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With 24 g of pure Whey Isolate per serving, Combat 100% Isolate is one of the finest products on the market, featuring a fantastic label and great value. Learn more when you check out this review.

Combat Isolate




When it comes to protein to get your muscles growing, nothing really comes close to Whey Protein. This is well known among the bodybuilders and pretty much everyone who hits the gym hard uses some sort of Whey as their main source of protein. Today we present Combat 100% Isolate by MusclePharm, a 100% Whey Protein product, to see how well it compares to the competition in different aspects.

Combat Isolate Ingredients

A tub of Combat Isolate comes with 84 scoops each containing 27 g of powder in total. Of the 27 g, 24 are pure Whey while the rest is split into several micronutrients such as Potassium, Calcium and Sodium. The product is 100% free of any fats or carbohydrates (including sugars).

The product label on Combat Isolate is very simple, so without any more discussion here is the label in full:

Combat 100% Isolate Supplement Facts
Combat 100% Isolate Supplement Facts

Combat Isolate Flavors

When it comes to taste and how well it mixes, Combat 100% Isolate could probably be a bit better. The product comes in three flavors; Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana Split and Chocolate Swirl. In either of the three, the product seems to mix quite poorly with water, leaving lumps even after extensive shaking. The product mixes well once put in a blender.

That said, the taste is good and if you dont mind chugging down a few powder lumps, which you really shouldn’t being a big boy, you should be perfectly fine with this product from the taste/mixability point of view.

Combat Isolate Benefits

To put it simply, you can’t really go wrong with Whey Protein. As Combat Isolate contains 100% Whey Protein Isolate as its only protein, the product was always bound to do just fine. And just fine it does as the super fast absorbing Whey will help you get all the lean gains you could ever want, completely free of any fats, carbs or other stuff you may mind such as gluten or fillers.

Coming at $74.95 for a 5 pound tub, this protein is exactly the mix of great price and quality you were looking for. For the same money you can hardly get a bigger tub of whey isolate and what is more this one really seems to get the job done, so value wise, it’s probably one of the best on the market.

Combat Isolate Reviews

As I said, this product really comes highly recommended by the users. Here is what a few of them had to say about Combat Isolate:

“I usually do not put comments but this protein powder is amazing(especially for a no carb powder) ! I tried isopure too but this is way better! If you r trying to do a ketogenic diet it is perfect for you.”

“I have no complaints. There is always an after taste with Whey products, but this protein does it’s job. I always have a no carb, no fat shake right before bed. I prefer vanilla over chocolate.”

“I love this protein! I have been going through brand after brand to try and find one that has all I’m looking for on the nutrition label AND tastes great! The vanilla ice cream flavor tastes great when mixed with water and equally great mixed with almond milk! I’ve found my protein!”

As well as a video review of the product:

Combat Isolate Conclusion

The market is full of Whey Protein products, but this one really comes at the very top of the pile. Completely free of carbs, fats, gluten and fillers, the product will really get you what you paid for and nothing less. 24 g of Whey Isolate per 27 g serving is exactly the kind of high concentration you are looking for and as far as we can tell there are no drawbacks to using this particular Whey. While the taste and mixability remain a thing of discussion, most users were more than happy with Combat 100% Isolate and I am certain you will be too.

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I am useing this product but i can fell bad smell after use this (brender cup ) is that ok or something went wrong ??

I am using this protien but i feel a bitter taste after drinking this protien,is that safe? Kindly let me know.i have choclate flavor and after drinking i feel bitter taste.expiry date written on the box is 2019 that shows protien is not there bitter taste in this protien??

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