DecaPlexx 850

DecaPlexx 850




Prohormones are usually extremely potent compounds that significantly increase the speed at which we gain muscle mass and strength and for beginners using even a single prohormone at a time can be an extremely powerful and exhilarating experience.

For the more experienced bodybuilders and prohormone users however, more power is often needed and that is exactly what the product we are presenting today offers. Decaplexx 850 is a complex prohormone formula consisting of THREE prohormones designed to elevate strength and endurance and help you gain many pounds of new lean muscle mass.

DecaPlexx 850 Ingredients

Decaplexx 850, unlike most prohormones, is a complex formula. Instead of going for just one prohormone, Gentech Pharma Labs decided to mix three powerful prohormones into one formula, making up a powerful and complete product for maximum gains. The three prohormones contained within are:

Deca: A well-known prohormone that promotes huge muscle gains and lubricates the joints reducing the effects of potentially dry joints that can occur from other bodybuilding supplements.

Methylstenbolone: Imagine Superdrol on steroids. This product is exactly that, an enhanced form of Superdrol, with more power and fewer side effects to speak of. Since Superdrol was made illegal, this prohormone is a major blessing for the bodybuilding community. Four week cycles of this prohormone alone have been reported to show 10 to 18 pound gains which is completely insane.

M1, 4ADD: The final prohormone in this blend, this prohormone converts to Dianabol which again tends to add massive amounts of strength and lean muscle mass when cycled alone. One can only imagine what it does in this combo.

Here is the full supplement label with the dosage of the prohormones:

Decaplexx 850 Supplement Facts

Benefits of DecaPlexx 850

This compound packs some immense punches at your body and clearly with the amount of prohormones in it there is no way you won’t feel the gains in both strength and muscle mass. The one problem with this product is that it is so packed with prohormones that your liver will be under severe attack and your hormone levels will be all over the place. This means that on cycle support and post cycle therapy will not be an option but an absolute necessity and that you may experience some major side effects with this product.

The product has not been massively popular among bodybuilders so far, most likely due to the possible side effects but this does not mean it doesn’t work and taking it will surely give you all the expected effects, it is only the side effects that you should be careful about.

DecaPlexx 850 Dosage

Start your cycle by taking one capsule per day for the first 7 days of the cycle, along with food. As your cycle progresses you may increase the dosage to 2 or 3 capsules, but under no circumstances go past the three per day. Do not take if under the age of 18 or if you have any serious medical issues.

DecaPlexx 850 Side Effects

As we already mentioned, Decaplexx 850 can possibly choose some serious side effects. Primarily, this compound will hurt your liver and you will need some serious cycle support to keep your liver and other organs safe. Other side effects including potential hair loss, gynecomastia or loss of erectile function during or after the cycle. Generally speaking, this product is one of the heavier on the side effect front and you will need to be very careful with it and under no circumstances take more than the recommended dosages.

DecaPlexx 850 Reviews

Here are a few testimonials on Decaplexx 850:

The “triple stack” prohormone by Genetech Pharma Labs consisting of “M1,4ADD, Deca, Methylstenbolone” …forget all that technically mumbo gumbo! The product was effective in gaining lean muscle mass and strength gains (I went from 70lbs single arm preacher curls to now 100lbs!) and my strength overall for all my exercises, have increased tremendously EVERY week that I was taking this product!

I never used prohormones before but decided I needed some size before my competition. Packed on some considerable size and strength by the end of the second week. I was on this for about 5 weeks and definitely saw the full results. I highly recommend taking cycle support but other than that. This product was amazing and did what it said it would do.

DecaPlexx 850 Conclusion

Decaplexx 850 is one of those products that causes quite a bit of mixed feelings when talking about. On the one hand it features a fantastic label with three separate powerful prohormones, which all tend to add great size and strength even when taken alone. On the other hand such a stacked product is prone to causing side effects which most people will want to avoid. If you are one of those hardcore guys who don’t care much about moderate side effects, you will do well to take this product and just use it with care. Decaplexx 850 is certainly a product that will give you the results you want though, so in that aspect we would certainly recommend it.

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