• Boost endurance
  • Reduce the perception of pain
  • Burn more fat

Have you been working out hard and looking for that one extra product to give you the boost you so desperatly need. EvoMuse bring a revolutionary supplement made to get you going that extra mile.

CardioTryx is a highly advanced supplement completely dedicated to boosting your endurance and stamina. It helps you build muscles faster and burn more fat by helping you do more! Keep reading and let’s see if you should use it!

Cardiotryx Ingredients

CardioTryx is a result of an extensive research of different compounds and their interaction. This huge advanced formula contains compounds made to boost performance and fat burning.

Ingredients such as Caffeine, Rhodiola crenulata/rosea blend, Acacia Catechu, Baicalin, Chitooligosaccharide, Galangin are designed to make both performance and fat burning effects. Through increased oxygen uptake during exercise, reduced inflammation and muscle damage, while also improving fat oxidation, insulin sensitivity, appetite suppression, and finally AMPk Activation – CardioTryx works to radically increase body endurance and fat burning processes.

Compounds focused solely on fat burning, such as Platycodin d. and Methyl Cinnamate, interact with PPAR-y, SREBP-1, and C/EBPa, CaMMK2, and AMPk blocking the pathway for the fatty cells and increasing the fat burning processes.

Antrodia Camphorata, Phosphatidylcholine, Schisandra Chinensis, Cynomorium Songaricum all have a focus and well-known positive effects on performance. With Nitric Oxide (NO) boosting, as well as an increase in glycogen storage and decrease in creatine kinase – CardioTryx fights muscle breakdown and enhances performance.

Here is the complete supplement label by EvoMuse listing all the ingredients:

CardioTryx Supplement Facts
CardioTryx Supplement Facts

Cardiotryx Benefits

Although with a lengthy supplement label, and many not so well-known compounds in it, CardioTryx is a well-researched and indeed working formula. It radically improves the cardio endurance, boosting capacity and showing an overall ease of workout with many users.

From the first use, users report to actually feel the difference and ability to attain high performance levels for longer periods than ever before. It’s greatest use can be seen in cardio, reps weight-lifting and sports such as running or swimming, where the increase in aerobic capacity is more obvious.

Cardiotryx Reviews

“Well what can i say apart from this stuff somehow manages to keep you going longer harder and with more intensity than anything else i have ever tried. You seem to have a larger lung capacity and everything is so much less effort. And recovery times are just amazing. To me it’s like black magic as i don’t know how its possible to do what it does!”

“Works great for endurance sports such as running, swimming and cycling. I personally saw a increase in power output of 30% at aerobic capacity. I doubt the efficiency in other sports, but that isn’t what it was designed for.”

Cardiotryx Dosage

CardioTryx  is taken as a dietary supplement and the suggested dosage is 6 capsules an 45 minutes to an hour before the workout. It’s recommended not to exceed such a serving, but users who workout twice a day can experiment with 1.5 serving evenly divided and taken before each workout.

It’s always advisable to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before taking any diet supplements, especially if you have a history of medical conditions.

Cardiotryx Conclusion

With a huge and advanced formula, CardioTryx uses many different compounds in an effort to bring improvements to your endurance and fat burning levels. Although there are several less-known compounds, it’s important they are well-studied, standardized and complimentary to each other.

CardioTryx is a well-rounded formula with great results. It fights muscle breakdown and increases endurance, while also giving an overall feeling of ease in workout, suppressing appetite and burning fat. It’s showing great potent and many enthusiasts around EvoMuse highly enjoyed it! Have you tried CardioTryx yourself? Let us know your experience – we’d appreciate your feedback.

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