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  • Greatly increases aggression in the gym
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Increases libido
  • Drastically increases strength

Brickhouse is a relatively new prohormone supplement that promises extreme gains for those who want to maximize their gains across all departments. It is made by Boss Sports Nutrition, a company that stands behind Fury DMZ, a powerful pre-workout supplement that already made quite a name for itself on the market.  Brickhouse is yet to do the same, but with a whole bunch of satisfied customers, we don’t see why it won’t. So, if you are interested in a brand new prohormone supplement that will drastically increase your overall performance, you should seriously check out Brickhouse by Boss Sports Nutrition!

Brickhouse Benefits

The bottle contains a total of 60 capsules and is not made for beginners. It is truly a powerful (in every sense of that word) supplement and you should be completely dedicated to your workout routine in order to fully utilize it. It will deliver extreme gains and provide you with a drastic increase in strength and aggression. In addition to that, it’s specially dosed formula will give you a proper libido boost, making you better where it counts the most.

Brickhouse Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients of this product so we can better understand how it works:

Methyl Sten 7.5mg
This ingredient is a great provider of extra strength. Another good thing about it is the fact it does not aromatize into estrogenic compounds, leaving you with optimal lean gains.

M1-AD 20mg
Brickhouse sports a whopping 20mg of Methyl-1-Etiochalonelol-Epietiocholanolone that is known as one of the most powerful ingredients available on the market. It’s a highly methylated ingredient which makes post cycle therapy a must.

DMZ 10mg
The standard dose of DMZ is here as well. As in all similar products, DMZ is here to give you lean muscle gains with next to nothing liver damage.

Brickhouse Side Effects

Due to the fact that Brickhouse has a whole heap of high-powered ingredients, it is recommended you don’t take it if you are a beginner. On a side note, this ingredient is not so female-friendly meaning you should avoid it if you’re a lady.

Brickhouse Reviews

Even though Brickhouse is a relatively new product, it already has a couple of useful reviews which show how much people love it for its effects:

“I’m on my second week of using this PH supplement and I have noticed every single effect they stated on the label. It gave me extreme bursts of strength and a huge increase in my lean muscle mass. Even though my libido stayed pretty much the same (it’s always sky high so perhaps that was the issue), increase of aggression was unpaired. I made my mark on those dumbells like never before!”

“Brickhouse is a seirously powerful product. I actually didn’t even buy it, I got it from my friend who is a rookie. He read the instructions and saw that it’s not recommended for beginners. He gave it to me and I was like ,,oh well, fuck it, I might as well try it,, long story short, 10 days in and I feel amazing! Stronger than i ever was in my life!”

Boss Sports Nutrition is not exactly the most known brand out there, but still, it seems to me they did an outstanding job with Brickhouse. Although I didn’t try any of their other supplements, this one is THA BOMB! It packs some seriously raw power in there, which is no surprise since it has some nasty mfking ingredients that are bound to have a couple of tricks up their sleeves!”

Brickhouse Conclusion

Now that we know a lot more about Brickhouse by Boss Sports Nutrition, it is time to summarize everything we’ve stated. As you can see above, it indeed packs quite a big punch and is able to provide you with all the strength boost you need. It will leave a massive impact not only on your performance but on your libido and aggression as well.

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