet the needs of their consumers. Their user friendly website and professional customer service has increased their popularity, making them the best in their field. Try Pure Essence SARMs products today.

All American Peptides

All American Peptide is a predominant company that has set up a website, from where they enable their clients to obtain high-quality peptides at pocket-friendly prices. During the time they have been around, they have made significant strides in ensuring that their clients enjoy high-quality products with the consistency they desire. They make sure that their customer care is on point, their delivery services are incomparable, and the follow up they do for their clients will keep them coming back for more.

All American peptide have had their fair share of reviews from former customers, with most of them bending in a positive direction. Most of their services according to the feedback online seem to have pleased their clients who could beckon potential customers to try on their services. On the other hand, if you are looking for a better alternative to All American Peptides, you can go for Go Peps, which is a fantastic Peptides company. Let’s have a sneak peek at what the company offers, and the word on the street so that we can determine whether it is worth vouching for.

Our Review of All American Peptides

The current demand for peptides right from the house wife at home who is looking to keep her body in good shape, all the way to the executive owner of the company who cannot find time to make a healthy descent meal but desires to have the best version of themselves has made manufactures think that they can meet the requirements of the market and reap high profits out of it. What most companies do not understand is that delivering the materials to customers is not just about making the profits, but rather ensuring that the client is satisfied by the end of the day, and the right quality of the product is what reaches the door step of the customer.

Currently, most of the companies are producing generic versions of peptides without considering the effects those may have on the consumer. Some do not work at all. However, good news is that not all companies have taken the path of defrauding their clients. There are a few trustworthy brains that have the interests of their customers in mind and have maintained consistency in regards to the products they release into the market. All American peptide is one such company, and that has made them the get to the list of the most preferred by their clients. Let’s see how they are able to do it.

The Company’s Ethics and History

A few years back, few friends who were unhappy with what peptide manufacturing and distributing companies were doing to make profits decided to create a company that would not only meet the increasing demand of peptides, but also provide the quality that everyone would be happy with. They put their minds together and founded All American Peptide. Since the demand was not only within their town or nation, they decided to reach the whole world through their products, by creating an online platform where anybody regardless of where they were residing could access their favorite peptides at the touch of a button.

The desire to meet the needs of a world yearning to acquire better versions of themselves using the easy methods, coupled with the need to fill a gap that had been created by scam companies triggered them to found All American Peptide company. Their strict code of ethics, which involved providing impeccable customer service and maintaining consistency in the quality delivered has been at the forefront in determining their success and helping them maintain their clients and gain some more all throughout.

Recommended All American Peptides Products

A glance at their website will lead you to hundreds of products, most of which are affordable, hence within your reach in regards to your financial position. However, there are those products which have put the company on the world map, mainly because people consistently purchase them; hence they are in their best selling category. The following are those products:

Pure Collagen Peptides Powder (Hydrolyzed)

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This product is ideal for sports people, dancers and any other person who strains their muscles. It helps relieve pain at the joints, restores immobility on different body parts like the elbows and shoulders which results from tightness. It also relieves back and knee pain. The recommended dosage is one scoop per day for approximately three months.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

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It is highly soluble, which means that it can dissolve in warm liquids and get absorbed into the body fast. The product contains collagen, which is the protein required in abundance by the body because it gives your hair, skin, and tendons vitality and health. It is manufactured from bovine hides that are rich in pasture, to give the nutrients the ancient and natural quality.


Word on the street have it that customers are satisfied and would consider coming back over and over again.  Their instant response to clients and the effectiveness with which they deliver their services get their customers excited. One such client had this to say’

I registered on their website and then sent them a private message with a query regarding shipping. I had a response in less than 30 minutes which was the first plus for me. Prior to this I had contacted other stockiest to be disappointed to receive a reply after 2-3 days on some occasions.

The quality and effectiveness of the products that All American Peptides sell are surprisingly good for the price. I had no bad side effects from any chemicals and I did achieve the results that I wanted, what more could you want?”

Final Word

When working with All American peptide you can be sure to get the best services all in one package. Their website is easy to navigate, ensuring that you don’t get frustrated trying to find what you require, their cash out section has information on every peptide you would like to know about, and if you need clarifications, there is room for questions. This is not to forget that they encrypt their systems to make sure that you are protected against third parties getting hold of the information you give at their system.  When it comes to All American Peptides, you are assured that you are dealing with a reputable company, which will you where you need to be.

However, if you are looking for a better alternative to All American Peptides, try out Go Peps, which is one of the most prolific peptides companies. Go Peps has been performing outstandingly and has earned itself quite a huge craze among health enthusiasts.