Creatine Black

Creatine Black is a powerful supplement coming from MusclePharm. For more info on its ingredients, effects and side effects, visit this page.

Creatine Black




Always wanted something that’s safe, reliable and proven to add for your diet and get the physique you always wanted? You don’t have to search more because you are at the right place! MuclePharm – one of the best-known supplement brands on the globe presents you their cutting-edge product called Creatine Black. With this one, you can be sure you are investing your money for a real deal, just like you would with almost any other MusclePharm’s creation. This creatine powder is of top notch quality and one of the best ones we had in awhile. Continue reading to find out more about its ingredients and the way it works.

Creatine Black Benefits

As many of you reading this already know, creatine is, alongside protein, one of the most popular and proven compounds on the market. It is extremely safe and millions of people use it on a daily basis, ranging from professional athletes to regular people trying to look and feel better. In order to boost your workouts and fuel recovery MusclePharm loaded their formula with the most advanced and scientifically proven ingredients. If you are looking for a supplement that will help you get amazing muscle gains, enhanced strength and improved performance in the gym, Creatine Black should be your pick.   It will also increase your pump, energy and endurance, while having a huge impact on the recovery time with one goal – maximizing your muscle mass and helping you achieve your fitness dreams. It has the ability to rapidly produce Adenosine Triphosphate better known as ATP to increase power output and strength with supporting cellular energy. What differs Creatine Black from many other creatine powders is that on 5g of creatine it contains 2g HCI (hydrochloride) while others are mostly only Monohydrates. That way MusclePharm made sure to lower bloating and GI distress effects and at the same time maintain all the benefits of creatine monohydrate.

Creatine Black Ingredients

The ingredient profile of Creatine Black looks great. In addition to those two already mentioned forms of creatine monohydrate and hydrochloride, this supplement also contains some extra compounds that will help you increase pumps and maximize the intensity of your workouts. Lets take a look at the key ones in the blend :


NAD+ booster that will have a positive impact on your endurance, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, weight management and energy enhancement.

Amino acid and neurotransmitter that has no direct muscle-building properties, but contributes to the formation of proteins and may improve quality of sleep.

Another amino acid in this blend, supports blood flow through muscles, also has a role in increasing muscle mass and growth hormone secretion.

Creatine Black Reviews

“If you’re looking for a creatine to take while you’re at the gym to keep yourself energized then this is the creatine for you. “

“This creatine mixed really well and was good tasting. I could actually just dump it in my mouth and take a small swig of water and I was good! I bought 3 and I used them all! “

“Probably the best Creatine on the market. No loading phase and only one scoop needed pre workout. I found within days my strength definitely went up. “

Creatine Black Conclusion

You cant really go wrong with MusclePharm, products they create for the market are top notch and so is this one. Creatine Black is a good choice for everyone and it will help you improve your performance and gain strength and muscle mass. The best thing about it is that except regular creatine formula it contains more ingredients to help you achieve better results. Overall we believe this is a great product and definitely worth buying.

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