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Cannibal Davinci




It is true that we mostly review product designed to improve your physical attributes, but today we will look at something a bit different. They say that healthy mind resides in a healthy body and we believe one should pursue both these areas in order to really prosper.

This is where Chaos and Pain come in, with their Cannibal DaVinci. This powerful Nootropic is designed to help you better pursue all sort of intellectual functions, from simple memory to fine arts. Dubbed by one of the greatest minds to have ever lived on the planet, Leonardo DaVinci, the formula promises to increase your mental functions to a whole new level.

Of course, with so many nootropic being a hoax, we had to take a look for ourselves and find out just how potent the formula really is. Here is our honest review of Cannibal DaVinci.

Cannibal Davinci Ingredients

The Cannibal DaVinci contains Aniracetam, Mucuna Pruriens, Oxiracetam, Acacia Rigidula, Alpha GPC 50%, Picamilon and B-Phenylethylamine. This combination of nootropic and mind soothing ingredients is designed to help you combat stress and anxiety, clear your mind for better focus and concentration, improve your cognitive function and reasoning and increase your long and short term memory.

The ingredients in the product are all well-known from other products on the market and most of them have undergone at least some clinical trials. The product’s ingredients promise great things but we needed to test it ourselves and look at what others say about it before making a verdict.

Here is the complete product label with the ingredients and dosage:

Cannibal DaVinci Supplement Facts
Cannibal DaVinci Supplement Facts

Cannibal Davinci Benefits

Nootropic products tend to make us skeptical as their claims simply often seem farfetched and unlikely. Still, we have definietely seen quite a few decent nootropic formulas over the years and the one we are looking at today seems to be another one.

Cannibal DaVinci features some very solid brain function enhancing ingredients. Through our own testing and a review of all the available testimonials we have come up with a conclusion that the product is definitely more than just a placebo.

Upon taking Cannibal DaVinci you will start to feel elevated mood and a general sense of well-being. Your memory and reasoning abilities will be greatly enhanced, allowing you to be more alert and aware of your surroundings. The visual and aural perception and all other elements of cognitive function will raise with Cannibal DaVinci.

Cannibal Davinci Dosage

Take 3 capsules of Cannibal DaVinci at any time. Best taken before intellectual activity. Do not take within the 2 hours before bed due to the stimulants in the product.

Cannibal Davinci Reviews

Here is what some of the users of Cannibal DaVinci had to say about the product:

“I was a bit skeptical of this product but figured why not. I have written a thesis and contributed to a blog weekly for 2 years and as a guest author on other blogs for longer. After a year of not writing, I sat down to write up a review for a new blog I joined and I couldn’t write a word. I knew the skill set was locked somewhere in my head but a year with no writing and I couldn’t access it. I popped these and 2 hours later an article appeared, referenced, links, meta content and all included.”

“Initially skeptical about these product claims, the badassery and frank fulfillment of product claims by the chaos and pain brand, left me no choice but to try this product out for myself. Initially at 3 capsules, the effects were scarce. However, stack 3 capsules of genius, with 6 capsules of Da Vinci, with a fatty meal, and prepare to truly appreciate for the first time the meaning of intellectual elite.”

Cannibal Davinci Conclusion

Once again, Chaos and Pain have made a product whose verbal claims are simply impossible to achieve. This will NOT turn you into Leonardo DaVinci, but it will absolutely turn you into a better and more alert version of yourself, which is still pretty awesome.

At the face of things, the product does not really seem to come with any real side effects and you can expect it to elevate your mood, memory, cognitive function and reasoning significantly. If you are someone who has to deal with lots of intellectual work, Cannibal DaVinci is the product you will want to add to your daily diet for sure.

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