Brutal 4ce

Brutal 4ce





  • Heightened aggression
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased strength, No watery gains
  • No liver toxicity, Legal and safe to use

When you think about bodybuilding and hormones, we all know Testosterone is where it’s all at. The male sex hormone is the one that can give you the extreme aggression and gains you were looking for but unfortunately it is banned in most places to use it directly and what is more, who wants to deal with the needles and the side effects.

This is why prohormones like Brutal 4CE exist to let you increase Testosterone levels while avoiding much of the sides and staying on the good side of the law. Brutal 4CE by Blackstone Labs contains 4 Andro, a powerful metabolite of Testosterone which turns into the potent hormone through a two-step conversion process.

Brutal 4ce Ingredients

As we said the main ingredient in Brutal 4CE is 4 Andro, the well-known prohormone that converts into Testosterone once in your system. This product actually uses a blend of three different 4 DHEA compounds that complement each other to give you the best gains. Additionally, this product uses the Liposomal technology to help with the absorption of the active compound, making it more potent.

Here is the full product label:

Brutal 4CE Supplement Facts

Brutal 4ce Benefits

Like all prohormones, 4 Andro is not very potent by itself. Once in a human body, however, it starts a conversion process that eventually turns it partially into Testosterone. Testosterone is a well-known anabolic that makes you stronger and able to lift more, longer and with more vigor.

Higher Testosterone levels will lead to an increase in red blood cells which will lead to more powerful pumps and vascularity and generally greater gains. You will gain pounds of lean muscle tissue with 4 Andro, with some water retention possible, making it a classic bulking prohormone. 4 Andro can partially turn into Estrogen as well, or rather Testosterone can, which means you will need to use it with an Aromatase blocker or suffer from potential side effects related to Estrogen.

The Liposomal technology in Brutal 4CE makes sure that the most possible 4 Andro get utilized by your body for Testosterone elevation. Since 4 DHEA is a fat soluble compound, it has a hard time dissolving in blood, and this technology not only allows it to break down in your blood but also protects the molecules of 4 Andro from degenerating.

Brutal 4ce Usage

Take 1 tablet of Brutal 4CE two times per day. Do not exceed this dosage and run a cycle for about 6 weeks, along with on cycle support and with PCT standing by.

Brutal 4ce Side Effects

Potentially yes. Since 4 Andro will convert to Testosterone, there is always the off chance of Testosterone aromatizing into Estrogen. If this happens and your Estrogen levels get elevated, you may suffer from side effects such as gynecomastia and excessive water retention which are generally related to Estrogen.

In order to prevent these side effects from occurring, make sure you use an aromatase inhibitor along with your cycle of Brutal 4CE and stay on the safe side. Once you have completed a cycle make sure you use PCT to get your hormone levels back into order.

Brutal 4ce Reviews

Here are the testimonials of several people who have ran Brutal 4CE cycles:

“Been taking brutal 4ce for about 3 weeks. Definitely can see a difference. Getting better pumps and putting on weight. Lifting a little more.”

“This product is crazy! I have tried every single sarm and pro hormone ever made and never got cleaner strength gains like this stuff! Pj braun and aaron singerman are artist of gains! Once again you guys have killed it!”

Brutal 4ce Reviews

4 Andro is always a great bulking prohormone to run and along with the Liposomic technology used by Blackstone Labs on this product, we can certainly say that Brutal 4CE is a product worth checking out. We have also found multiple successful logs of people gaining massive amounts of lean muscle with this product and we would recommend Brutal 4CE highly to anyone out there.

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This is one of the best supplements on the market. I checked my testosterone levels with blood test and they more than doubled while I was using this my sex drive was insane and my muscles were bigger fuller and rounder. 5 star

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