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  • SARMS1
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  • Last modified: October 25, 2018

Review Summary:

SARMS1 is a SARM manufacturer that has grown quite a name for itself. However, there have been some issues with the "quality" and authenticity of these products. We dig a bit deeper in the following review below...

The power of SARMs cannot be underestimated. It is difficult to get a product that can make your muscles grow without causing the mess associated with the use of steroids. The problem, however, is where you can get a reliable online shop. SARMS4YOU is the better option. With their products, you can become the better version of yourself by acquiring a pleasant shape. They sell products keeping in mind the goals of their customers in relation to what they are looking to accomplish with their bodies.

SARMS4YOU has got you covered in everything you need for that body shape plan to work. If you feel like you need to improve your performance at the gym, lose fat and acquire more muscle, or you are have been struggling with old injuries that are taking time to heal SARMS4YOU is the place to be.

Who is SARMS1?

SARMS stand for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. SARMS1 is a young company in the health and fitness niche for the last 5 years, which has specialized in the production and distribution of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. As of now, they are retailers who have gained the trust of non-medical researchers and scientists who vouch for their products as effective and pure. However, not everybody agrees with this opinion. We have loads of people complaining about the quality of their products, as much as some find them genuinely effective and clean. Let us have a sneak peek at what exactly they have to offer, the ingredients of their products and what most people think of them, then we can have a go-ahead at whether or not it's a company worth vouching for.

SARMS1 Product Range

The company has loads of products to offer. Let us check out its product line:

Stenabolic (SR-9009)

It can boost how well you can endure extreme exercise and also helps to ease out your physical illnesses. After using it for some time, you will reap additional benefits like increased levels of fat loss and a feeling of increased energy.

S4 (Andarine)

When you feel like you have light muscles, this is the right remedy because it increases the density of bones and muscles. It also ensures that your muscle building dream comes true while increasing your strength in the same breath. Such a good package right?

Ostabolic-Osta (MK)

This is majorly specialized in making your muscle mass constant because it prevents muscle wasting. The package comprises of 60 tablets. The product is designed scientifically to deliver optimum effects.

Testolone (RAD140)

Apart from preventing the wastage of muscles. It is also used in the treatment of breast cancer. You may not be an enthusiast of bodybuilding, but you definitely want that cancer to leave the body so that you can be healthy again.

Anabolicum (LGD-4033)

Its main purpose is to treat diseases related to muscle wasting. Athletes are using it to enhance performance. It has been tested on monkeys and shown no adverse effects. It binds muscles and bones resulting in an enhanced building of muscles and prevention of a scenario where muscles waste away. Males are allowed to consume approximately 10mg daily while the dosage of females per day is 5mg.

GW-501516 (Cardarine)

Genetic pathways which are involved during exercise are activated by this substance. One is assured of fat loss when Cardarine is used because the skeletal muscles experience an increased uptake of glucose. In simple terms, it ensures that one fully utilizes the amounts of nutrients consumed daily and carbohydrates in the body which are stored as adipose tissue are decreased. The recommended dosage is around 10-15 mg daily for eight weeks. However, for optimum results, 8-12 weeks of 20mg daily intake is advised whether one is working out in the gym or not.

Nutrobal (MK-677)

This is a growth hormone that is orally administered, and just like other SARMs, it alters the way particular androgen receptors work, resulting in anabolic effects just like steroids. The substance has for a long time revolutionized the world of fitness because it is also endowed with pharmaceutical benefits like the rapid healing of old injuries and bones, and the tightening of loose skin after weight loss. Apart from that, its ability to oxidize fat cannot be ignored. A dosage of 25mg per day is advised.

The History & Ethics of SARMS1

The company was founded a few years ago, by fitness enthusiasts who thought that people needed a permanent solution to their body building plans. They considered the adverse side effects steroids were having and decided to introduce a less risky option that would give all interested parties that coveted body look. They agreed that SARMs were the way to go and set up an online shop that made a big name for itself over years of providing great products. It was part of their code of ethics to provide the public with genuine and functional products and give flawless customer service.

Our Thoughts on SARMS1

The urge by many people to keep their bodies in shape, particularly by having more muscles and losing fat made them move towards the direction of steroids in a bid to achieve positive results within the shortest time possible. However, the side effects steroids have on the body are adverse. With so many work -out supplements on the market that take time to yield results, impatience sets in calling for safer and quicker means.

The best thing that could ever happen to the market is the emergence of SARMS that work just like steroids but have less downside in regards to health risks and affordability. It’s the exact relief people needed. Health-conscious bodybuilders saw the need to use them for muscle building purposes and enhancement of performance because according to the view of most people they were considered the ultimate supplements

SARMS1 took advantage of the situation on the ground some years back and established an online retail point that could ensure SARMS reached as many people as possible. The high demand for the product earned the company a large clientele base, which it accumulated over the years. Its customers considered it the most effective and popular source of SARMS.

However, question is, did the company stick to the demands of the market in regards to the quality of its products? Currently, is everybody satisfied with what they offer or is there tons of negative feedback that are connected to it? All that shall be revealed in a bit.

Do people like SARMS1 COMPANY?

The genuine answer is definitely NO. There have been loads of reviews, both negative and positive. However, the ones leaning towards the negative side override the positive ones. Most people think that the company has deteriorated in the quality it is providing to the company, with many saying that the comparison they have made between the original products and the current ones on the market shows a drastic fall in the quality, which is unpleasant.

Some have reported a change in the packaging, which came with contents that felt a lot different from the original. The company claimed that the difference in the color of the packaging was just a representation of a new batch of products, but turns out that there is more than meets the eye. Customers have complained that the new batch did not work as expected.

There have been more complaints, with most people labeling it a scam, which nobody should be involved with. Reviews show that they started selling severely underdosed or bulky products which cost them less money to produce but are capable of earning them more profits. This shows the great heights they have reached in their greediness. A customer had this to say,

“Sarms1 had so so decent products at one time, but then they got greedy and started selling bunk or severely underdosed products that cost less to produce and more profits.”

They have gone to extents of altering other people's reviews and creating fake reviews just to create a good image for their products. Most of the posts on their forum that talk negatively about them are deleted.

An enraged customer who received his fair share of disappointment from using then products said,

“A friends of mine has been running s4 and GW for 6 weeks now, both purchased from Sarms1. Zero results. Zero as in, nothing happened. Stay far far away from there brother. Fuck Sarms1 “

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