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Dense DMZ




Trying to put your fitness level and physical appearance through a huge makeover? If that is the case, then this just might be the right product for you. PitPharma came up with a new product called Dense DMZ. It is an innovative supplement taking care of maximizing your workouts intensity and muscle gains. PitPharma is relatively new in this field of business but they are managing to put their name alongside some of the strongest brands in the industry.

We already reviewed one of their new products – Mbolo, which we consider one of the best for gaining size and strength. Dense DMZ provides you with very similar effects which is exactly why we are going to take a closer look at it. With this being said, let’s jump into it and check out what it has to offer!

Dense DMZ Benefits

PitPharma is putting some interesting stuff to the market and it shouldn’t take long for them to be recognized as  one of the leading companies with some very powerful supplements. Dense DMZ’s main compound is Dymethazine. It will increase your strength and help you get lean muscle you always wanted. Dymethazine does not convert to estrogen and, when compared to other methylated compounds, it has a lot lower chances of any side effect which is bound to create a clear path to success for this product. Side effects are the biggest scare factor with these types of products, but as we already mentioned Dymethazine should be safe compared to other compounds in this category. If taken correctly, Dense DMZ will provide you with some serious gains and allow your workouts to reach a whole nother level.

Dense DMZ Ingredients

Below you can see the very brief label of this product:


Like we already mentioned above, DMZ is the main compound of this supplement. It is amazing for increasing vascularity and eliminating all water retention inside of your body.  Its main advantage is a low chance of side effects. There is no doubt that it will provide some serious lean muscle gains combined together with strength increase. The fact it is often compared to some anabolic steroids says enough on how strong and powerful it really is.

Dense DMZ Reviews

“It is great to finally see a good product on the market that actually does what it claims to do. Have been waiting for something like this for a long time and PitPharma managed to deliver. Dense DMZ is a beefy supplement that is bound to work your gains to the sky. Warmly recommend!!”

“What a increase in my size! I noticed immediate change in my exercises, look, pumps, everything. It has been a short but amazing experience with this one for now.”

“I have tried few similar products and I can say this one is best by far. The feeling is amazing and I will continue taking it for sure. It has been 3 weeks now since I started taking it and I have nothing but positive words to say. Recommend it to everyone who is looking to grow bigger and stroger with each passing day!”

Dense DMZ Conclusion

If we take all of the above into consideration, I believe it is pretty clear that Dense DMZ is indeed an excellent product for everyone trying to reach their fitness goals and get big gains in muscle mass and strength. Dymethazine is a very powerful compound amazing for anyone looking for zero water retention and increased vascularity. Since it has lower chances of side effects than other compounds with similar effects, I definitely believe it is worth a try, even though it costs $100 for a bottle.

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